4 Royal Members Whose Controversial Outfits Caused A String Of Scandalous Reviews

You might wear pretty much anything you want, but when you are part of the British Royal Family, this aspect is serious business. There are some unspoken and spoken rules about the attire that the blue-blood members have to follow, and not doing so can lead them to controversy.

From the Duchess of Cambridge to the famous Princess Diana, many members have made some faux pas, and we are here to tell you all those moments. Today, we will be listing the most improper outfits ever worn by the British Royal Family. Let's take a look! 


The daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, tied the knot with her soulmate, Jack Brooksbank, only a little bit more than a month on October 12, at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in the UK. Their wedding was absolutely astonishing, and she even appeared on the headlines thanks to the curtsy she made to the Queen.

Although she looked unsurprisingly beautiful in her wedding gown, her second dress for the reception was a bit polemic. First of all, the Princess broke the tradition, choosing an American designer, Zac Posen, instead of a British one. About the dress, the Palace said:

Mr. Posen was inspired by the beauty of Windsor and the surrounding countryside. The choice of color reflects the blush of an English rose. Mr. Posen took his inspiration from the White Rose of York.

Posen, on his side, said in a press release that it had been an incredible honor to design the dress for Princess Eugenie on her big day. "Her grace, elegance and strength perfectly embody everything I could hope for in a woman wearing our design."

But the other problem was the pinkish tone the dress had instead of the customary white or ivory that all brides have worn. No other bride, neither Diana nor Kate, dared to break the royal protocol, but Princess Eugenie was willing to do it and twice in the same dress.

Anyway, no one can deny that HRH Princess Eugenie was absolutely gorgeous with her two dresses. We totally agree they were great fashion choices for her wedding day, and we congratulate her for taking that significant fashion risk. It was definitely worth it!


It is hard to remember Kate Middleton without being a Duchess, part of the British royal family, and the fashion icon we all admire. But to refresh your memory, almost a decade ago, she was an average commoner girl, going to college, hanging out with friends, and modeling on catwalks. Yes! She did that! 

Although she never tried her luck as a professional model, Kate did show off her beauty on a catwalk in 2002, and she made it big. During the Don't Walk charity fashion show, Middleton donned Charlotte Todd's see-through dress with only black underwear. 

Prince William was in the front row, and reports say he was totally blown away by Kate's beauty and bravery. Little did we know that the amateurish model would be the Duchess of Cambridge some years later. Since she entered the family, her fashion style has always been exquisite and spot on.

Her closest faux pas, as reported by Cosmo in 2016, would be wearing the same number over and over again, like what happens with her lilac dress. Celebs shouldn't recycle looks; however, with such a gorgeous gown, who cares? Kate looks fantastic with it, so keep on wearing it, girl! 

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  2. For months, outlets have said that Kate and Meghan are in a feud.


Even during her beginnings as a Hollywood starlet, Meghan Markle knew how to rock the fashion industry, and once she became a Suits star, her clothing taste was even more refined and stylish. Now that she is the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan looks like an approachable but fashionist royal.

Some of her choices have been a shock for traditionalists. Although the faux pas we are about to mention was not about that, it still managed to create a stir, but it is definitely one that can be forgiven. When photographers caught Meghan and her husband last month arriving in Tonga for their first royal tour, the couple looked stunning. 

The former actress was wearing a red mini dress that made her look gorgeous. But with a closer look, it also exhibited a tag hanging from the bottom. Big blunder, Meghan! Didn't she have someone to warn her about that? But as we said, being a royal doesn't mean that she cannot make mistakes, and we have all been there, right?


We couldn't leave out the Queen of Hearts from our list because, although she was considered the pioneering royal fashion icon long before Kate and Meghan, she did also know how to raise a few eyebrows with her attire. To give an example, let's consider the Revenge Dress.

The garment that Di wore in the summer of 1994 truly honors the name it received later on. On June 29, the Princess of Wales headed to the annual fundraising event by Vanity Fair for the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park, and she decided to make quite a statement. 

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Prince William's mother chose to don an off-the-shoulder, skin-tight, cocktail dress made of black silk. It was a skimpy, custom-tailored dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian. At first, the very same designer unfolded that Diana allegedly thought it was too revealing.

However, she then decided to change her mind at the last minute. According to her former stylist, Anna Harvey, "she wanted to look like a million dollars, and she did." That was how a "revenge dress" classic was born. The outfit was the opposite of her regular princess dressing. 

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"There was a tremendous change from the shy little girl who I had initially dressed to this overtly glamorous woman," recalled David Sassoon, one of her favorite designers. The garment could have been a common one if it hadn't been for what happened that very same day. 

Prince Charles confessed having been unfaithful to Diana with Camila Parker Bowles. While most women would not have been able to overcome such news, Diana walked out with that dress that left everyone open-mouthed. She truly conveyed a message through it; she wanted to let Charles know she didn't need a prince.

What do you think about the fashion blunders of these four royal members? Do you think they were really that bad? Most of the cases, except Meghan's, were more about stepping out of the comfort zone and ruffling a few royal feathers, right? Let us know what you think in the comment section! See you later!

Source: Youtube/The List


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