20+ Times People Completely Change The Idea Of Boring Shopping

Supermarkets, grocery stores or shopping stores are one of the most regular places in the world. Everything is peaceful and you won’t find any curious thing there, right? Well, you shouldn’t be so sure about that, because you are about to see a list full of weird, funny, and incredible things that have happened there.

22. What are doing these cops at Walmart? And do you know what is weirder? This pic was taken at 4am.

21. This baby at Walmart must have seen something really weird to have this face. 

20. This kid went from row to row taking selfies and selecting them as backgrounds for the tablets. 

19. Again, a cat in the supermarket! It looks like this is their favorite place to be. 

18. What is better than going with your cat to the supermarket?

17. It looks like a kid was playing in the seafood department of this supermarket.

16. This man dressed the same as the Apple staff in a store and he recommended Android phones until he was kicked out.

15. Walmart has some weird products and this nana felt threatened with this.

14. No one imagined that the guy from Game of Thrones was working at this grocery store! (Okay, we know is not actually he.)

13. It looks like cats love sleeping in grocery stores. Can't they find another place? 

12. Did you know that you can take this kind of artistic pictures just going to Ikea? Their sets are perfect for this. 

11. Who would think that alliens were so good at cleaning? It looks like they are stealling our jobs! 

10. The ultimate fight right at the supermarket. We are sure you never imagined to find this there. 

9. Most adults have a thing in common: they love plants. Actually, if you start liking plants is a sign of you are getting old. 

8. I don't know why but is not so common to see elder twins, but someone saw these lovely ladies and couldn't help on taking a photo. 

7. Dogs are so intelligent that we don't get why some supermarkets don't let them in. 

6. Is not this cute? While we get bored in the parking lot of the grocery store, this couple finds a way to have fun.

5. This is a dad making dad jokes at the supermarket. 

4. Sometimes people forget the most basic logic things from life. 

3. This cat found an inusual place to sleep.

2. This grocery store decided to make something different to stand out. 

1. Curious sign for an old man wheelchair.

We are sure that the next time you go to a grocery store you will be more aware of what is happening around you because now you know that many weird and funny things can happen there.

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