20+ Pictures That Are Nothing But A True Nightmare 

Our lives are not always a bed of roses. We have to face stressful and infuriating situations in every aspect of our lives: at work, school, and home. However, sometimes these moments can be so irritating that we feel like losing it, like the ones we bring to you in today's compilation. Keep calm and carry on! 

1. Something that really makes us angry is to try to pour water from a glass to another recipient, and that the stubborn liquid decides to go like in the picture below. Thank God it is not a delicious beverage. 

2. There is no other reason to explain this than saying that the commercial establishment really hates that customer. We only hope that the poor person hadn't been waiting for so long in that place. 

3. It is an adorable gesture when your guests want to help you wash up after a delicious dinner at your place. But the picture shows the very reason why we don't let them do it. Just look at that messy pile!

4. When you're starving, you just want to remove the package of your food and eat right away. However, sometimes your plans are thwarted by an evil company that puts a double plastic wrap to your meatballs.

5. This was the moment when someone discovered he or she had married a savage. If not, what could be another reason why a person puts empty eggshells back in the carton. Are we in the Stone Age or what? 

6. We just hope this person did not buy that butter dish at IKEA because we would be very disappointed. It is so useless that it cannot even hold a complete bar of margarine. What's the point then? 

7. This is the worst puzzle in the entire world, 2,000 pieces of pure white. If it was given to a kid, we are pretty sure there was a lot of crying and anger that day. The company that created it deserves to be sued!

8. The person that did this must have been very irate to destroy a pen package like that, and we don't judge him or her. We also know how infuriating this can be. How do they even make them? 

9. This one must be a joke; we don't think there is a restaurant that is so mean to do that to its diners. But apparently, it does exist, a BBQ rest that serves its sauce in a shaker. Isn't that just plain wrong?

10. The purpose of an eraser is, you know, to erase. If you thought like that, let us tell you we are all wrong, and the picture below is living proof of that. That homework must have looked very, very bad!

11. Maybe you have to confess that you used to do this, and your mom got very angry. But as a grownup, you know how annoying is that someone leaves a sip of a drink only to avoid throwing away the bottle. 

12. You: "my phone has 5% of battery; I'm going to charge it." Your mobile 2 hours later: 5% of battery. The reason? A mediocre company that couldn't make good cables. Can we have a squishy stress ball?

13. At first, we thought that the edge was a magnifying glass, but then we understood what it was all about. You can mess up anything, except ice-cream. Note to ourselves: never buy a Ben & Jerry's one. 

14. The ceiling at O'Hare airport, Chicago, deserves to be torn down and rebuild again for the sake of hundreds of people's mental health. We just wonder if the builders were drunk when they did it. 

15. Even fruits can get very naughty to make us have a bad time. This happened to a man when he was trying to get his bananas out of the bag. For sure, it is time for some banana bread, right? 

16. We know what you are thinking, but this dude did not pee his shorts. In fact, we sort of feel identified because that unfortunate thing also happens to us every time we have to do the dishes. 

17. A kid spent the whole night trying to finish his work on the left, and man does it look nice! However, right before showing it to his teacher, he accidentally dropped it. Now we know how pugs were created.

18. There is nothing more exciting than to see your favorite band or singer at a concert. For the person who took the picture, it meant a seven-hour drive to see Metallica in Edmonton, only to have this view. 

19. We thought we were the only frustrated ones when you want to look at a picture on Pinterest, and it tells you that you need an account. We hate it when searching google images, they are all from that page!

20. Second note to ourselves: do not order hot sauce on Amazon. They shipped one to this person without any padding. Now we can go and leave a five-star review for the product. Yeah, right! 

21. A friend's grandmother used to say that it was as easy as peeling a boiled egg. Well, we don't know exactly what she meant because, for the person in the photo, the activity was a fiasco. No dinner tonight!

22. The only reason that we can think of is that the driver of that van is the owner of McDonald's. Oh, wait! No! He is only a stupid customer that needed to occupy two handicap spots to buy some fries.

23. A person was trying to draw for hours and couldn't get things right. Then, she realized what the problem was. The manufacturer of the ruler added two extra millimeters. Is this a new measurement?

We are pretty sure that you felt identified with many of the day to day things that could happen to anyone, but boy are they very annoying! Which one was the worst for you? Share it with us in the comment section, and send this article to your friends that also get mad at this situations. See you later!

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