Netflix's 'The Haunting of Hill House' Cast Revealed How The Filming Hit Their Sleep

The new series is currently frightening and intriguing all audiences with its combination of horror, drama, and suspense. The story centers around a family who lived in a haunted house years ago, and something tragic made them move. The actors have recently revealed that they were spooked several times while filming the Netflix horror. Let’s see what they said, but beware, there are spoilers ahead.

The cast was afraid too

Filming a show or a movie is unlike watching the final product on the screen because actors now that no matter what happens, nothing is real. However, people who have worked on horrors before often experience scary encounters and odd happenings, whether they believe in the paranormal or not, and that is what happened to the cast members of The Haunting of Hill House.

Both Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Elizabeth Reaser, who play Luke and Shirley Crain in the series, told The Metro that they had trouble sleeping while during shooting. Jackson-Cohen revealed, “In prep, I started to think that someone was sat at the end of my bed in the night and stupid things--- like that. When you're drumming that stuff up for so long, you kind of get a hang-up on it.”

Meanwhile, the actress had this to say:

"I had no ghostly interactions, but I feel like there's something that happens to your unconscious when you're pretending like this for nine months. It's more not being able to sleep, feeling crazed. It's like your body doesn't know that you're pretending."

The Crain family, consisting of parents, Hugh and Olivia, and their five children, Steven, Shirley, Theodora (Theo), Luke, and Eleanor (Nell). The kids experienced several apparitions throughout their childhood, especially Luke and Nell, and as adults, they are still being haunted by tragic events, which are not revealed until later in the season.

A big hit

The show has been a significant success for Netflix since its premiere on October 12. The critic score on Rotten Tomatoes is 92%, and it is rapidly becoming people’s favorite horror show. According to Parrot Analytics, the series in third place for “in-demand” horrors, beaten only by The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

The feat is pretty remarkable considering that those shows have been on the air for several years. Unfortunately, there is still no news about a possible season 2, but it will probably get renewed soon enough because viewers always crave more scary stories no matter how scary they are, and this story is way too interesting to give up.

A little more about the story

When it comes to horror, the scariest things are always family-related. The latest thriller film Hereditary by Ari Aster centers around the suspense surrounding a family, and it mostly takes place inside their home. The director described the film as “a family tragedy that curdles into a nightmare." Now, Netflix has changed the game of terror on the small screen.

The Haunting of Hill House is very similar to Hereditary in that sense, but it has expanded their story for a ten-episode season. The heartbreaking emotions of the family make this show that much more compelling as the children have been torn apart as adults after another tragedy strikes their family; the first one happened at their childhood home.

The show is based on the 1959 book by the same named written by Shirley Jackson, though the show has taken several liberties while adapting it to a series. The lives of the Crain family jump from past and present, giving viewers tiny hints on what happened to make them so scared of Hill House, and with each scene, the puzzle gets built.

Olivia and Hugh Crain move into the home in order to restore it, as they want to flip it, but things are happening to the kids, although they tell them that it is just nightmares. However, you can tell that these children might have psychic abilities or sensitivity towards the paranormal, and they inherited it from their mother and their grandmother.

As adults, Steven is a thriller author who does not really believe in paranormal events, Shirley is a funeral director, who resents Steven for turning their tragic past into a book for profit. Theo is a Doctor of Psychology, living in Shirley’s guest house and helping young children with her unique ability. However, the twins, Luke and Nell, seem to be the most affected by their experiences.

Luke is a drug addict, who is always in and out of rehabilitation, and Nell suffers from sleep paralysis and takes particular medication to prevent hallucinations. The twins have a special mental connection; they can feel what the other is feeling and more. We do not want to spoil that whole show for our readers, so we urge to see it.

The director

Another spooky aspect of The Haunting of Hill House is the cinematography, which is probably thanks to director Mike Flanagan, a bit of a connoisseur of the horror genre. He directed Oculus, Hush, Before I Wake, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Netflix’s Gerald’s Game. Additionally, he has been chosen to the direct the long-awaited sequel for The Shining, Doctor Sleep.

One of the most exciting parts of the production of this series is the one-shot takes featured on episode six, which required long scripts; the longest being 17 minutes, and flashing between present and past. It is absolutely fascinating, and while writing, Mike Flanagan said that he knew that it would take a lot of effort and camera choreography to shoot 18-page scenes in one-shot.

"It turned into a challenge unlike anything else I've ever had in a production. The set had to actually be constructed with this episode in mind — we knew that we had certain shots that were going to require us to walk through the house in its entirety."

Everyone is abuzz about this new show, as it seems that television no longer shies away from making horror, and we hope that our readers give it a try because they will not be sorry. Even people who generally do not like this genre might enjoy the plotline. If you liked this article, share it with your friends, while hiding from monsters under that covers. See you next time!

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