My daughter is marrying my ex-husband and I was invited to their wedding

Relationships are unpredictable. No matter how sure we are of our partners sometimes they take us by surprise and our romance ends. However, things are more difficult when you see them moving on to someone new. Now, imagine if your ex-husband moved on with your own daughter. Here is the scoop.

The situation

We received a letter recently of a woman in a horrible situation. Her daughter was getting married to her former husband. Fortunately, we’re not talking about incest. This woman had her daughter Angela in high school after being careless about protection.

She was 15 years old and her parents ended up raising the girl themselves. Meanwhile, this woman went to college for her degree and met her soon-to-be husband there. They got married but she left Angela with her parents because she wanted a new life with her husband.

Her new family

The couple had a girl and a boy and the woman thought her relationship was going pretty smoothly. Her younger girl was going to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen so they decided to invite Angela because she is part of the family.

The woman had not seen her eldest child in more than 10 years, though. Angela had even gone to college out of state in California. She had developed like her biological mother to become a beautiful woman. Angela was extremely excited about finally getting to spend time with her family.

Angela's visits continued

Angela started spending more time with them. She’d meet them for lunch every week and the woman was happy because she was finally creating a new relationship with her daughter after all the pain and abandonment of the past.

A year after that, the woman’s husband asked her for a divorce. Naturally, the woman was completely blindsided. She was 46 years old and felt that the future was going to be great for them. The man wasn’t in love with her anymore.

After the divorce

The woman couldn’t deny his request especially after he said he wasn’t happy so they got separated and she tried to move on. Fortunately, the man continued to be a great father to his children and Angela supported her biological mother through this tough time, though she was a little reserved.

The woman saw nothing wrong in this behavior because they had always been distant. However, just last week, Angela asked her mother to meet up because she had something serious to tell her. What her daughter said was shocking.

The news

Angela revealed that she had been dating her mother’s ex-husband since he moved out of their house. Apparently, they started out as friends but later developed a romantic relationship. Angela told the woman that they were getting married.

Essentially, Angela is marrying the father of her half-siblings, her mother’s ex-husband. Furthermore, she wants her mother to stand with her at the wedding because she owes her that much after not caring for her all these years.


The woman believes that Angela is enjoying her mother’s pain. That this is her revenge for the way things were after she was born. The woman doesn’t know what to do now though her children don’t think anything is wrong with their dad marrying their half-sister.

However, if Angela has children with her new husband, her siblings will be uncles and cousins to them at the same time. It’s all very complicated and the woman thinks it’s completely unnatural. She believes that it’s like incest or something twisted.

This woman is looking for advice on an unimaginable situation. If you were in her shoes, what would you do? What can you say to someone’s who is going through such hardship? We don’t like to think that her daughter is getting revenge but it seems that way. Reach out to us if you ever need advice. Life is hard and we’re here to help.

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