Weird finds discovered at Michael Jackson’s notorious Neverland ranch

It has been more than nine years since the King of Pop passed away at the age of 50, but he pops to mind every time we think of Peter Pan or his songs about building a better world. Michael spent his life trying to help children, despite the scandal surrounding him during his final years. He dedicated many songs to them and donated money to many kids’ charities.

He was also the owner of Neverland Ranch, which was named after the magical land created by author J.M. Berrie and where the children of Peter Pan travel to so they wouldn’t grow up. Four photographers sneaked pass the guards of the estate, managing to reach the mansion and took remarkable pictures of things only a few saw before. Here is what they found.


The singer was heavily critiqued after creating this estate, saying that it was too grand, too luxurious, a waste of money, and too out there for the home of a grown man. The front entrance is enough to leave you open-jawed with its sheer size and style. We can spot all kinds of things just by walking through like an enormous emblem that can be seen in several spots in the grounds.

The picture seems to depict a blue Peter Pan with a vintage design. Walking further into the estate, you might be able to notice dozens of statues, which were an essential part of the mansion, as well as monuments and figurines that represented fairies. Despite his scandals, this place was apparently thought of as paradise for everyone who dared to dream.

It was like walking into a child’s mind, filled with magic and innocence; a place no one would ever want to leave. But it’s hard to talk about Neverland Ranch without getting into detail about some of Jackson’s accuser. After all, we knew that the singer always had kids in his estate as it was like Disneyland for them.

His biggest accuser during the trials for allegedly assaulting minors was Tom Sneddon, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney. No one ever had any proof that Michael committed these grievous crimes, but Tom was adamant and became the star’s greatest enemy, and he even wrote a song for him on his album HIStory, titled D.S.

In one picture captured by the four photographers, we can see several letters sent by Jackson’s fan, but on top, there is an image of Tom Sneddon, drawn as if he was Satan or a demon. This image really surprised the journalists. The jury sided with Michael, but many people still believe that he was guilty even after all this time because of the many accusations the singer faced for a while.

Walking through the mansion, you can really see why people thought those claims were true, as he was obsessed with children and not getting older. We knew that he loved children immensely, but after seeing a picture of a door knocker featuring two cherubs kissing, we think his accusers could get away with everything even if it were not true.

A dream theme park

As a kid, Michael was obsessed with amusement parks, and even as an adult, he loved riding the carrousels. He built his greatest dream on the ground Neverland, making his own theme park where children could go the movies for free, ride the Ferris wheel and the rollercoaster, as well as use the bumper carts.

It was a mansion surrounded by magic and designed to attract children that would feel like they were in paradise. All over the estate, there were several statues of kids which gave the place an ambiance of innocence, and nostalgia for a time that goes by very fast and never comes back. Being surrounded by all that splendor, we can easily imagine that kids were comfortable with Michael.

Many fans probably jumped at the opportunity to take their kids to the magical place. As we mentioned earlier, there was a private movie theater, and it was also quite luxurious. The singer would enjoy films in this room, sometimes alone but most of the time with guests, but he would also put on plays because it featured a stage for a bit of theater.

This room makes people envious of everything Jackson had despite being gone for more than nine years, as he did not spare any money making his dream home. There are several videos onlines depicting how fun it was staying at Michael’s ranch, so take a look at them if you are feeling nostalgic about your childhood and sad about the King of Pop’s death.

On the market

The ranch has been on sale since 2015, and they changed its name to Sycamore Valley Ranch, hoping to attract buyers. It’s a 12,598 square foot estate built in the French-Normandy style located in Los Olivos, California. It started at a price of $100 million by has been cut down 33%. Sotheby's International Realty and Hilton & Hyland are handling the sale.

The singer bought the land in 1987 for almost $20 million, but he had to default on a loan after mounting debt from the several lawsuits against him, turning to Colony Capital as investors in 2008 for the sum of $23 million. They made huge renovations after that, with the main house featuring five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two guesthouses, a lake, the movie theater, and much more.

It is listed right now for the sum of $67 million, but apparently, not everyone with that kind of money could buy the estate. After Michael’s death, Colony Capital spent a bunch of money restoring it and renaming to place it on sale. There are several reasons why it has not been sold yet like the fact that it’s 130 northeast of Los Angeles and 5 miles from Los Olivos, which is outside of the luxury neighborhood.

It’s also the only $100 million estate in the Santa Ynez Valley, and the most expensive place sold nearby was Kenny Roger’s house in Bel Air for $46.3 million. There is still hope that the ranch will be sold because most properties in the vicinity that surpassing $3 million usually sit on the market for years. Colony Capital changed many things about it, but it’s still beautiful.

What do you think of the things found in Neverland? Do you think the land will ever be bought? It would be a pity for such a gorgeous property to be left alone, but the real estate market is tough. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below, and share this article with all your friends who still remember their childhood fondly.

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