25+ Photos That Can Make You Question Whether Humans Have Actually Developed As A Species

Every once in a while we see something that defies logic. Some people act in the most disconcerting ways or have the weirdest habits. The following picture will reveal the immense weirdness of humankind and other odd situations. Let's take a look!

27. We don't understand what kind of people would keep a mannequin in their balcony. If they were trying to scare the neighbors...well done then. 

26. This is one of the weirdest advertisements we have ever seen. The sign says 'Buy two beers and get one for free,' but why did they decide to place it on a mannequin dressed as a lobster?

25. This is one of the funniest signs ever. Clearly, the person who placed the announcement has no idea about the other meaning of 'cougar.'

24. When we go to the ATM, we expect to get cash, not a deep life lesson. 

23. This picture shows the biggest stroller in the world, and we have to wonder how big is that man's baby. Why would any company build a stroller that big?

22. This picture shows a mutant lemon, and evidently, it's time to question people who work on genetically modifying our food because this is just creepy. 

21. Both bottles seem to be the same size, so we fail to understand how it's supposed to clean more than the old one. Is the detergent better or is the marketing team lazier?

20. Some kids try to take the coolest pictures for their social media, but we can't understand why this boy decided to grab a pineapple in a supermarket just to take a picture.

19. We're not sure that this is the best place to celebrate Christmas dinner. Although, these people probably live in cold weather all year round. 

18. People love training their dogs to sit, but this is not the normal way. Maybe its legs are too short, and this position is more comfortable than the other way. 

17. Sometimes the skies act up and start showing the weirdest colors. It's beautiful, but it also makes us wonder what is going on, and if there's a higher power. 

16. It's not every day that you walk past a manhole cover and sight light coming out of it. Maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were having a party. 

15. This is either the saddest or the most terrifying Snowman built in history. It was probably better at some point, but now that it's melting, it's just creepy. 

14. A guy posted this picture of his mother's new welcoming mat, and his mother has the oddest sense of humor ever. But, we want one too. 

13. Both of these tool-kits are exactly the same, but it's cheaper to buy the pink ones. It was definitely designed for independent girls who can work around the house but are still girly. 

12. We're not sure that this is the best place to grow your plants. How did these people get their hands on so many unused toilets? What was the decision process behind this? So many questions. 

11. The edge of the drawer shows a pretty cool, but odd shadow. It's hard to understand how this is happening, though. There must be several lights on different angles. 

10. It's always nice to get home and eat a meal prepared by your cat. Wait, what? The owner clearly arranged this picture, but it's still pretty funny. 

9. We feel sad for the person that got these terrible seats with the worst view in history. But, it seems like that girl is happy to stay there checking her phone. 

8. This elevator is a little weird. You can understand that -1 is probably the basement, but we can't figure out the infinity button. Where is that floor? 

7. The sign says 'The elevator is turned off while the stairs are being repaired. ' So, how do people go up to their apartments if both the stairs and the elevator can't be used?

6. The guy on the left is drunk off his mind because no one uses a fan as an accordion. Everyone is laughing, so they're all probably having a good time. 

5. Some guys are so tall that they can do the weirdest things. This man reaches the counter easily, but does he have to rest his leg like that? Odd situation. 

4. Taking a picture of a moving cat is terrifying because this is the result. This little kitty looks like he's going to need an exorcism. Even the cat in the back is scared. 

3. This strawberry's seeds started sprouting while the fruit was still attached to the plant. We have to wonder how it happened with this one and not the one next to it. 

2. Some people just want to see the world burn. People with OCD can't see this image without getting considerably because that's not how you cut a pie!

1. It looks like someone doesn't care much about his car. Yes, this person might have been trying to keep his soda cool or doesn't have a cup-holder, but it's still reckless. 

Most of these pìctures are just baffling, and we can't imagine that kind of people who engage in some of these habits, but that's part of life. Do you think these images are crazy or is it just us? If you liked this article, share it with your friends. 

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