20 Times When The Long Arm Of Creativity Got Over Daily Routine

It is hard to try to do something cool, but one thing is pretty clear to everybody: you can tell when something got it or not. The creativity that some people have to make a thing look cool is worth admiring and it can even be considered a talent. So the pictures that we are going to show you below are from really cool stuff that deserves a prize. On a scale from 1 to 10, there are all definitely above 10. Check them out!

20. Hollowed chip: I am still trying to figure out how it is possible to make a perfect hole in that chip without breaking it. The person who did it is the one I needed for my drawing class, because I could never make such a perfect circle. Instead of eating it, I would keep it as if it was fine jewelry.

19. The perfect shopping cart: This is just the perfect and nifty solution to my problems of wandering around the aisles every time I go to the supermarket to buy only a carton of milk. All stores should follow suit, and this one deserves an award for creativity.

18. Tiny lemon: No, it is not from a toy set, and it is not a hoax. It is real, but I had never seen such a tiny lemon! There is no doubt that was grown by a really cool dude that made this cuteness happen. So as the saying goes, if life gives you tiny lemons, make a tiny cup of lemonade.

17. Owl cap: For some people, caps are just garbage, but the ones that are in the pic are more a treasure. If I got to have a bottle with a cap like that, I would feel like drinking a magic potion or something really nice. I can imagine how they would look in a Halloween party; really awesome!

16. Pyramid sign: If this person was having problems getting his message across, I am pretty sure that with that sign, it is all as clear as water now. It is not what you say, but how you say, and in this case, the pyramid sign proved to be very effective. Nobody will dare to stack anything on it.

16. Water skull: I don’t know if it sounds familiar, but I think that a good horror movie can start with a skull like that. It is not clear if it happened by coincidence or not, but if it was the former, you’d better be scared. I mean, it is really cool, but scary though.

15. The fossil: I’ve always found dinosaurs fossils to be pretty cool, and probably that is the reason why people think I am not cool at all. Maybe Jurassic Park influenced my taste a bit, but let’s be honest, that fossil in the brick gives the wall a nice touch of history and mystery. I just love it!

14. Phone box: Maybe it was not cool at all for those poor people that lost their phones while riding the roller coaster, but we have to admit that is a very creative way to collect them. Maybe they were sick and tired of picking them up, so the employee with the idea truly deserves a golden star.

13. Leaf art: Don’t get confused, because it is not a work of art. However, the painters of these lines on the street are that good at dodging fallen leaves that were able to create such a masterpiece. In my entire life, I had never ever seen something like this.

12. Chili peppers: I’ve always had problems when going to a Mexican restaurant, so I am sure that whoever thought of this was considering clients like me. People, if you don’t know how to handle spicy food, stick to the white chili pepper in the menu. The wit in this idea is beyond simple mortals.

11. Rush mass: If you come from a devoted family like me, you know that it is mandatory to go to mass every Sunday. But if one day you are in a rush, don’t worry! This church found the niftiest solution to your concerns: the Body of Christ to-go. I cannot truly think of any other reason for this.

10. Magic painting: It has to be that the horse in that picture is alive, or this is a sort of magic spell, because there is no other explanation. Even though I am clueless on how this works, I want to buy one for my bathroom immediately. If this is not cool, so what is it then?

9. Tiny folding chair: Maybe a poor mouse was suffering around that beach looking for his folding chair to relax; otherwise, who on earth would have one in that size? Anyways, this guy thought it was the perfect solution for his problems, and actually it looks pretty comfy.

8. Hammer handle: it is said that if you can truly personalized a store for your customers, then they will buy there. People at this hardware store must be lining up to shop in there. A hammer as a handle in such a place? That is what I call to think out of the (tool) box. The owner just nailed it!

7. Alien stone: Perhaps it is just this mania that I have to feel attracted to shiny things. This one here might be just a drop of pine sap, but it looks like a singular stone from another planet. The color and the lines inside are just too cool, so I need it ASAP.

6. Animal sign: So if you thought that we are breaking the barriers of languages just between human beings, maybe you hadn’t seen this sign. This is what I call true communication that even reaches our feathered friends. Does somebody know the phone number of the translator?

5. Artistic fly swatter: Who said that a fly swatter couldn’t be useful and creative at the same time? It is even a bit charming, because it makes me put my face in there. The supplier that thought of this must be in the genius category.

4. Shower tap: OMG! I am sure that the inventor behind this masterpiece went through the same struggles as me of trying to turn on the shower without flooding the whole bathroom in the process. I need to know where I can buy this stuff!

3. Dragon fire: I didn’t know that there is fire with shapes, like people do with fireworks. Well, if is hasn’t been invented yet, so this pic is a clear sign that those dudes should have run for the lives instead of taking photos. Anyways, I am glad they did because this is smoking cool.

2. Loving carrots: I am starting to feel envy for this carrot, because it has a better relationship than the one that I have. Honestly, how can you make that happen if it is not true love? I want to know what the root of their relationship is.

1. King Kone: It is just me, or does that cone of ice-cream look exactly like King Kong? Maybe the giant ape incarnated in the sweet cold snack to take over New York again. Well, do us a favor, and please eat that King Kone ASAP, but we cannot deny it is pretty creative.

Human creativity sometimes goes way beyond our expectations, and these photos that we just saw are a living proof of that. Sometimes you only need to think out of the box to be cool. So go ahead, and take a chance! If you enjoyed the pictures, share them with your friends and family!

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