The best couple in Friends? Rachel and Ross vs. Monica and Chandler: We Have The Answer

More than 16 years have passed since those memorable two words, "I do", were uttered on our favorite television show, Friends. Though we loved Ross and Rachel, who seemed to be the star couple, it was Monica and Chandler who gave us earnest goals when it came to their connection. They had the longest romantic relationship on the show, spanning six years from the start of Season 5 to the end of Season 10. But this is not the reason we adore them so much. So, let us have a more in-depth look at their fantastic bond.

1. How their romance blossomed 

The only person that knew Chandler's embarrassing secret about having a third nipple was Monica. She always made sure to cheer him up whenever he thought he was going to die alone. She also taught him a lot, and Chandler was always there to comfort Monica. They certainly were two best friends who fell in love and made us drool all over them. We aren't sure about you guys, but when it comes to relationships, we wholeheartedly agree that being friends with someone is the best way to finding your true love and knowing each other ensures loving one another unconditionally.

Despite the tumultuous relationship, the majority of romantic moments we saw involved Ross and Rachel. They were an adorable couple though, don't you agree? Their first big kiss was in Central Park and definitely made our hearts swell. We were never really sure where this relationship was heading, but were eager to find out because we really loved them as a couple. So these two definitely had their fair share or romantic moments. They were no doubt the cutest couple and poor Ross tried numerous occasions to express his feeling, which sometimes came out wrong and Rachel brushed it off as a sweet friendly gesture. 

2. Their love for each other

In many ways, Monica and Chandler were an odd couple, but this didn't dampen the love flames between them. They already knew everything about each other, which strengthened their bond. Knowing your partner's flaws and still loving them unconditionally is true love! Even though Ross and Rachel may have gone through plenty of ups and downs on the show, they were nothing in comparison to Monica and Chandler when it came to that special bond, are were less dramatic and had a funnier dynamic.

Ross and Rachel are considered the epitome of the sitcom world. These two are mostly argumentative and have a love-hate relationship. When you look at the amount of time they are in a stable relationship together, the timing is surprisingly short. This was also meant to keep the audience on their toes. It actually took them forever to get together, and when did, and finally made it official, there was some serious conflict right from the start. We can all agree that these two had a very rocky relationship.

3. The moment their pronounced their love for each other

If you watched the show, you'd remember that the proposal was pure perfection. This proposition was one of those "hands-down" moments that was immortalized on Friends. For those of you that loved this sitcom, we are sure that you shed a tear or two during the dual proposal. We definitely had a box of tissues handy for this Hallmark moment, and it was terrific to see these guys finally taking the next step in their relationship. 

Remember how Ross ran to the airport to declare his love for Rachel and begged her to stay because he was deeply in love with her? Ross was willing to go above and beyond to prove his love and do those ridiculous and impossible things to make sure that they would be together. Now, if this is not the most romantic gesture, we don't know what is. He certainly didn't care who was around him at the time, even when it came to public areas. If this doesn't win the romantic gold-star, we don't know what will. Ross had his romantic moments in the show that won the hearts of the fans. 

4. Those argumentative moments 

We all know what it's like to argue or fight in a relationship. Both parties disagree on something simple, and it turns into a huge argument. These two had a few moments, as any couple does, and fought over a spare room of all things! Can you image fighting over something so stupid? Chandler was known for being extremely sarcastic and apparently didn't impress his soulmate, who was the complete opposite. No matter their disputes, these two were always a treat to watch and managed to sort out their differences in the end.

While Ross and Rachel certainly have strong feelings for each other, their relationship seems to be based on their mutual affection more so that actually being compatible with one another. In this case, the phrase "opposites attract" fit perfectly. When it comes to Ross, he lays all those emotions on the line and doesn't think twice about expressing them. We know that Ross is a self-proclaimed intellectual while Rachel works in the fashion world and is more down-to-earth. They never really see eye-to-eye, but they definitely made it work in the end. They argue about the silliest things and he's an attention seeker that is very jealous, which got in the way at times. 

5. Their love and happiness for each other reaches no bounds

Everyone goes through mood swings and tough times, but do you remember that time when Monica danced with a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up? This was super hilarious! She stuck her head up inside a dead animal's posterior just to make the person she loved to laugh. Another occasion was when Chandler won Erica over by convincing her that he had lied because Monica desperately wanted their child. Then, there was that weird and unforgettable moment when he watched shark porn. Do we even need to say more? the turkey on the head actually reminds us of Mr. Bean

Ross and Rachel are one of the most memorable couples in history, and no matter what they did or how they acted on the show, we all rooted for Ross in his desire to become more than just friends with Rachel. Rachel certainly had her moments of insecurity, and this caused fans to focus more attention to these two complicated lovebirds. If there was one romance that kept Friends going, it was this one. 

6. They had reached their comfort level

Most couples are imperfect and weird in their own way, and these tiny things impact a relationship, making them unique. Finally, Chandler overcame his phobia of commitment with the help of Monica. Whenever she needed a win, she didn't think twice about calling Chandler out, and their personalities synced together in perfect union. There was one comment that Joey made that we couldn't agree with more. If you recall, he said, "We look at you, and we see you together, and it just, it fits, and you just know, it's going to last forever."

Ross and Rachel certainly weren't on the same level of comfort as Chandler and Monica. They were not as crazy and spontaneous either, partly because they had not reached that stage in their relationship yet and were battling with many things that set them apart from each other. Although differences are meant to bring loved ones closer together, theirs certainly didn't do the trick. While Ross was super needy, as we already know, Rachel was independent and didn't see the need to cater to his childish mannerisms and insecurities. They had their own special level of comfort, but it certainly didn't appear that way on the outside. 

7. They shared a genuine love 

True love is hard to find and when you find it, be sure to grab hold of it and never let go. When it came to Chandler and Monica, the fans wanted more, and even if there was an alternative reality where we would be blessed with a reboot, we had to live every memorable moment on the screen with these two lovebirds. Their love was genuinely imperfect, yet beautiful in every way and kept us hooked from start to finish. These are the moments we cherish in what was once our favorite sitcom.

When it comes to comparing the two couples, we have found a special diagram that compares them both. Although both have much in common, there are huge differences as in any relationship and they handle their issues differently. Where Ross and Rachel have an "on and off" relationship and seem to fail at role play, where Monica and Chandler succeed at these. They certainly are complete opposites when it comes to comparing their first moments and behaviors in a relationship. 

We feel that the winner is definitely Monica and Chandler, but who do you feel are the best couple? Did you feel the same way? Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more amazing moments that we all loved in our favorite sitcoms

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