16 Hilarious Tweets About 'Black Panther' That Will Make You See The Movie In A Different Way

Black Panther was one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Everyone loved this movie, and many claimed that this was the best film from the MCU. Of course, this movie caused a lot of reactions all over the internet, and some of them were really funny. This list is full of hilarious tweets and comments about the film that will make you laugh. Let’s see!

1. Although he was a secondary character, M’Baku won the hearts of many MCU fans, and they genuinely love him.  

2. This is something that we only had seen in movies, but these kids actually tried to sneak into the cinema to watch Black Panther.

3. And one of the most incredible characters from the film is T’Challa youngest sister, Shuri. She is funny, smart and sassy.

4. Even the former first lady of United States, Michelle Obama, praised this movie. She said the film will be a significant influence for kids.

5. This is a pun you will only understand if you saw Get Out movie. Also, this actor appeared in Black Panther as well.

6. Someone made a joke about how Hollywood reacted to Black Panther’s success, and it was depressingly accurate.

7. And this version of the “distracted boyfriend” meme is just hilarious. In fact, many fell in love with this villain.

8. We couldn’t agree more with this. Black Panther’s origin story is the most epic from all the MCU.

9. It is funny when we remember how this two actors committed mistakes with previous roles, but now they have redeemed.

10. Now that Marvel belongs to Disney, can we say that Shuri is our favorite Disney Princess? Because she definitely is.

11. We love how this movie took into account real armies and tribes. In case you didn't know, the film inspired on actual African history facts.

12. This movie made everyone talk about real issues that many had ignored for years, and that is awesome.

13. A Letterboxd user shared her movie experience and was completely hilarious. As you may have already noticed, the movie included a very attractive cast.

14. Another of the incredible things about this film was W'Kabi's rhinoceros army. The sad part is that he lost some of them.

15. Of course, Black Panther made many people proud because it showed a part of the population that had never been portrayed in that way before.

16. You know that Black Panther was a big deal when you see other superheroes talking about how good was the film.

We also would like to know what do you think about this movie? Do you think it deserved so much hype? We don’t doubt about how good it was, and in fact, we believe it is one of the best movies of the Marvel franchise, due to its plotline, soundtrack, photography, and many other reasons. Let us know your opinion!

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