Marvel Explained: One Character Probably Knew Beforehand About Thanos' Snap

Avengers followers are not happy to know that Infinity War was the beginning of the end and that the upcoming production for next May will conclude the saga for our favorite superhero group. Moreover, it is logical to keep on thinking about the devastating aftermath it had, primarily how it was possible for Thanos to win. 

That is why everybody is eagerly waiting to see how the next movie will play out. However, we would like to add more sorrow to this lengthy and despairing wait telling you that there was a character in the last Avenger's film that knew about Thanos' snap before it even occurred. Let's delve into this new Marvel theory

The mastermind behind all

It is very likely that someone in the MCU had been orchestrating all the events that we had seen in the movies, and that is no one else that Nick Fury. According to a new Marvel theory by a Reddit user, the S.H.I.E.L.D agent had known for a while the happenings before they come to fruition, like Thanos' arrival, and ultimately, his wrath.

Didn't you find Nick Fury's absence way too strange? Since the events of Age of Ultron, we hadn't known much about his whereabouts. Didn't he think of talking to Dr. Strange or intervening during the fight in Civil War? There are reasons to believe Nick was up to something until the scene in which he showed up in Infinity War

But let's remember the post-credits scene for a second. Fury had this beat as if he knew what was going on. Even when Maria Hill disintegrates, he got his pager without a hint of desperation to contact Captain Marvel, and the device was even handily in his duffle bag. Those were the deliberate actions of a man that knew the future.

Shall we dive deeper?

The whole theory goes like this. The chances are that Fury had a feeling that something would happen to Earth at some point, and that is how the whole idea of recruiting powerful heroes was born. However, there is one figure that Fury is believed to have contacted but refused to join the team: the Ancient One.

Yes, she is the master of the mystic arts and Dr. Strange's mentor. In the latter's solo movie, we learned she has the ability to see the future, except her own death, but it is very likely she knew about Thanos. Perhaps, she told Fury to get in contact with Captain Marvel and recruit Iron Man.

The S.H.I.E.L.D initiative

First of all, let's consider the whole idea of why the Avengers exist in the first place. A superheroes' group became Nick's main objective because he knew how crucial it'd be that Earth's most potent heroes were together. Even the line that Fury said to Tony Stark in the post-credits of Iron Man takes a whole new level.

He told the genius billionaire that he had "just become part of a bigger universe - you just don't know it yet." This bigger universe was one with other characters who would join afterward. Curiously, after Tony, the rest of the pieces fell into place. He tried his best to recover Steve Rogers' body because he knew he was alive.

Even when the Avengers seemed to be over, Fury confidently told Maria Hill they would be back "because we'll need them to." And if you don't remember, Nick was the one who motivated the superheroes in the course to create the Vision, a character that played a crucial part in Infinity War

Moreover, it is no coincidence that the survivors of Thanos' snap were the original members of the group that Fury hand-picked. In fact, this is a crucial clue. Why didn't he recruit Ghost or any other superpower asset for the team? Maybe, he had some idea of who'd be standing after the Titan's wrath and chose the members carefully. 

Not Mr. Know-It-All

Of course, this doesn't mean that the S.H.I.E.L.D agent had a detailed picture of the future but a small piece of the puzzle instead. His knowledge was not perfect, and maybe that is why he did not know about Hydra's infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D., the invasion to Earth, or the bitter acrimony between Stark and Rogers.

But what he was sure of was that, regardless of what happened in between, the team would find a way to work things out to avert or undo the snap. The only thing that he probably did not foresee was his own disintegration as part of the annihilation, what could explain his startled and emotive reaction. 

Another possibility apart from the Ancient One

Okay; let's assume that Nick never reached the mystic arts master; there could still be a way that he learned about the future: by traveling in time through the Quantum Realm. This is where Ant-Man enters in the equation. We already know that Scott will join the surviving Avengers in the next installment, and thank goodness he will.

The theory about the Quantum Realm says that, if you shrink beneath a certain level, it is possible to break down the fundamental laws of time and space, making time travel theoretically possible. Scott's suit has the technology to enter the realm and even bring a few friends with him. 

Just look at the toy box art of the Avengers 4, and you will see them wearing containment units that are pretty similar to Hank Pym's suits in Ant-Man & the Wasp. In the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, the Quantum Realm concept will feature, but we still don't know in what capacity. 

Instead of meeting the Ancient One, Fury could have gone into the Quantum Realm in Captain Marvel. One thing is to be told the future, but a different one is to see it with your own eyes; yes, he had both in the 90s movie. Nick could have gotten a glimpse of the future and selective knowledge of what to do to undo Thano's victory. 

On the other hand, it is possible, according to some theories, that the female superhero got his powers from it. This might explain the reminiscence that the flare of energy that engulfs Carol has with the explosion in Ant-Man & the Wasp, and we might see this in Carol's movie next year. 

The solution?

Anyway, it seems like, apart from helping Nick Fury, Marvel is trying to implement time travel because that may be a crucial point to save Earth in the upcoming Avengers installment. If the Quantum Realm has an active role in the next Avengers movie, the theory is that the superheroes will go back in time.

This is in order to relive previous battles and collect the Infinity Stones before Thanos does. This could explain why Fury waited until the end of Infinity War to contact Carol. Who knows about time travel? Presumably, she does, and she will be joining the team next year. 

Moreover, a mastermind is entirely essential to send the heroes back to the past, and sorry, Scott, but you're not that guy. However, the genius Tony Stark is. He can find the way to crack the code and get his team into the Realm, what takes us back to Tony being the first member of the Avengers. 

Nevertheless, we could not miss out the consequences that time travel would have in the present. Is it possible that villains like the Red Skull and Hela end up coming back for Marvel's fourth phase? Is that the ultimate trade that the heroes will make? Only time will tell. 

Anyway, all this could only happen if the Quantum Realm and time travel technology is part of Captain Marvel's plot. We guess we'll only know in a couple of months when the movie is premiered, and then we will find out if this idea is plausible or just another mere theory. 

What do you think about the assumption involving agent Nick Fury and his possible knowledge of the future? Do you think that could explain what happened in Infinity War and what will occur in Avengers 4? Let us know in the comment section below, and don't forget to share this with your fellow Marvel fans.  

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