We Look At 9 Beauty Rules That No Royal Lady Would Ever Break

We all love fashion trends, and when you're a member of the royal family, you're always in the public eye. Because of them constantly being in the spotlight, the atmosphere is more intense when they have to attend those special occasions such as royal weddings or events mean they have to abide by a specific dress code. So when it comes to picking outfits, styling hair, and putting on makeup, they have to make sure that their appearance is absolutely flawless no matter the occasion. So, let's take a closer look at these royal fashion rules. 

1. No bright colored lipstick allowed 

When looking at the women in the royal family, you'll never see any of them wearing brightly colored lipstick. As simple as it seems, it is merely prohibited to wear red or striking berry shades. Using any other color than pink and nude is considered to be improper. There is a benefit, however, and that is this something we all dread, being caught with lipstick on their teeth. Have you had any embarrassing moments when you've smiled wearing red lipstick on your precious teeth? Super awkward moment! 

2. No heavy contouring on the face

Kim Kardashian is known as the queen of Instagram and is an expert when it comes to contouring. Conversely, the coming Queen of Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria, isn’t allowed to emphasize her cheekbones at all. Royal ladies should always stick to more neutral makeup. If they need to, they can illuminate their face if they’d like by adding a little bit of blush. The French, however, love their simple, natural makeup as it compliments the face and inherent beauty. We should be proud of our own beauty!

3. No dramatic eye makeup

You'll never see a royal lady wearing “full glam” makeup. You can say goodbye to any ideas of false lashes, winged eyeliner or smokey eyes if you're a royal. Their eye makeup usually consists of a minimum amount of eyeshadow and mascara to give a bit of emphasis to their faces. Any heavy makeup is considered to be distasteful. Sometimes drastic shades can make one look older, so it's not surprising that the Royals want to keep their youth shining through. Diana was stunning though! 

4. Their makeup should last throughout the day 

Queens, princesses and other women of this title have been known to attend different types of events and activities which more than often are held outdoors. Occasionally, these events last countless hours, but no matter the period, a royal's makeup must stay flawless no matter how hot, rainy or windy it is. The key to keeping makeup flawless day-round is to use an excellent powder and to set the composition with a spray. This seems like a handy tip that we should take note of. 

5. No fixing up smudged or faded makeup in public 

Now, they have a strict etiquette, and they believe it is inappropriate to put on makeup in public places. Many of us have done this whether it's lipstick or a quick touch up. Although this is something women do often, whether a touch-up with a simple, compact powder or a lipstick, royal women, however, are strictly forbidden from doing even that! They consider this practice as non-elegant or classy. What on earth do you do when your eye-makeup is smudged all over your face? The Queen looks like she's crying in this photo.

6. No glamorous or extravagant nail polish 

Though some ladies love long nails, royal ladies prefer to keep their nails short and cover them with semi-sheer nude nail polish. There are so many dazzling colors out there, but Queen Elizabeth herself loves the shade “Ballet Slippers” from Essie. The number one rule is to keep their manicures simplistic and neat. So no fancy nails for the Royals. When it comes to chipping, this can actually save themselves a lot of hassle and uncomfortable moments. We actually find bland colors rather boring and unexpressive. Many of us love color, unless it's French Manicure. 

7. Professionals should always do their hairstyles 

Lady Diana had the most beautiful hairstyle, and many who adored her followed her when it came to her sense of style. The royal protocol approves simple and neat hairdos. For example, the Dutchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, has her own signature hairstyle that consists of bouncy curls. When it comes to messy ballerina buns, greasy, or tangled hair, they are wholly forbidden. They do look stunning! Long hair is always beautiful no matter the style. 

8. Seeing the hairdresser regularly is a requirement

These lucky royals get their hair blown out at least a few times a week if not every single day. This helps to keep her hair smooth, shiny and in place. Kate Middleton regularly colors her hair to make sure there are no unwanted gray hairs. The Dutchess of Cambridge also gets a haircut once every few months. This ensures her looking fresh and healthy. Just imagine the cost of seeing a professional hairdresser every day? Wow, we sure wish we could afford that! 

9. When attending a formal event, always wear a hat 

We know the Queen loves her outfits and hats. When it comes to the royal dress code, hats are required for all types of formal events including weddings and Christmas services. A king or queen can only wear crowns. Dazzling tiaras are appropriate to wear on full dress occasions, and most commonly, tiaras are worn on a woman’s wedding day. Imagine having outfits for every occasion with matching hats and bags? We would need a whole room, nevermind a closet! 

Don't you think that they can be rather extravagant at times? What are your thoughts about the Royal beauty protocol? Would you include their rules into your daily makeup routine or do you prefer bright colors? We certainly love our colored makeup and nail polish. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting Royal news and scoops to how they live their lives. 

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