10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ranked

Since Iron Man movie introduced us to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have been seeing amazing characters that can fly like birds, heal themselves, lift ten thousand times their weights, run at the speed of light, and more abilities that do not stop mesmerizing us. Although we tend to believe they are Marvel's most powerful figures, they are not. There are many more that we see in the comics that can beat the Avengers hands down.

However, they haven't been brought to the big screen, even though we would love to see them. But the remaining question then is: which ones are the most amazing ones considering their powers? Don't worry! To get to know them, we came up with a ranking starting with the least powerful and ending with the mightiest character of all. Without further ado, let's get started!

10. Galactus

Better known as the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus eats entire planets to maintain his existence, so no wonder why entire civilizations have disappeared because of him. He also wields unlimited cosmic power and knowledge. And if that is not enough, he also possesses technology that works with his biology that can make him be perceived as any species; for instance, a human might see him as such. That takes guises to a whole new level!

9. Adam Warlock

Originally known as "Him", this character appeared for the first time in the Fantastic Four #66-67. A group called Beehives artificially created him in an attempt to produce the perfect human being. He possesses speed, strength, energy projection, and cosmic energy manipulation. However, he sacrificed his powers to defend the High Evolutionary. As a reward, he gave him the Soul Gem which granted him more powers. 

We could soon see him in films because, in the comics, he has repeatedly come to the aid of Earth and the whole universe, even fighting Thanos and other characters of his likes. He has served as the de facto guardian of the Infinity Gems. And if that is not enough, he has cheated death by reincarnating several times thanks to his own strong will, which means that getting Adam to that point of the end of life is a feat in and of itself.

8. Amatsu-Mikaboshi 

The Japanese demonic god is not called "Chaos King" for no reason. He has enormous dark magical powers, durability, strength, endurance, shape-shifting, self-healing, immortality, and reality manipulation. However, his unique ability is to capture and detain deceased humans' astral bodies. Although his physical strength is lesser than other deities such as Zeus or Izanagi, his sorcery is pretty effective on Olympian gods. 

7. Cyttorak

As both demon and god, he is a mighty deity that could be considered the strongest magical being in all the MCU. His power makes him be the source of elite magicians such as Doctor Strange and powers Juggernaut through his weapon, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Although he lacks in intelligence, he exceeds almost every other power with speed, agility, and overwhelming strength.

6. Phoenix Force

This powerful cosmic entity and the prime universal force of life has bonded with different hosts, being the most significant Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Rachel Grey, and even Professor X. It can manipulate cosmic forces and project it as beams of immense destructive potency. Moreover, Phoenix can absorb the entire energy of the sun, and we cannot forget its telepathic and telekinesis' abilities. No wonder why it defeated Galactus single-handedly. 

5. Franklin Richards

The son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm from the Fantastic Fours may look like a little boy, but he is a rare omega-level mutant. His reality warping powers can easily rival Scarlet Witch because any of his thoughts can become a reality, which can genuinely affect the cosmos. He can do whatever he wants, plus the fact that he is telepathic and can see the future. He might be immortal, and his power could be equal to that of the Celestials'. 

4. Eternity

His first appearance was in Strange Tales #138, and he is the sibling of Oblivion and Death and the twin brother of Infinity. He is the leader of the abstract entities renowned as the Cosmic Powers. Being an Abstract means that he does not have a physical body; he exists everywhere instead. Needless to say, he is immortal and can alter space, time, and reality. However, Thanos defeated him when he managed to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. 

3. The Living Tribunal

Not even Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet would dare to confront this powerful cosmic entity because his force dwarfs the artifact. He has existed as long as the universe itself. The One-Above-All created him to guard the multiverse against an imbalance of mystical powers, and that is why he is considered its embodiment. He is among the top three; however, in the comics, he died fighting the next character. 

2. The Beyonder

He is a near-omnipotent entity that first appeared in Secret Wars #1. In this storyline, he took human form to understand better our nature, but his power is thousand times greater than the entire multiverse combined. The Living Tribunal, the Abstracts, and even the Celestials are at his mercy; however, he has shown some moments of vulnerability. That is the reason why he is in second place compared to the character in our first position. 

1. One-Above-All

He is believed to represent Marvel creators, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee, just because he is the most powerful and mysterious character. One-Above-All is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, meaning he can do anything literally because his power is unlimited and incalculable. Reasonably, no one can damage him, and he controls all forms of energy. In a nutshell, he is Marvel's big boss. 

Do you agree with our list? What character would you change from his spot? We would love to see any of this figures on the big screen, and our dreams might become true in the near future since Marvel Studio and DC have confirmed some marvelous productions such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Shazam. While we wait for that and more, share this article with other Marvel fans. 

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