Royal Wedding Dresses: Ranked From Best To Worst

The most recent royal wedding took place in May 2018, and people loved seeing the American actress, Meghan Markle, walk down the aisle towards Prince Harry. As soon as they announced their engagement, people wondered what kind of wedding gown she would choose. Would it be made by a designer or would it be a family heirloom? Either way, she looked beautiful. Let’s take a look at some famous royal wedding dresses.

1. Meghan Markle – Givenchy

After months of speculation, the public finally got to see the American bride in her royal gown, and her chosen designer was Givenchy. Her dress was a stunning white silk A-line design with three-quarter sleeves and a gorgeous neckline. Her veil was 16 feet long.

It had a floral trim with flowers that represented all 53 Commonwealth countries under the rule of the Queen of England. Some viewers thought that gown was a bit understated, but Prince Harry was enamored with his bride, and that’s all that matters.

2. Kate Middleton – Alexander McQueen

This year was all about Prince Harry and Meghan, but no one can forget Prince William’s wedding to Kate. One of the most critical aspects of that beautiful wedding witnessed by millions of people all over that world was the dress. Alexander McQueen designed it with a Victorian-era inspired corset.

The bottom looked like a blooming flower, but her 9-foot veil had to be lifted to notice it. The sleeves were unique because they followed the tradition of many royal brides. It was crafted with hand-cut French Chantilly lace, and the details were created using the Carrickmacross technique.

3. Queen Elizabeth – Madame Handley Seymour

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Prince Albert in 1923, and she definitely liked the flapper style of the 1920s. Her gown was designed by Madame Handley Seymour with a dropped waist pearl and silver-threaded dress with a headpiece resembling flappers.

The gown also kept with the moire style, which is a special treatment for silk to make it look rippled. It was definitely one of the most iconic dresses and might have been the inspiration for Meghan Markle, who tested royal fashion limits this year.

4. Princess Margaret – Norman Hartnell

Queen Elizabeth II’s sister married Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960. Their wedding was the first royal nuptials to be televised. More than 300 million viewers witnessed the event. Her dress, designed by Norman Hartnell, was stunning but straightforward.

It featured silk organza, but much more understated than the Queen’s dress. The skirt used up to 30 meters of fabric. However, one of the most prominent things was her tiara, designed for Lady Poltimore in 1870.

5. Queen Elizabeth II – Norman Hartnell

Nowadays, the Queen is famous for wearing colorful outfits, but she has never been shy about fashion. Her dress is not one many girls would choose these days, but it was gorgeous back in 1947. The designer Norman Hartnell was inspired by Sandro Botticelli's Primavera painting.

The dress was embroidered with a floral pattern, decorated with white seed pearls from the U.S. and had a long silk tulle train clipped to the shoulders. Pearls even featured on her shoes for the complete look.

6. Sophie Rhys-Jones – Samantha Shaw

Sophie married Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest in 1999, with more than 200 million people watching from all over the world. Her dress resembled the 90s with the use of shoulder pads and the V-neck. It seems pretty simple when looked at from far away.

However, this dress was made out of hand-dyed silk organza, which makes it pretty complicated. It was also lined with pearls and crystals. The veil also had gems added for the complete look. It was the perfect dress for the Countess of Wessex.

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7. Camilla Parker Bowles – Robinson Valentine

The couple dated for years, but in 2005, Prince Charles finally married Camilla Parker Bowles, who picked a great outfit for the occasion. A white chiffon dress with a blue and gold damask dress coat by Robinson Valentine. The embroidery of the dress was inspired by a piece of jewelry owned by Bowles' mother.

8. Princess Anne – Unknown

Her first marriage ended after three years, but her second marriage to Commander Timothy Laurence was better. Her dress was a lot simpler than the previous one – a suit with a matching white jacket and black shoes. The Princess was not looking for a fairy tale with this gown.

9. Princess Anne – Maureen Baker

Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter had to make a tough decision while choosing her wedding dress for the ceremony to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. The 1970s were an exciting time for fashion, but nowadays, Anne’s dress wouldn’t be picked by anyone.

Maureen Baker was the head designer for Susan Small, and she made a Tudor-style dress with piping on the bodice, making it look like a sweater. The gown also featured a turtleneck which gives it a matronly look, and the sleeves expand but were tapered on the wrists.

10. Sarah Ferguson – Lindka Cierach

Fergie married Prince Andrew in 1986 before becoming a scandal in the 2000s, and people thought she was meant to be a princess at the time. Her dress was designed by the African-born Cierach and made with ivory satin with big shoulder pads and lots of beading.

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11. Wallis Simpson – Mainbocher

Simpson and King Edward VIII’s love story is depicted beautifully on Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ and it’s like they were meant for each other despite obstacles. Wallis was married when they met, but they started their relationship when Edward became King – though he abdicated the throne to marry her. Her dress was a pale blue color made of silk by Mainbocher.

12. Princess Diana – David Emanuel

The late Diana is known as a fashion icon, and her wedding dress was a statement at the time. Designed by David Emanuel, who said, ‘This dress had to be young and sweet, but it also had to be glam because she was going to be a royal princess.’

The wedding gown has a 25-foot-long train, with pearls and sequins which has been copied for years, but the dress itself is not something many brides would choose to wear these days.

It’s incredible to see how fashion changes over the course of time, even for royalty. These wedding dresses are probably valuable items, as they look like works of art, though some of them are a bit outdated. Which one was your favorite?

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