25 Guys Share The First Thing They Immediately Judge Girls On

We have to be honest, everyone has something that quickly judges on another person. Maybe is not your intention but is something that you can’t control. Many people do this same thing and not just women but men too. Have you ever thought about what are those things that men immediately judge on girls? They confessed it and we will give you all the juicy details.

25. I don’t want to be with a problematic girl so I’ll go away if I see that she constantly is having issues with the people around her. – Mark, 29

24. I know this will be controversial, but I don’t consider to share a lot of time with a girl that doesn’t offer to pay for something on the first date. – Brandon, 33

23. I don’t get along with girls that are much into social media. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll run away from her. – Rob, 31

22. How she dresses up for the occasion. If she is too sexy for just a coffee date I’ll be turned off. Leave that for the club. – Michael, 22

21. I won’t date with someone who doesn’t respect my bad taste in music. I’m not asking you to listen to it as well, I just want respect. – Derek, 23

20. If we are having dinner in some place, I’ll be very aware of how she treats the person who is attending us. I’m a server as so I can’t stand those who are rude to the staff. No one is above anyone. – Drew, 24

19. It discourages me if the girl is taking too much on getting ready for our date. Come on, you could get ready earlier. It’s obvious that you want to make a good impression but that thing is a big turn-off for me. – Jake, 29

18. It’s okay to have self-love, but it is too much when you can’t stop posting selfies, more if you do a lot of duck face. I hate that because it looks like they are desperately seeking for attention and validation.– Caleb, 24.

17. I hate when they try to cause a good impression by ordering a salad on our date, I know she doesn’t really want that. I want someone who can be herself rather than pretending to be someone else.– Greg, 25

16. Please, stop looking so much through your phone while we are on a date. Of course is a normal thing to text, but if she’s on it the whole time instead of paying attention to our date, it’s just such a huge turnoff. – Seth, 25

15. There is a misconception that men don’t really care about personality. That is fake!  Personality is really important and all the men I know do care about that. It’s nice to hang out with a strong, funny, interesting, and smart women. – Clark, 30

14. It is not necessary for a woman to say she likes the same sports team as me just to win my validation. I’m out if you say that. We can like different things, be honest. – Luke, 23

13. I can’t stand if a woman asks me to do a certain thing just because “I’m a man and men do that”. That is so cliche. I don’t ask you to do certain things just because you are a woman and it’s supposed for women to do something. – Kenneth, 28

12. One time I hung out with a girl and we were getting drinks while she was judging me all the time to see if my tastes were acceptable. It was awful. I wanted to leave right away. – Chris, 26

11. This is very personal but I love food, I mean, is my favorite time of the day and my favorite part on a date so if she is vegan or vegetarian, we won’t be compatible as more as we try. – Dave, 28

10. I can’t stand a woman that wears a lot of high heels, maybe I’m the weird one but I don’t like them and I’m disinterested quickly if my date is using it. I get that they love it but why do you use them if they cause you so much discomfort? – Clancy, 26

9. I hate it if they have no sense of humor. I’m interested in having a fun and kind relationship. If we can’t laugh right from the beginning, it’s a really bad sign because that’s what will get us through the hard times. – Peter, 24

8. I love girls who are fun and have many jokes to tell. Sometimes is hard to keep the pace with them but it is definitely worth it. They are my favorite kind of girl. – James, 25

7. It’s really important for me to be with a girl with strong opinions and ideas, a woman who cares for what it is happening in the world. Of course intelligent women are a big turn-on. – Jesse, 27

6. Maybe this will sound bad but I can’t stand a girl who because of her makeup looks in a way when she goes out and in another way when she is at home. I want to see the same face when we have a date and when we arrive home. – Jon, 28.

5. My test for “this relationship is getting serious so let’s move on” is going to the karaoke, maybe sounds dumb but this is so important for me! Karaoke is a good way to express yourself and have fun so it is important for me to be with a girl that likes Karaoke too. – Marcus, 26

4. I can’t be with a girl that loves or like Doritos. I hate Doritos and I can’t be around them without wanting to throw up. So I would hate it if my girl eats Doritos, I hate the smell, the taste, everything. Just don’t. – Lance, 24

3. I’ll be immediately turned-off if she is too basic. There’s a big difference between enjoying the little things in life and acting like a 12-year-old. I’m not saying that’s bad but… I can’t stand it. – Mark, 29

2. I don’t trust girls (and people in general) that dislike Taco Bell. I mean, who doesn't like Taco Bell!? If she doesn’t like going there at every moment of the day, I think that things won’t work well for us. – Jamie, 29

1. I pay too much attention to the books she is reading or that she has in her apartment. If it’s some kind of self-help literature or cliche books, you will have me out of the game right away. - Kyle, 25

Those were some dislikes from men but we have to say that every person has its tastes and these comments shouldn’t be a general rule. Plus,  you can be whatever you want and you will find the right person for you. You can hate sports, take whatever time you want to get ready for a date, love Doritos, hate Taco Bell, etc. But the important thing is to be yourself and that someone loves you in that way.

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