The Stunning Wives Of Celebrities Who Suddenly Disappeared From Our Sight

Many of us have followed the career of our favorite actors for years, sharing and investigating what we can about their lives and their projects. The wives of many of them are also part of their history, but surely we have stopped listening about some of them without realizing it. In this article, we will explain the reasons why some of these girls disappeared from our sight.

Chip Gaines - Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna met in 2001. Although they admit that they had some things in common, at that time they were really different. After going out for a year, Chip proposed marriage and tied their relationship in 2003 with a gorgeous ceremony.

Those differences that separated them at the beginning were what allowed them to become one of the most beloved couples thanks to their "Fixer Upper" program. The program is no longer on the air, and the couple is focused on raising their children and managing their business.

Mike Wolfe - Jodi Faeth

Mike is best known as one of the personalities of the television program "American Pickers," and although Mike seems to run the business on his own, he has a person who has helped and supported him for many years: Jodi.

They dated since the mid-90s and finally decided to make it official in 2012. Together they have continued the traditions of their family and welcomed their first child the same year they were married. Currently, they are still happily married.

Robert Redford - Lola Van Wagenen

Robert met the university student of Utah, Lola Van Wagenen, when he was just 20 years old and she was 17. They married in a secret ceremony in 1958, but a few months later they decided to have a public ceremony in which they could reaffirm their vows.

Their first son was born in 1959, but unfortunately, he died 2.5 months after his birth because of SIDS. They had three more children during their marriage, Shauna Jean, David James, and Amy Hart. They divorced in 1985, but still remain close.

John Travolta - Kelly Preston

Travolta and Preston met on the set of "The Experts," a movie filmed in 1989. They married in Paris in 1991 after a few years of relationship. However, since the ceremony was officiated by a French minister of Scientology, the wedding was considered invalid.

They had a second ceremony on September 12 of that same year in Florida. Together they had three children: Jett, Ella Bleu and Benjamin, but unfortunately, Jett passed away during a family trip in 2009. The couple founded an organization that helps children with special needs on his behalf.

Jack Nicholson - Sandra Knight

Jack Nicholson married the actress in 1962. Their daughter was born in 1963, but after six years of relationship, the couple separated quickly without giving any explanations. Knight told a magazine that the real Jack she met was a loving, caring and generous person.

She explained that their marriage was something beautiful and sweet and that she did not regret it. The same magazine contacted Marc Elliot, author of Nicholson's biography, who said on behalf of Jack that: "Marriage was a hot stove, he touched it, it burned, and he never thought about it again."

Michael Caine - Shakira Baksh

Caine tells that he was watching television and instantly fell in love with a beautiful girl he had seen in a commercial. This girl was Shakira Baksh. One of his friends got a way to put them in touch and the attraction between them was instantaneous.

They formalized their marriage in 1973 and had a beautiful daughter together: Natasha Haleema. This year they’ll celebrate their 45th anniversary, and when Caine was asked what was the secret of their marriage, he confessed that the key to a perfect marriage is having two bathrooms.

Robert De Niro - Diahnne Abbott

The current wife of Robert De Niro, Grace Hightower, has been accompanying him at all times since 1997. But before that time, Robert was married to actress Diahnne Abbot. Both she and De Niro participated in the movie "Taxi Driver."

They married in 1976 and stayed together for more than 12 years. They had two children: Drena and Raphael, before their divorce in 1988. Abbott has been out of show business since early 2000, but De Niro is still an iconic Hollywood figure.

Corey Harrison - Kiki Nejo

Known affectionately as “Big Hoss,” Corey Harrison rose to fame thanks to the outstanding series set in his father's pawnshop, "Pawn Stars." Corey's marriage is relatively recent since the wedding was held in May 2017.

Corey was previously married to his high school sweetheart, Charlene Harrison. Currently, Corey and Kiki enjoy their marital life to the fullest, and we can see it through his social networks in which he publishes many beautiful images of his wife and their life.

Harrison Ford - Calista Flockhart

Harrison and Flockhart met in a way that only stars can do, during the 2002 Golden Globe Awards. They went out together for almost eight years before taking the decision of getting marry and adopt their son Liam in 2011.

Ford was previously married to Mary Marquardt and Melissa Mathison. However, it seems that their story seems to show that the third time is a charm because the couple remains very close and you can see them showing their love very often.

Johnny Depp - Lori Anne Allison

Deep's love life has always been a bit convoluted, but lately, it has drawn attention because his newest wife, Amber Heard, left him after filing domestic abuse charges in which she claimed that Deep had become violent.

Johnny Depp was previously married to Lori Anne Allison. They stayed together for two years, from 1983 to 1985, and she came in his defense to the media explaining that Deep was not that kind of person because he had never laid a hand on her.

Pierce Brosnan - Keely Shaye Smith

Brosnan was married to actress Cassandra Harris before meeting Kelly, but she died tragically from ovarian cancer. The couple met during a time when Brosnan was still mourning the death of his ex-wife and found support in Shaye's arms.

Keely and Pierce married in 2001, and have two children together: Paris and Dylan. Pierce shows his love for her at all times to the public and in his networks. They are considered one of the most stable couples in Hollywood because they are still as much in love as the day of their wedding.

Patrick Swayze - Lisa Niemi

In 1975, Patrick Swayze, one of the most important actors in the history of cinema, married the also dancer and actress, Lisa Niemi, whom he met in his adolescence in the dance classes of his mother, Patsy. And with whom he remained until the day of his death.

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze achieved what nowadays seems impossible, to stay together for 34 years, basically "until death do them part." After a long life together, Swayze was diagnosed with cancer, and she was by his side in his last moments. "Part of me thinks I'll see him again," she said.

Although we have lost track of some of these women, many of them played a very important role in the lives of these actors and in the history of Hollywood. Some still remember that time in which they shone when walking through the red carpet, and we can only wish many more years of happiness to the couples who have endured all these years.

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