20 Times People Made Things Go Very Very Wrong  

Sometimes we just don't feel like working, and that is okay, however people on our list took laziness to a whole new level. Below you will find some workers  who deserved to be fired in a second.

1. These people's buzzer was not working, so they decided to call a locksmith to fix it. The mother stayed in to wait for him, but he never showed up. The reason? Well, see it with your own eyes below. 

2. This is what happens when you tell the delivery person that you don't want anyone to know you have received a package, so he tries to be discrete. Way to go, boy!

3. Do you have an obstacle that prevents you from doing your job? Don't worry! You just have to imagine it is not there and keep on working. The ones that should be sorry are the owners of that car.

4. When your only job is to put the button in the correct place, but then this happens. Maybe the one in charge of doing it was Spiderman?

5. Are adults serious and hardworking employees? If you said yes, it is because you did not know the dudes in this picture. They are in their working hours, but the rest of the world can wait. 

6. Perhaps the cleaning lady in charge of that restroom did not know the subtle difference between a bar of soap and its liquid version. Did she consider how people would do to use that?

7. This employee should have been fired yesterday not only for the quality of his work but also for drinking during his schedule. She must have been drunk to do that! A 3-year-old could do it better!

8. When you do something you are not supposed to, everybody notices it, even the weather. If not, how could you explain this picture?

9. Someone was told to display the paintings so everybody could see them, but the person added some workout to the task: neck gymnastics. How long can you last looking at this works of art?

10. Nobody told that workman that he should never paint when the forecast says it is going to rain. Otherwise, your job can end up looking like this.

11. Putting tiles on the floor must be a very exhausting task. So when you are about to finish, you reach a point at which you don't care anymore, and screw it up like this.

12. There are valuable documents that should be appropriately handled if you don't want to ruin them. Well, some people just ignore some warning, like a 'do not fold' sign. 

13. What is the best way to advertise a hardware store? Letting the customer know what happens when you do not buy high-quality products.

14. We are pretty sure the clerk at that bookstore will regret arranging those books like that when clients start asking where certain publications are.

15. Who said that you need light bulbs when your recently-made ceiling looks like that? We would like to see how that person is going to do at night.

16. This is what happens when you do not know the meaning of customer service, and you think that your only task is to inform. Really? Jam?

17. When there is a bunch of people waiting to be assisted, but your Solitaire game is much more critical. The worst part? We think she is going to lose. 

18. Can someone tell us where this guy works so we never ever go there? If he did that with Taco shells, we cannot imagine what else he could have done. Gross!

19. Sometimes you have to be very specific when assigning a task to employees. Otherwise, they can end up writing a sign like the one in the picture.

20. The recognition of the 'Best Employee of the Month' should be his. We wonder how long he took to find out he was wasting all his time. 

Well, we guess not everybody can be a good worker, and these folks above are living proof of that. We bet you had a good time looking at the pictures, but we are not sure if their bosses felt the same way. If you enjoy the article, please share it with your relatives and friends! 

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