20+ Real Life Easter Eggs That You Might See Unexpectedly Just Around The Corner

If you are a passionate gamer, you would have heard of Easter eggs that are left by the creators of your favorite games. When you find them, you get many heartwarming feelings like happiness and accomplishment. What would you think about finding these smalls creations in real life? The following is a list of photos where you can see these hidden IRL Easter eggs.

1. This crack in the wall has a scientist striving to get a look at the stars. It is his investigation room, and the attention to detail is incredible.

2. This one is inspired in the MCU. Two small dudes are hashing it out on the pole in the street. We can go as far as to say that is from Ant-man & the Wasp.

3. This is like inception, a small cafe next to a big scale one. If you are fortunate enough to notice, you would get a nice view of this little creation.

4. Being in this waiting room will be a whole new experience. While sitting on the red sofa, you can just turn your head to discover a tiny door leading to who knows where.

5. If you think a church needs to be a lot closer to heaven, this one is higher, and by consequence, you could think it's holier. Who would have thought to put it all the way up there?

6. This is a small-like scenario of Winnie the Pooh movie. It could probably be the house of any of his friends, waiting for you to join them for some honey.

7. If you take a look at this floor, you will make out a letter-like tile. What would you think if we told you that this picture is from the US Postal Museum?

8. It is maybe time to start paying attention to the brick walls. In this one, you get Charlie Brown's Snoopy wedge in there. Ingenious is the person who put him there.

9. There are many gargoyles around a church as it is custom for the architecture of the place. In this case, someone took upon themselves to put Darth Vader on the front of one.

10. If you are a fan of the casino's slot machine, you would like this one. It is out in the street for you to enjoy. Pull the leaver to find out your fortune. Good luck!

11. Our favorite blue monster from Sesame Street is having a cup of coffee instead of his usual craze for cookies. This could be because of all that snow and cold weather.

12. Tinyfellas is an Instagram account that has as an objective to capture small people doing different actions and scenes around DC. This contribution was made to a wall on a museum.

13. This makes you believe that you are at the door to Wonderland and like Alice, would you go through it? But first, you need some "Eat me" to get to the desired height.

14. A real-life meme was hidden away among the bushes. You would be surprised to see that it was Homer from the Simpsons. We wonder what was he looking at so intently?

15. It is the smallest and longest ladder available at this destination. We have to decide if it should go down or up. The other thing is that the irony is not lost with the pay station. Quick get out!

16. The real equivalent to the hamburger joint in Spongebob Squarepants cartoon, the Krusty Krab. Now, you can experience what you have been watching all along.

17. This looks like a spacecraft from Star Wars, but it is a high school that was made in the mentioned shape. The architect must have been one true fan of the movie.

18. Beware of the werewolves is the title we give this sign. If you look closely, you would see that it is in a scary looking place where you should be warned, especially at night.

19. This is the IT clown, and it is in a sewer with its iconic red balloon. While you are an adult, nothing will happen to you. It is another story if you are younger, it can take you with him.

20. These concrete safety crash barriers were made with the intention to look like a train; more so, due to its proximity to the central train station. Does anyone else find it funny?

21. This metal plate is memorializing an event that never happened. We could remark that it is a funny way of showing that no important affair took place here.

22. This is a representation of Billy Goats Gruff  story cover, three goats trying to cross a bridge. In this case, they are going to make it to the other side with no problem.

23. You are walking down the street when you happened to see a Ninja Turtle, what would you do? It was done an ingenious way. It looks pixelated, and it has a shell out of a sewer top.

24. We see one big door next to a very tiny door. Some members are worthy of going in with all the honor, while other have to come through with no one noticing. Who would they be?

25. This is one clever souvenir and publicity stunt. Northeast Ohio Rocks have one intelligent PR person. We do not believe anyone else has made such a statement.

26. Somebody was very angry with another person, to the point of making a small voodoo doll. We hope it was not something that actually worked, because that would have hurt.

Did you like the IRL Easter eggs listed here? Which one did you wish to have seen walking down the street? This could be a way for you to pay more attention when you get out of your house; you never know when you could actually find one. Leave us a comment in the section below and share this with your gamer friends.

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