15+ Funniest Cheerleader Faces That Explain Their True Struggle

There is nothing worse than capturing a picture of someone in motion. Chances are they will be making a weird face because they were caught off guard. However, that's lucky for us because we get to enjoy the crazy results, and these images of cheerleaders during their routines are hilarious. Let's take a look. 

1. Sometimes when you are dancing or in the middle of a power work out, you are in tune with every emotion, and this girl looks like she is enjoying herself, but unfortunately, the camera captured a weird face. 

2. We cannot imagine that kind of courage it takes to actually try out any of the stunts that cheerleaders perform. There is a considerable risk of injury, and clearly, this girl was scared!

3. Well, we don't know exactly why the girls decided to look up there, but it's clear that one did not enjoy it and the other might have liked it. Either way, this is just so funny!

4. This is the perfect example of what we are saying about taking a picture while someone is in motion. This poor girl was probably smiling and yelling loudly, but her face is just insane. 

5. This image is a bit confusing to us because she does not seem to be in the middle of her routine, so why did she make that face? Maybe she was yelling towards another team member. 

6. In every sport, you'll find a bit of enjoyment when your opponent makes a mistake. If movies are anything to go by, competitive cheerleading is brutal, and this is proof. 

7. At first, we thought this boy had crazy hair that matched his happy face, but that tuft belongs to the girl behind him. Clearly, he is just too fabulous right now!

8. This is another example of what happens when someone takes a shot, and you are just enjoying yourself while concentrating on the choreography. That's an instant meme. 

9. We wonder what they were saying during that dance number because all three girls have different, but still hilarious, expressions on their faces. The one on the right is just crazy!

10. This picture was rather confusing because it seems like this girl is about to jump, but why is she the only one? The others are obviously out of sync. 

11. We would be interested to see what happened after this shot was taken because someone made a noticeable mistake and couldn't even hide it. No poker face!

12. There is nothing like the happiness of winning, and these girls are proof. The look on their faces is a little bit scary, but it's probably the lighting and the excitement. 

13. We love pictures of failed stunts, and this one is an instant classic. No one was saved from an embarrassing moment in this image because they are all messing up. 

14. Big girls have to exert a lot more effort than other girls to be able to perform the same stunts, and you can definitely see the concentration on her face. 

15. This is another cheerleading meme, and it's not exactly an insane face because it almost looks posed, but it definitely shows what it feels like to do well. 

16. We wonder what was going at that moment for this poor girl. Did she hurt herself? Or did she spot something disgusting while looking at the camera? Either way, we love her facial expression. 

17. This is the face of a girl who is not only nailing her routine with that impressive pose but who is also enjoying herself. This is the best part of competitive cheerleading. 

18. We think this girl might not be working hard enough to support her teammate or something in the crowd surprised her tremendously. What do you think is going?

19. We love seeing boys on cheerleading teams, and this redheaded guy could also be turned into a meme. Was he yelling the name of the school or is that his face while jumping?

20. This gorgeous girl was loving life at that moment and working her routine while twirling her baton like nobody's business. We love the happiness this picture inspires. 

What did you think of the pictures above? Did you laugh as much as we did? They make us want to watch Bring It On again. It's time someone in Hollywood made another cheerleading movie because we are in dire need of it. If you like this article, share it with your friends and remember to be, be aggressive. See you next time!

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