15+ Pictures That Will Make You 'What A Heck?'

Everyone love unexpected things that make them laugh and that’s what you will see on this list. A bunch of things that no one expected to happen but they did and now they will make you say ‘what a heck?’

20. If there is a flood the most normal thing is that everyone would freak out but these people saw the opportunity to have fun. 

19. It seems like someone didn't understand this Facebook status. 

18. No, I'm not talking about that band. Just imagine this another awesome band. 

17. This is the most cruel prank you will ever see. Totally unexpected. 

16. It looks like the police department has a really low budget. 

15. This is how your grandma answers after you have been playing some pranks on her. 

14. Well, that Mr. Rogers has a really good reputation. 

13. Okay. Who hasn't seen drama on Instagram? Well, this is a good one. 

12. There are so many wrongs this with this toy that it should be a collectible one.

11. This is not just a rug on the floor, there is something more... can you see it?

10. Wait- does that even exists? Please call me if you find it! 

9. The only reason for this is that this school is very animal-friendly and cruelty-free.

8. The latest marketing trend... everyone will be so curious about it!

7. I don't know what is more shocking: the fact that someone is selling this, the fact that the seller actually thinks someone would like to buy this or the fact that it costs $1800. 

6. Imagine if this happens to you! Wouldn't that be amazing? 

5. This is the kind of weird stuff that only happens once in a lifetime. Finding someone dressed as unicorn sitting in a window.

4. Those safety poles didn't work out because someone stole the car's wheels.

3. First, this wasn't the best idea. Second, please, no one drive after this car, this is not ending well. 

2. Why would someone do this? Imagine going to make a money withdraw and you find this fish. 

1. People always find any kind of weird things on the subway, but a duck? Maybe it was the day of taking your pet to your work. 

What was the more unexpected item of this list for you? The good thing about all of this is that surely has made you laugh. Curious things like these are the ones that relief stress out of our lives. 

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