14 Revealing Facts That Shed Light on Whether You And Your Partner Are Meant For Each Other

It is really hard to tell if someone is truly your soul mate, especially when the relationship is starting. Sometimes we feel we have found the right one, only to end up disappointed some months later. If you are in a relationship and want to clear all those doubts up, then we have great news for you. This article is going to help you distinguish a casual fling from true love.

1. Public Displays of Affection

Some folks wonder if PDA is truly connected to a happy relationship. Well, science can help us with this one since investigations have proved that the answer is a big yes. When a person is in love, he or she finds the way to let the world know. So if you and your couple love posting pictures together on social media or hold hands while walking on the street, you’re on the right track.

2. Kisses

There are make ways a person can make out, and this can say a lot about her or his true feelings. If your partner likes kissing you slowly and with the eyes closed, this is a sign that he or she feels something strong towards you. In fact, research has shown that the saliva secreted during a kiss has hormones related to romantic feelings. Also, consider that certain body parts have other meanings, so pay attention to where your partner kisses you. 

3. Texting

Several couples feel that sometimes their relationship is virtual and not real. It is common that they chat a lot, but when they are face-to-face, communication is not the same. This is clearly a sign that something is not doing well, so if you and your significant other keep texting to the minimum and enjoy real conversations, then maybe you are meant to last.

4. Common interest

We are not saying that you have to look for a twin, but partners who share some things in common, like hobbies, professions or even a TV show, tend to last longer. People believe that only opposites attract, but when two individuals are too different, the effect can be counterproductive. Investigations affirm that 'we are hard-wired to desire like-minded people.'

5. Encouragement

Good companions need to be there for each other in case one feels down and needs a boost. A couple is a business of two because when one falls down, the other picks him up. So encouragement is an essential element of long-lasting relationships. If you want to learn cooking or start a new project, your partner should be as your personal cheerleader, always there to support you and motivate you. 

6. Sharing news

It is said that anybody can celebrate your successes, but only a handful can be with your when the sky turns grey. If you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend can be with you through thick and thin, you can be relieved to know that person is Mr. or Mrs. Right because is both your supporter and your shoulder to cry on. As priests normally exclaim, ‘for better or for worse, till death do us part’.

7. Fighting

If you thought we would say that fighting is not part of a healthy union, then you are wrong. In fact, marriage therapists, like Susan Pease Gadoua, indicate that relationships need to be tried and tested through arguments and disagreements if you want to know whether it is on a superficial level or connected deeply. For sure we don't mean physical aggression; it is more about different opinions and points of view about a particular aspect. 

8. Looking into the eyes

It sounds merely romantic, but in fact, it has been proved that couples who can look at each other’s eyes are more in love. Social psychologist Zick Rubin conducted a study that showed that couples who are enamored can make contact 75% of the time, compare to others who managed to do it around 40% of the time. This indicates the level of trust, attention, and comfort that one feels towards a companion.

9. Future

It is not easy to find an individual who makes you feel lost or incomplete when you are not with him or her. If you have that feeling, maybe you are in presence of true love. When a person starts imagining having a house, children and a pet with someone, it is because he cannot think of a future where that person is not included. Marriage expert Megan Fleming said that the happiest couples are those committed to their common growth'.

10. Dirty rags

It can be very simple to know someone’s favorite food, sport, movie or any other trivial facts. But when you know a person’s deepest secrets is because trust is part of that connection. And it is impossible for both members to hide things. You want that other to know anything about you, even your flaws and all those hidden dirty rags. It feels like you cannot hold anything back from your partner. 

11. Honesty

Another part of having trust is to really display yourself as you are. When a person is your true better half, you don’t need disguises or masks. You can let that person know if you are angry, excited, sad, or frustrated. This fact determines how compatible you are and how honest you can be with him or her. If that individual really loves you, he or she will understand you. 

12. Jokes

The sense of humor is an important part of any relationship. You are meant to spend the rest of your days together when you enjoy the same jokes and laugh at the same things. When you watch a silly movie that nobody likes, but it makes both of you laugh out loud, rest assured that your shared sense of humor can keep you together forever.

13. Chemistry

The looks and interests that attract you to an individual can change when time passes by, so it is fundamental to have a chemistry that can keep your joint. If you have heard people saying that the flame has extinguished or that the spark is gone is because chances are they did not have a good chemistry. Of course, this is shown in myriad ways, but an important one is having intimacy. Studies say that having sex can make you as happy as $50,000.

14. Compromising

Both flings and long-lasting relationships require compromising from their members. The difference lies in how deep concessions are and how many times we are willing to make them. It is easy to compromise simple things, but when our desires and ego are involved, finding a middle ground can be a true test to know whether you really want the relationship to work out and not to get damaged.

Relationships can be very hard to understand, but the facts that we just presented to you can illuminate your knowledge to determine if you are in presence of true love or a temporary fling. The truth can hurt sometimes, but it is better to face the music before it is too late. Share this important list to anybody who might need it!

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