16 Hilarious Things Only Girls Will Understand

Being a girl is something that not all people can understand. Hair in uncomfortable places, deodorant in the strangest places and clothes of strange shapes and colors to disguise one of those uncomfortable days. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, and through this list, you can discover all those things that only a girl can understand.

16. At what point do we stop using the combination of shadows and side-bang? - It's not fair! It is assumed that girls should have acne, greasy hair and be very clumsy as we were in our time.

15. Every time you think about cutting your hair – If you see a girl with bangs, she is probably going through some kind of emotional trauma or very strong emotional breakdown. Avoid being that girl.

14. We all had to fix us in the bathroom sink - a classic foot-up-on-the-sink-prep to make sure everything is fixed in case the night gets interesting and you need to be presentable for your guy.

13. Making new friends in the ladies' room - If you are a girl, it is very likely that you can go to a party or disco alone and go out with many new friends, just by entering the bathroom you can find your new best friend.

12. When your period hits you unexpectedly - That scary moment for which you are not ready, you wear your favorite white pants, and you want to sneeze. Your period decides that it is time to make its big appearance and you must resolve as soon as possible.

11. All low-cut trousers must be illegal - It is something we must understand, if it does not reach the navel, you should not put it on. All women should meet and sacrifice any garment that is low-cut and expose them that way.

10. If you spoil your makeup, it's time to cancel the plans - There is nothing more frustrating than having everything perfectly calculated and making a mistake like this. If your makeup is perfect, but you make a mistake with the eyeliner, there is no other option but to cancel everything.

9. The way you feel when you do not need a man - It's very sad that we need help sometimes, like when we're going to open a jar of pickles. So when we managed to solve on our own we felt like a strong and independent woman.

8. Giving a fake number to that guy at the bar - Giving a fake number to that guy who was bothering you all night at the bar is too fun until you find him walking in the mall and you do not find what to say.

7. Taking care of yourself and be happy because yes - You have no plan; you will not go anywhere. But that does not stop us from getting ready, putting on makeup and spending the night taking selfies just to fall in love with ourselves and try that he pays attention to you.

6. Listen to men complain about the pressure - They do nothing but complain that the media press them to look good and be masculine ... If you have not spent your entire life trying to achieve unattainable body standards, you have no right to say anything.

5. One dollar for each lost bobby pin - Where do all those bobby pins end? It seems that someone stole them and collected them, along with loose socks and hair ties that also disappear every day.

4. That guy who tells you that you're the only one he's talking to - Let's be honest, we know you talk to a lot of other girls and you're looking for an opportunity for some of them to fall into your arms. You do not have to lie to us because we already know.

3. Sooner or later he will accept it - The secret to catching a man is to make him realize that he cannot live without you. You just have to keep filling his ice trays and, when you stop doing it, he will realize that he needs you and cannot do anything without you.

2. Seeing yourself in the mirror when you have a perfect day - Your hair is fabulous, makeup is perfect and there is nothing that can ruin how happy and perfect you look that day. You are a miracle of beauty and everyone must accept it.

1. When summer approaches and everyone suggests the gym - You just want to lose 15 pounds without changing your diet or sweating too much, why is it so hard to understand? You need a magic and fast formula, not a health advice.

Each girl has different problems, but most of us suffer at some point from all these situations that only another girl could understand, despite all the help we need. We just have to trust our instincts and move forward, despite the fact that that guy we love so much does not finish understanding how much we suffer to be beautiful.

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