X-Men: 20 Facts About Mystique That Even Biggest Fans Often Get Very Wrong

Among of all the characters in the X-men, Mystique is perceived as her name, a mystery. We have to take into account that there are comics and the film series point of views for fans. In the comics, she has not been particularly popular among mutants or members of the X-Men. However, in the movies, we have come to find her very interesting, mainly because of Jennifer Lawrence portraying this character since 2011.

Mystique was born Raven Darkholme, and she appeared for the first time in the comic book Ms. Marvel #16 in 1978. Later, she made her debut in X-Men as a sidekick to Magneto. Sometime after, she started to be seen as a key player, even as an essential character to the rest of the mutants. Here we are going to address some facts about this character that you may not know of this graceful blue creature on both paper and screen.

1. She has other powers apart from shapeshifting

We have known shapeshifting to be her main power. The fantastic way she can mimic the body and sound of a person, as well as non-organic objects like clothing and accessories, has set her apart. In consequence, she has been able to enjoy the powers of youth and regenerative healing. She has survived fatal wounds and regrown limbs. In the comics, she has been given from night vision to poison resistance, and she can transform into anyone no matter the size of the person.

2. She is very old

If you have kept up with the movies and the timelines, you would have noticed that there are age discrepancies all around. However, Mystique is the only character that can get away with this. The way to explain it is that with her ability to change her cells, she has extended her life. In the comics, her age is also a mystery, but the only detail we know is that she is over 100 years old. We can go as far as saying that she has been around for centuries.

3. Her story is disorganized

Her original story is complicated to discern both in the comics and in the movies. There is no consistency that can be accounted for. For example, she has been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and she founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The hypothesis is that her true origins and allegiance are hidden on purpose to keep her mystery, but so far, her story is in the hands of the writer of the moment.

4. Nightcrawler is her son

Mystique finds Nightcrawler in X-Men: Apocalypse. Our character rescued the young mutant while he was forced to confront Angel in a fighting club for mutants. In the movie, it is not very clear why she does it. However, on paper, it was discovered that she is his biological mother and his father is the mutant Azazel. Their similar complexity is a dead giveaway that we can easily miss. Nonetheless, this connection has not been touched on the films.

5. She is not straight

She had a relationship with Irene Adler, also known as Destiny. While they were together, they raised a child and assisted on the foundation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. There was a plan to develop their connection further; Mystique was to change into a man and have a child with Destiny, and that offspring was to be Nightcrawler. This would have been an interesting turn of events, but they do not happen because of the Comics Code.

6. Wolverine was a romantic interest

She had a brief romantic endeavor with Wolverine. After some events in the American West, they form a two-mutant team. Sometime later, Mystique double-crossed Logan. However, he does not remember this part because he lost his memories in the Weapon X Project. We have to add that Mystique is the only one that remembers this part of their history in the early 1900s.

7. The movies shed some light on her background

In X-Men: First Class, we get one mayor question answer about her origin. We get to see that she is a mutant who was adopted by Charles Xavier’s family, a sister to him. Even though much of her story is still a mystery, we are sure that she is old, even older than Charles and Magneto. In addition, she was not an original member of the X-Men in the comics. Apart from those, any other details are up in the wind.

8. At first, she was not a hero

Mystique has always been enticed by Erik Lehnsherr’s view of where the mutants should be on the world order, but in X-Men: First Class, she started helping Charles. In consequence, she has been categorized an anti-hero. In the comics, she has evil motives like destroying S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men, and any other person or mutant that stands in her way. Just recently, we have seen her changing sides, but in the back of our heads, she does not do anything without being beneficial to her.

9. Rogue is adopted by her

In the movies, Rogue is giving an origin story; she ran away from her home to find her way into the School for Gifted Youngsters. In the comics, Mystique adopts her at an early age. Eventually, she aids her adoptive mother but later makes her way to the X-Men. Of course, this has made for a tricky relationship between them.

10. Xavier was her husband

Throughout the story on paper and screen, Charles Xavier and Mystique have a complicated relationship. Sometimes, they are friends, foes, or mortal enemies. Once, it was insinuated that they were romantic interest as in Uncanny X-Men, they were married once. There is also the part where they had a son, but Mystique was Moira MacTaggart at the time.

11. She has another child with Sabretooth

She gives birth to another son, Graydon Creed. He is the product of a brief affair with Sabretooth, while she was in a mission with Team X disguised as Leni Zauber, a German spy. Creed is a non-mutant who goes on to found the Friends of Humanity, a hate group. Further along in the future, Mystique time travels and assassinates him because of his political importance and revenge against the hate movement.

12. Her powers increase

Her powers have been consistent along all the movies so far. She mainly specializes in shapeshifting, but with an arsenal of fighting abilities.  In the comics, she has a variety of powers from natural body armor to airplane wings. We are not sure why she would want to mimic any else with all her gifts; that is the big question that intrigues fans.

13. She speaks many languages

Mystique is a master at impersonating people. When she shapeshifts, it is almost impossible to recognize her. This would not be possible if she did not possess some serious acting skills, uncanny ability to read body language and having to master multiple languages. The only thing she cannot mimic is the superpower of the mutant she transforms into.

14. Initially, her skin was different

Her original appearance was red hair with flawless blue skin, the first time we met her. However, for the movie, this was kept but with a significant change. This change is mainly the scaly skin; it is believed that this tactical decision was for a cooler, flashy on-screen effect. The consequence was that the actress had to invest many hours in makeup and prosthetics.

15. She wore clothing on paper

In 1978, the Comics Code restricted our characters appearance. She wore clothes that were mainly white like leotard, dress, boots, and gloves. In the movie, the directors took away the clothing and gave her the look we have seen so far. In the beginning, she transforms into a human-like look with appropriate attire. Later, she embraces her true mutant nature.

16. Jennifer Lawrence full body change

Because of the final image of the character, the actresses Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence had to undergo more than six hours of applying makeup and prosthetics. The process was to glue patches of scale-like skin in strategic places on their body and then, fill the rest with airbrushing. By the Days of Future Past, Lawrence’s time in this process had been cut down with the use of a bodysuit. This meant that she only had endured it from the neck up.

17. Her power evolved

Along Mystique’s path in the comic book, she has gotten her powers to develop from simply shapeshifting to being able to modify her mass and change into inorganic materials. We know that she is capable of mimicking so well that she can pass eye and fingerprint scans. In addition, she has been known to hide things underneath the skin, along with changing her extremities into weapons like tentacles, talons, and wings.

18. She changes allegiance every time

Mystique’s allegiance has always been changing both in the comic and in the movies. Some examples are: 1) in the trilogy, she starts showing her loyalty to Magneto. In the prequel, she betrays him to follow Xavier. 2) in the comic House of M, she is a hero by being an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In Ultimate Marvel, she goes back to the villains. What is surprising is how quickly she goes between the roles of hero and villain.

19. Her original nemesis was Ms. Marvel

We all know her as the villain to the X-Men, but at first, that was not the plan. She started to make trouble for Ms. Marvel in the #16 issue. After she connected with Rogue, this led her to found the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Subsequently, she began to play a more significant role with the superheroes. She is also known to come across the Avengers and other heroes from the MCU.

20. Who knows her true form?

Nobody is sure of her true form, because of that, we have come to associate her as a red hair, blue-skin creature with scales. Considering that this is the character's preferred state after years of hiding it. On paper, we are less sure of her appearance or when was she born. The little we know is that before puberty, she did not look like this and she must have had a human form or blue without her unique ability.

Did you know these facts about Mystique? Which one surprised you the most? We would like to know your response, so leave a comment in the section below. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends that love the X-men universe.

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