20 Times People Proved To Be Absolute Savages

We can find diverse types of people around the world with different characteristics. Some are extroverts, some calmer, some are very logic and some savage. The savages, oh boy. They will make you laugh with their occurrences and, forgive the redundancy, they will make you laugh with their savage things, like the ones from this list.

20. This is a real cruel professor but we also have to admit it: he is very ocurrent too. 

19. Since she was a kid Kendall Jenner has been very clever with her answers and of course, kind of savage too. We are sure about her mother wasn't expecting answer like that.

18. The popular question is "Where is Waldo?" but, have you ever thought about asking further?

17. Okay, this is not the typical shirt for a grandmother... but indeed it is for a savage one.

16. It seems like this guy was fooled and convinced about a child's christening was a costume party but anyway, this is possibly the best costume you could ever wear for an event like this.

15. Do you think you have already seen some savage people? Well, no, no, no. This kids is the most savage of all. 

14. Please, don't think a lot about it. Just buy the cauliflower or leave. 


13. This is a hack made for savage parents to millennial kids.

12. We are sure that the one who was making this interview didn't expect the answer from this man.

11. This is a savage war between hair saloons, the best offer will win.

10. Let's be honest: you have to be a really mature and intelligent person to create a castle like this. 

9. This is Josh Brolin and he is so savage that he went to an 80's themed party as a young himself.

8. These are some savages techniques for not getting anyone to touch your food. This is something I could apply at my home. 

7. These scouts girls aren't afraid of anyone and they are so savage that they put their cookies' stand right in front a Weight Watcher center.

6. How fearless you have to be to attend to a protest against KFC while eating KFC?

5. A professor sent an email to all his students with the answers of the final exam but the link lead them to this classic music video used to troll everyone.

4. The question is not "how did he get her to do this" but "why does he carry a Kraft single with him?"

3. The sister of this girl is really, really savage. How did she occur doing this? This is so mean!

2. The sweet kids are a thing from the past. Now they are so savages as this kid. 

1. This answer from Chef Ramsay was so sharp as the knives he uses. 

The people from this list is very audacious but so funny at the same time. We must thank them for all their savages answers because made us laugh a lot and of course, they showed us some clever and witty answers to use when we need.

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