25+ Photos That Will Turn Upside Down The Way You Think Of Time

When we dedicate ourselves to putting historical events into perspective, we often summarize them in "a long time ago" or "a few years ago". Our brains do not like to keep those dates because we do not need that kind of information on daily basis, and that is why in this list we compile a series of moments of history that will surprise you because they were so close to each other.

1. Did you know that John Tyler, 10th president of EE.UU., has two grandchildren who are still alive? Tyler was born in 1790, so anyone would think that all of his immediate family members would have already died.

2. Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth were born in 1926 and met during the premiere of the movie "The Battle of the River Plate", so today they would be a pair of very interesting friends.

3. The Woolly Mammoths, those great beasts that we have seen in the movies, still wandered over the land when the Egyptians were building the first pyramids in 2660 BC.

4. Harriet The Tortoise, who died in 2006, met Charles Darwin in person in the Galapagos Islands. She was picked up by him as part of his reconnaissance expedition around the world.

5. The University of Oxford had hundreds of years educating thousands of people by the time the Aztec Empire was founded in 1428 after the union of the three Nahua altuélt city-states.

6. George Washington died in 1799, and the first dinosaur fossils were discovered in 1824, so Washington died without knowing of the existence of dinosaurs.

7. Nintendo is the oldest Japanese gaming company of the era and was founded around the same time that Jack “The Ripper” was still on the loose, 1889.

8. The oldest living tree in the world, a Bristlecone pine of 5067 years, was more than 1,000 years old when the last woolly mammoth that walked on earth died.

9. Anne Frank, one of the most talked-about Jewish victims of the Holocaust, was born the same year as the great thinker and precursor of freedom and civil rights, Martin Luther King Junior.

10. The last execution with guillotine was made in France in 1977, year in which the first movie of one of the most acclaimed futuristic sagas, Star Wars, was released.

11. Many people believe that the first Europeans to settle in America were the pilgrims of Plymouth Rock, but by the time of their arrival, there was already a "Palace of the Governors" in New Mexico.

12. Switzerland is one of the most progressive nations on the planet, so in 1971 the right to vote for women was granted. That same year, NASA was landing for the first time on the Moon.

13. One of the events that marked the westward expansion of the United States was the mobilization of wagons along the Oregon road. And in that same year, the first fax machine was invented.

14. Although it may not seem like it, people could have gone to see the last public hanging in the United Kingdom using the subway. These executions ceased in 1868, 5 years after the first subway trip.

15. NASA was already exploring space by the time most of the world's scientists agreed on plate tectonic theory in 1967.

16. In 1997, both Princess Diana and Mother Teresa of Calcutta died. They died for totally different reasons only a few days apart but in the same year.

17. The first McDonalds was founded in 1940, 5 days before the first prisoners start arriving at the Auschwitz concentration camps.

18. The ship known for a long time as "Indestructible", the Titanic, sank in 1912. That same year, one of Merck's chemists named Anton Köllisch synthesized MDMA, known as ecstasy.

19. During the first years after the foundation of Harvard University, in 1636, they did not teach calculus because it had not yet been invented, which happened later in the 17th century.

20. Maudie Hopkins, the last known widow of a civil war veteran, died in 2008. The same year in which Barack Obama won his first presidential election.

21. Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler were born in 1889. Curiously, Chaplin interpreted him in the satire of 1940 "The Great Dictator", which was written, directed and starred by himself.

22. One of the inventors of aviation, Orville Wright, remained alive by the time the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in the year 1945.

23. The 1908 Baseball World Series was the penultimate time the Chicago Cubs won that event. By that same date, the Ottoman Empire was still at its peak.

24. The first underground subway line in London was opened in 1863. By that time, the civil war was still ravaging the life of a lot of people in the United States.

25. Charlie Chaplin died in 1977, and that was the same year in which Apple started its operations in the world. Chaplin's silent films and the beginning of the computer age occurred at the same time.

26. "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh, one of the most recognized paintings in the world, was painted in 1889, the same year in which the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated during the World Fair.

All those moments marked the history of the world in some way or another, and strangely they happened almost at the same time. Some of these facts feel very distant from each other when we talk about them, but the reality is different, and images like these allow us to discover these secrets of history.

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