J.Lo Left Everyone With Mouth Wide Open Performing In An Outfit Considered 'Not The Shyest One Ever'

Recently a big scandal exploded on Instagram thanks to some pictures that the famous singer posted on her Instagram account. The focus of the problem was an image that Jennifer Lopez shared of this year's MTV VMA awards.

The incredible performance of the singer left everyone with their mouth open, as she always does. It was later on social networks that users noticed an unusual situation. It perhaps the outfit JLo wore was not the most appropriate because it highlighted areas that shouldn’t be visible to the public. As expected, everyone started to talk about it, and different opinions came to light.

Jennifer Lopez won two awards

Although she was not the big winner of the night, since the unstoppable Camila Cabello took that title, her energy was always present at the gala. Although she only won two awards, one of them for better collaboration, she looked very proud of herself, and nothing could turn off her energy, she proved it on her performance that night. However, everything could be ruined because of one small detail.

There was a weird detail in her outfit

In the picture, you can see that her crotch looks a bit weird. What seems to be an ornament in the design was completely out of place when only that area was shown. It seemed that the artist didn’t wear underwear or anything on top and many users began to think that it was a wardrobe mistake when the truth was very different.

Many began to try to find an explanation for the design, in case it was photoshopped. Curiously, the rest of the shots did not show the same version.

Jennifer posted this picture where the crotch detail can’t be seen

The singer posted this picture on her Instagram account, and there you can see that her suit looks completely normal and that it didn’t show any adornment in the controversial area.

But the question is still on the table: everything was a capricious game of shadows? Wrinkles in the dress? Or visual effects and even a very twisted mind? On the other hand, it could also be a malicious photo retouching that accentuates the design to achieve this object.

The singer has been criticized a lot lately

As any other artist, JLo’s life is always on the public eye, and every detail of her life is being scrutinized. Recently, the Latin community has been a criticizing her for talking a very poor Spanish despite her Latin roots. They want her to represent them, and that means talking more in Spanish as if it was her principal language.

Many of her followers wait attentively for JLo's reply

It does not seem that any reply is going to be posted, since her indifference may have made it clear that it is unnecessary. This wouldn’t be the first or the last time she is dealing with nudity issues or rude photomontages that only seek to discredit her.

Lopez only shows that she is not interested in controversy, but in recognition of her own art. Despite this, some of her fans are still waiting for an answer that will settle the matter as soon as possible.

However, it is clear that she has managed to raise controversy about the often daring clothes and costumes that singers usually wear, in many cases looking for a provocation that distracts the public at the expense of their professionalism, as if showing off a perfect body is more important than ingenious lyrics, a special rhythm or a creative choreography.

Of course, her fans have defended her of all the incongruent allegations because without a doubt the singer has managed to create incredible concerts, studio albums and appearances with a very careful image that many respect.

The art, grace, and experience she lavishes on each appearance make her one of the most respected stars in the Latin pop world. However, there are always human errors, and she is a human after all.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that the wardrobe incident does look weird. If it wasn’t a photoshopped detail, what happened there? Maybe it was an illusion made by the fabric of the suit, or also it could have been a tricky effect caused by the lights. Maybe JLo should clarify this issue a bit.

If it was an actual wardrobe malfunction, it’s hard to imagine how she could let this pass. Jennifer Lopez has always been perfect in every situation in which she appears in public, trying to take care of her appearance and her figure in the best possible way, as well as using the necessary cosmetics to hide any possible imperfection. It is therefore very strange that someone like her could have made an aesthetic error of this magnitude.

What if it wasn’t a mistake?

Regardless of whether we think it is a visual error, an effect caused by lights and shadows or an inappropriate design, no one can say that it was the artist's fault, since behind all her performance there is a huge list of people involved and hired to take care of each detail, ranging from choreography to the visual effects and the makeup of the singer.

A bit weird that a defect like this was unnoticed by the whole team… and that’s why some say that if indeed this was a mistake, it was on purpose. It is very known that many artists create scandals to position themselves on the news. We hope it's not JLo’s case.

Showing her body is something normal for Jennifer Lopez

The use of transparencies and posing without underwear is not new or exclusive of the Kardashian sisters, Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend is also an expert on it. Wearing provocative and daring outfits is also part of J.Lo’s repertoire in social networks, especially when she wants to impact all her followers.

Jennifer Lopez always causes tremendous controversy due to the type of attires she chooses to wear for some special occasions. Transparent dresses and deep necklines are the favorite details for the Boricua singer. And no one can deny that at her 49 years old, the Bronx Diva still maintains the impressive figure and jovial aspect that characterizes her.

The years are no problem for the famous singer because she continues to triumph with her music, and her relationship with Alex Rodriguez seems to keep getting better, and in addition to everything, she stays in shape, and her social networks are a clear example of that. Jennifer Lopez has more than 78.5 million followers on Instagram, and also she is currently one of the most influential women. 

Her new scandalous selfie

It is not a secret that lately, celebrities have joined the trend of not wearing any underwear, especially the bra, and Jennifer Lopez could not be left behind. In a more recent date and without looking back to the MTV Music Awards’ incident, the singer again opted for a risky outfit and showed it on Instagram like saying “I don’t care what you think or what you say, this is who I am,” and she broke the internet as usual. 

There you can see J.Lo posing very sexy in a tight white dress and is very obvious that she is not wearing a bra. There is a problem with that? Absolutely not. In fact, she looks spectacular! But there have also been occasions in which the Puerto Rican interpreter chooses not to wear underwear in the lower part of her body, another reason why she has caused tremendous controversy but, at the same time, generates big admiration in her followers.

However, it was inevitable that a lot of comments would rain over the singer again. As many bad as positive comments filled the internet in an attempt to discourage or cheer the artist. In the negative comments, you could find people saying things like J.Lo’s style is very tacky, that she doesn’t have a fashion sense and that she is desperate for attention.

Of course, Lopez’s fans weren’t going to leave her idol helpless and immediately praised her outfit option. They said things like “your enchant enlightens our days, keep going girl,” or “don’t listen to the haters, you are fierce and gorgeous, they are envious of you.” Jennifer Lopez most have a lot of patience to deal with issues like this every day, but she is so confident about herself that the bad comments don’t bother her and that’s what she transmits to her fans.

She wanted them to be like her, full of self-confidence. That may be one of the reasons why so many people follow her and take her as a role model, and it seems like she will continue leading others for a long time. In conclusion, everyone loves her.

One of the characteristics that differentiate Jennifer from other female artists is her empathy and the great connection she has with the audience since according to the opinion of some of her fans, her live shows are something entirely spectacular. But the important thing here is that Jennifer Lopez is a great artist without discussion. We can be sure that she will continue surprising us with her talent as with her private life.

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