14 Impossibly Ridiculous Things From 'Twilight' That Could Have Destroyed The Entire Movie Saga

Before we get into those theories and commentaries about "Team Edward" and how "Jacob is better", we were one of those kids who loved watching all these movie adaptations in the theatre on opening night and over the weekends. However, when you're an adult, things don't look as magical as they did when we were kids, and there are several extremely annoying things from this film franchise that we just can't ignore. 

You may have already questioned these, but let's have another look to refresh your memory. So, without keeping you in further suspense, let us look at these ridiculous moments that will forever be branded in our minds and make us question every movie we watch in the future. 

1. The sparkling vampire. Prepare yourself for an eye-sore. For the love of monsters, why make this horrible version of a blood-sucking beast? It may have worked in the book, but it may turn the audience blind! No sparkling, please!  

2. This was something we really didn't need to see. Behind the scenes footage that makes you cringe, like this one, where Kristen Stewart pat Taylor Lautner's head like the good boy that he is. Just stop that! 

These pictures have genuinely ruined the magic for this film, and how did they even manage to keep a straight face while filming? This is just too funny. Let's just think of it as one of life's most embarrassing moments. 

3. Those wonderful wigs. Wow, he really had amazing long hair! Did anyone find this distracting by any chance? Perhaps this was an excellent way to divert our attention from the bad acting? Either way, it's not amusing when these guys have ridiculous wigs.

4. Speaking of hair, Nikki Reed actually almost lost her hair because of these movies, so we'll let that one slide for now. When in costume, there are those moments that could affect your health or appearance, and we guess she had to sacrifice some of her own hair.  

This actress was not at all impressed, stating that her hair fell out. She also added that it initially took 36 hours to make her blonde, and every other day she had to bleach her head and skin. Ladies, you know what that's like. Ouch! 

5. If you've seen the part where they play baseball, you must be wondering how on earth these actors managed to catch all those balls barehanded, without even flinching, right? They had to have some good vitamins of some sort. 

It turns out that vampires were actually throwing plastic Christmas ornament! That's right, plastic ornaments. Then, to add to the magic of the scene, they added CGI to make it look like real balls. Well, that's somewhat disappointing! 

6. Don't you love it when they randomly replace characters and never really get over it? These luscious locks don't fool anyone! There is nothing worse than getting into your favorite character to have her replaced by a look-alike. Well, not really a lookalike is she? Come on! 

7. Movie adaptations are meant to correspond to the book, including the ending. So why they changed the end of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 merely for shock value, is seriously not a good idea. Fans would find this super dull and hard to relate. Of course, they want to spice it up, but what was this?

8. Here is another plot hole these filmmakers thought they could get away with easily. It seems they had forgotten that werewolves cloud Alice's visions, and she wouldn't be able to see any drama whatsoever. Perhaps they got bored of that part of the story? 

9. Yes, this is in the book, but there are limitations when adapting it for the movie, but this whole scenario where Jacob imprints on Renesmee, in this case, seems to be a huge red flag. Are they turning Jacob into the creepy uncle who watches his niece grow up? 

Come on guys; this is all kinds of gross on every level. We already learned that she stopped maturing at the age of seven, and now this takes things to that uncomfortable zone that has the audience shifting in their seats. What do you think? 

10. Wow, now this is seriously an overly dramatic scene that just screams for that fast-forward button on your remote. When Bella confronts Jacob for not answering her calls, it's raining, and he's shirtless. Is this meant to be a distraction from their award-winning performances? 

11. Did you know that Robert Pattinson was almost fired for playing the character, Edward, too seriously? We know that Edward is a brooding vampire who is already as gloomy as they come, and if he smiled, he would possibly crack his face. 

Apparently, Robert took this character trait a little to far, and his agents sat him down and said, "You have to do the opposite of what you’re doing now, or you’re going to get fired today”. Wow, if that didn't cheer him up, then nothing would.   

They were so desperate to get him into the character that the producers gave Robert a copy of the book and highlighted all the times Edward smiled. Now if that didn't give him a wakeup call, we don't know what did. Of course, he took the advice and gave us a few smirks here and there. 

12. So, Jessica and Angela were Mike and Eric's second choices after Bella turned them both down. Why on earth would you want a relationship to be built on sloppy seconds? What were they thinking?  

13. That damned baby! Why oh why did they have to have this fake baby? Did they think we would be mesmerized by its unearthly beauty? Was any part of it real? Sadly, the thought they could fool us by bringing in the CGI baby. 

Just give us a break already, please! That baby was more CGI than an infant, and we're pretty sure that the sounds were fake too. Just look at this radiant baby! How on earth can we be convinced that this is real! How?

14. If you want horror, just watch this scene. Seriously, this will give you nightmares or put you off having kids forever! Initially, there was supposed to be a robot baby used for some of the scenes, but once you've seen this, you cannot unsee it. 

Why would you do this? This must have damaged a few of the audience members, if not put them into a state of panic at night before bed! Just look at the way it caresses Rosalie's face. Is it going to kill her in her sleep? 

Finally, we have come to the end of this nightmarish plot, and we hope you were not too disturbed by what you saw, especially the babies. We hope you enjoyed reading this insider as much as we loved sharing it with you, even though it made us a little uncomfortable at the end. 

Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more behind-the-scenes and movie adaptation news. Whether you love these movies or hate them, there is always something interesting that you'll find. 

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