15 Creepy Photos That Will Be Impossible To Easily Forget

The Internet is full of every sort of things. You can find memes and things to laugh about, but it also has a dark side full of creepy things. In this occasion, you will see a list full of pictures that come right through the not so nice part of the internet. Feel warned if you are easy to scare.

1. This may be one of the softest pictures from all the list. We can't imagine why a person would like to have one of these in their home.

2. Is there something scarier than a snake? Yes, what happened to this guy. 

3. The craziest thing about this is that surely your aunt will want one. 

4. As we said before, you can find all kind of creepy persons on the internet, like those who make profiles about their weird fetishes. 

5. We don't even know what this made about is and trusts us; we don't want to know either. This is so kitsch that makes us want to throw up.

6. This is not so scary, but it is kind of weird anyway. At least this pumpkin looks a bit nice, and maybe kids will love it for Halloween.

7. We respect anyone's preferences and likes, but eating deodorant is going a little too far. We can't even imagine why someone would like to eat this. 

8. We all love Spongebob, but also we all would hate to see him at night in our kitchen like in this photograph. Please, Spongebob, go back to your pineapple.

9. This bike must have been abandoned a long time ago, look at why the spiders did to it. If they did this to our bike, we would give it to them.

10. A recreation park next to a cemetery? This is not a good idea at all. Also, we must agree with the comment. Tim Burton would love this. 

11. If a motel in the middle of the highway wasn't scary enough already, what about a "clown" motel? We wouldn't stay there even if it were our only option.

12. Oh, so you think roaches are the worst thing in the world? That is because you still didn't know this baby monsters called Hercules beetles.

13. There is no strong enough reason for buying some of these statues. They look like real people who were turned into stone. Did you see their eyes? Scary, just that. 

14. Do you want to read a scary story before going to sleep? Here you have it. 

15. What happened to all these characters from kids movies? They look like they are going to haunt you in your nightmares to steal your soul while you sleep.

After seeing this all we want to do is take a time out from the internet. It is crazy how many weird and scary things you can find in this dark site. If you feel like you are going to have nightmares, share this with your friends, and you won't be alone.

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