10 Photos That Reveal How Royals Tie The Knot In Different Countries

People are obsessed with royal families. Everything they do seems like a fairytale from the outside, and that includes their weddings. A Royal wedding is one of the most lavish events they have, and the following list compares their different styles.

1. Archduke Christoph and Adelaide Drape-Frisch – Austria

Christoph is the son of Archduke Karl Christian of Habsbourg-Lorraine and Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg. He married the daughter of Philippe Drapé-Frisch, a French diplomat. The civil ceremony was held in France at Hôtel de Ville of Nancy.

And the next day, they celebrated their religious wedding at the Basilique Saint-Epvre de Nancy, in front of approximately 1000 guests. French couturier Diane Lelys designed the bride's gown, and no foreign royals attended the event.

2. Prince Ali bin Hussein and Rym Brahimi – Jordan

Prince Ali is the third son of King Hussein of Jordan, and his wedding to Rym Brahimi was a beautiful affair. She was a CNN journalist and is the daughter of Lakhdar Brahimi, a diplomat from Algeria. Their ceremony was held on September 7, 2004.

The event was celebrated at King Abdullah II’ house. Brahimi gave birth to two children, Princess Jalila bint Ali and Prince Abdullah bin Ali. They look thrilled together, and the wedding must have been an absolute dream.

3. Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling – Sweden

Victoria married her coach in a wedding that was adored almost as much as Prince Charles’ wedding to Diana Spencer. Everyone loves the idea of royalty marrying a commoner. However, some of the citizens of Sweden didn’t like how much money was spent on the event.

The ceremony was held at Stockholm Cathedral, and the bride wore a veil that has been used by most Swedish princesses for the past 150 years. Their story is just magical because they met at the gym. It must have been a great ‘meet-cute.’

4. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema – Bhutan

His official title is the Dragon King of Bhutan, and this wedding was not just for him and his guests. It became a celebration for the entire country. A three-day holiday was instated, and even banks and schools were closed.

The event was held at the Buddhist monastery Punakha Dzong, maintaining every Buddhist tradition. It’s considered one of the most expensive royal weddings as it cost around $17 million. The couple gave the common folk a buffet of traditional foods and entertaining presentations for the amusement of everyone.

5. Prince Amedeo of Belgium and Elisabetta Maria Rosboch von Wolkenstein – Belgium

Prince Amedeo is the nephew of the King of Belgium, and Elisabetta is an aristocrat from Italy. Their wedding ceremony was in Trastevere, Rome at the Basilica de Santa Maria, and they even received the Pope’s blessing.

Many royal guests attended the event such as Prince Beatrice of York. Elisabetta walked down the aisle on her father’s arm wearing a Valentino lace wedding dress. She is the daughter of Ettore Rosboch von Wolkenstein.

6. Princess Hafizah Sururul and Muhammad Ruzaini – Brunei

She is the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, one of the wealthiest men in the world, meaning that her wedding was always expected to be a lavish affair and a whole celebration for the country. They even declared a one-week holiday for their people. The guest list had more than 3,000 names.

The ceremony was held at their palace which holds 1700 rooms. It’s estimated that each guest cost around $1,000 each. The family decided not to have flowers as it was too pedestrian so, instead, their decorations were made with crystals and precious gems.

7. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Stephanie de Lannoy – Luxembourg

The Hereditary Grand Duke and the Countess got married in a civil ceremony though their parents are noble. They went to Luxembourg City Hall just like regular people much to the surprise of their subjects.

All the previous aristocrats were married at the Grand Ducal Palace, where the couple held their small ceremony the day after getting married at the local city hall. It’s very humbling that two aristocrats decided to be so regular.

8. Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, and Ekaterina Malysheva – Germany

Prince Ernst is the head of the House of Hanover which ruled several places in the United Kingdom for years until 1901. He married a Russian designer in a wedding held at the Hanoverian Lutheran Church. Everything about this wedding screamed Disney Princess.

The couple arrived at the reception in a carriage, and the location of the event was a castle. The only sad thing was that Ernst’s father didn’t attend the ceremony because he opposed their union.

9. Moulay Rachid and Oum Keltoum Boufares – Morocco

According to traditional Moroccan weddings, this event was two days long. This picture shows the special ritual of henna drawing. They believe that this tradition brings happiness and good fortune to the soon-to-be-married couple.

Prince Moulay Rachid is the youngest male child of King Hassan II, who has already passed away. It’s said that the Moroccans like to celebrate everything related to the Prince in grandeur. They have wild parties for his birthday.

10. Prince William and Catherina Middleton – Great Britain

William and Kate’s story was a fairytale for the modern age. He met her in school and dated her for years in secret. Their relationship was deemed similar to William’s parents, Charles and Diana. They walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

72 million people all over the world saw this couple get married, they have almost 2000 guests, and Kate’s tiara belonged to Queen Elizabeth. You could even catch the event on Youtube.

These weddings seem almost magical, and we can understand why Royals are as loved as celebrities – people love a good fairy tale. Some of them married commoners, and that seems almost magical in a way. Do you love royal weddings as much as we do? If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

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