Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU Ranked

Since Iron Man movie introduced us to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have been seeing amazing Avengers that can fly like birds, heal themselves, lift ten thousand times their weights, crawl on walls, run at speed light, and many more abilities that do not stop mesmerizing us. 

Each comics fan has his or her favorite one, but a common question everyone asks is: Who is the most incredible one? Don't worry! To settle this, we have come up with a ranking, starting from the least powerful and ending with the mightiest one. Without further ado, let's get started!

15. Hawkeye

We have to start with the arrogant archer Clint Barton, better known as Hawkeye. This guy, let's be honest, is the loser on the team. The original character is pretty cool in the comics, but we have not seen that in the MCU movies. Technically, he is supposed to be a spy just like Black Widow.

However, he has blundered a couple of times, like when Loki mind-controlled him in The Avengers, or the time when he was almost shot to death during the events on Age of Ultron, or when he failed to stop The Vision. Considering all this, Clint can easily land at the bottom tier of the group.

14. Quicksilver

It is hard to believe, but there was a year in which the white-haired son of Magneto appeared in two movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Although his superpower is speed, this ability does not place him far away from Hawkeye's tier. 

It is really embarrassing that a character with superpower had died because of regular bullets when he was shot to death by machine guns during the events of Age of Ultron. In that light, running at super speed does not seem very impressive anymore. 

13. Black Widow

Let's be clear; we know that Natalia Alianovna Romanova is very hot and is genuinely a superspy. However, in a universe riddled with gods, magic, aliens, and robots, her sheer abilities place her far from the first spots of our list. It is not that she should feel ashamed of her competence.

However, it would take more to be in the top 3. Unlike Barton, she knows how to use weapons and beat her foes up. Moreover, Fury, Rogers, and Stark rely so much on her, so it must be for a reason. To prove that, we have all her appearances in Marvel movies, and she might be getting her solo film soon. 

12. Ant-Man 

If this rank were about charm, Scott Lang would be among the top positions. However, we are ranking heroes based on sheer power, and sadly, the tiny dynamo's abilities do not stand out. We cannot forget when he grew to gigantic size to win a fight on Captain America: Civil War

However, we know from David and Goliath's experience that a big size does not always guarantee a victory. By and large, a giant superhero is not a significant advantage, but his superpowered technology beats quick mutants and super spies on our rank. 

11. Falcon

Sam Wilson has the right combination of pararescue training and cool metal wings that do not come with a Stark branding. Perhaps, that is why Steve Rogers trusts him to watch his back. However, one of Falcon's drawbacks is that it takes more than impressive technology to deserve a high position on our list. 

Moreover, Marvel Studio decided to change his faithful Redwing in the comics to a robotic drone version counterpart. Of course, it is not that talking to birds is the greatest superpower, but it could have given him a plus. Furthermore, to be fair, he lost a fight against the following Avenger. 

10. Winter Soldier

HYDRA mind-controlled and tortured Bucky Barnes, so no wonder why his name is a legend. Plus, he has a metal arm that is super-strong, super-flexible, and can even open a hole on a wall. Before coming to the good side, he fought against some Avengers and won, earning him this place on the list. 

9. War Machine

Some friends in high places can lend you some money or help you get a good job. But for James Rhodes, being friends with Tony Stark meant getting a high-tech armor with sufficient guns and missiles to start a small war. A metal arm is excellent, but having a mobile armory capable of shooting bullets is way much better.

8. Spider-Man

Marvel's late acquisition had a pretty good opening in Civil War. He was able to beat Winter Soldier, Falcon, Ant-Man, and even kept up with Cap. This young superhero is smart, with actual superpowers and a Stark-designed suit that bumps him up to a high range. 

7. Captain America

Steve Rogers has a complete six pack, and we are not only talking about his abs: he has real superpowers, fighting courage, speed, charisma, and an indestructible vibranium shield. He has also beaten almost all the previous character; however, there was one he was not able to defeat, not even in his movie.

6. Iron-Man

Being a billionaire, philanthropist, and genius makes Tony Stark one of the favorite heroes, and that is without mentioning his dozen suits with lasers, high-tech weaponry, and missiles. Even though he lacks some fighting skills, he could confront Cap and Bucky to a standstill, so we believe that he well deserves this spot. 

5. Black Panther

Tony might be an eccentric magnate who is treated like a king, but he is not an actual one like Black Panther, the monarch of Wakanda. As Stark, he has a high-tech suit, not made of iron but indestructible vibranium. Plus, he has the combat skills that Iron-Man lacks, and a whole technologically-advanced country that is backing him up. 

4. Scarlet Witch

Although the MCU version is less potent than the comics one, Wanda Maximoff is an insanely powerful mutant with telekinesis and telepathy abilities who was able to take down almost all the team under Ultron's orders. She is the only magic user on the Avengers, so that puts her over the top. 

3. The Vision

This cybernetic homunculus has the Mind Gem embedded in his forehead which, along with the rest of the stones in the Infinity Gauntlet, proved that it could control virtually everything. The combination of brilliant AI, laser blast, and the power source from an Infinity Stone makes him almost godlike; however, he died on Thanos' hands. 

2. Thor

Being almost a god doesn't mean being an actual one like Thor, who is the God of Thunder. Combine that with super-strength, a magic hammer, and an army of gods, and you'll understand why Thor keeps the super-soldiers, genius, and spies of our list humble. In the MCU, no one can have that level of power, well, almost no one. 

1. The Hulk

Bruce Banner's green alter-ego has beaten almost everyone in the MCU: Iron-Man, Loki, Thor, the whole U.S. Army, and The Abomination, and that is even without counting the ones that ran away from him. No wonder why Iron-Man once said, "we have a Hulk." He was not joking; the Hulk is indeed the strongest one.

Do you agree with our list? What superhero would you change from his or her spot? We enjoy watching the Avengers show off their capacities, and that's why we cannot wait to see what else they can do on the next installment of the saga. While we expect the upcoming film, share this article with other Marvel fans. 

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