10 'Game Of Thrones' Theories To Get Prepared To Season 8

A story as complicated as Game of Thrones is bound to have its crazy fan theories, and with the final season coming in a few months, we have gathered several of those speculations. From the show being a metaphor about global warming to Lord Varys being a mermaid, here are the best ideas we could find about the greatest series of all time. Let’s dive in!

1. The faceless men

This is the kind of theory that we really hope is not true because it states that Arya is dead. In Season six episode eight, we saw Arya in an intense battle against one of Jaqen’s trainees, the Waif, and we saw Arya emerge victoriously, claiming that she had a name unlike the rest of the people in the temple and walked out to exact her revenge.

However, this idea purposes that the Waif was the actual winner of that confrontation because we never saw her die. As you know, Arya extinguished the candle, and we assumed she came out because we saw her, but it could be the Waif wearing her face. Remember, in GOT when we don’t see someone die explicitly, it could mean that he or she is still alive.

2. The Narrator

This theory states that Samwell is the narrator of the story, and even actor John Bradley has talked about it several times. In season seven, we saw Samwell training to be a maester under Archmeaster Ebrose, so the whole show could be the chronicles read or even partly written by Tarly sometime in the future.

If you remember correctly, Ebrose was writing a book The Chronicles of the Wars Following The Death of King Robert I, a book that would contain everything we have seen since season one. Samwell even tells his teacher that he would have used a more poetic name for such a novel. We wonder if he meant something like A Song of Ice and Fire.

3. The identity of Azor Ahai

It was told through long GOT legend, that someone known as The Last Hero saved the world from the Long Night and that he would be back to do it again as Azor Ahai. This person will be “born amidst smoke and salt” and “will draw the light of the fire of a burning sword, Lightbringer”. Fans consider only two options, Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen.

There are entire blogs dedicated to explaining why either of them could be Azor, but there is also another option: The Hound. It could be the unexpected twist that the final season needs and why this seemingly unimportant character did not die and became a bit more critical. He was burnt as a child, so that represents the smoke, and the Battle of Blackwater bay could be the salt.

4. The Mad Queen

We have been supporters of Daenerys for many years as she has managed to rise to the top after losing everything. We have also heard stories about her father, the Mad King Aerys, and many people thought she would become the Mad Queen because power tends to corrupt. However, now everyone might agree that the crazy monarch is none other than Cersei.

She has done many things that have certainly earned her that title like blowing the Sept of Baelor with wildfire, but what does this mean? The Mad King was killed by his own Kingsguard, Jaime Lannister, and he was named the Kingslayer shortly after. Therefore, this theory states that he will be the one to kill his sister and lover.

This is not just speculation without merit. In the book Cersei received a prediction from Maggy the Frog, and it stated that she would be killed by “the valonqar”, which translates to “little brother”. We think Cersei always assumed that the foreboding talked about Tyrion, and maybe that is why she always hated him, but it could be something else.

5. Crossing the wall

In the finale of season seven, we saw the Walkers destroy part of the wall and finally pass it, meaning the rest of the country is in big trouble. However, this structure was constructed more than 8,000 years before this story, and the Children of the Forest placed enchantments that prevented the Walkers from crossing it.

So, how did they get past the enchantments? This theory states that the magical protection was broken several seasons ago when Bran Stark as the Three-Eyed Raven was touched and marked by the Night King, which sent the whole lot of them against the Children and Bran’s friends, and we got the heartbreaking “Hold of the Door” scene.

Now that Bran is back at Winterfell, the White Walkers can still reach him. This brings forth another theory states that the Walkers will end up winning in the end. They are hard to destroy, unless everyone gets dragonglass and fire, and they already have an ice dragon. Furthermore, we know that George R.R. Martin has no qualms about killing the main characters.

6. Bran, the Builder

A lot of theories wonder about the importance of Bran in the story. As you know, he spied on the Lannisters in the first episode and got pushed off, which was a catalyst to almost everything that happened after and that is even before he discovered his warging abilities. Now, he is even more potent as the Three-Eyed Raven, and he can influence things from the past, thus what happened to Hodor.

Bran was named after Bran the Builder, the Stark who built Winterfell and the Wall, and this theory states that Bran goes back in time, warges with his ancestor in order to build the Wall in the first place. There is also the idea that Bran was the voice that turned Aerys insane. However, the purpose of this is yet unclear.

7. The good ones

You might not agree with this one, but many fans online are actually rooting for this theory, and it states that the White Walkers are actually the good guys in this story. Similar to the idea of Noah’s Ark in the Bible, the Walkers are meant to cleanse the world from the corrupt humans who cannot stop fighting each other for a chair.

We have all kinds of horrible things committed by the main characters like murder, rape, debauchery, incest and more. Another idea in this theory is that Walkers built the Wall as it seems impossible that regular humans could construct such a structure, even with the help of the Children of the Forest. It was created after the Walkers, and Azor Ahai reached a deal to end the Long Night.

8. Three-headed dragon

This was perhaps the most popular theory in Game of Thrones, and it was inspired by a prophecy received by Daenerys in the books that said, “The Dragon has three heads.” Most people think that it means that the dragons need three riders in order to win against the Walkers, but it does not work anymore because Danny lost Viserion to the Night King.

But back before that happened, people wondered who these three riders were. We can assume Khaleesi was one, and Jon Snow, especially after it was confirmed that he was also a Targaryen. The third rider was rumored to be Tyrion Lannister, as there is speculation that Tywin’s wife, Joanna, had an affair with Aerys, producing another Targaryen.

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9. Greyscale and White Walker link

It seems like something is connecting these two as the Walkers are undead immortals who cannot feel and live in the Land of Always Winter, and the Stone Men are banished to the Valyrian Peninsula where they could get Valerian steel, a material that can kill Walkers. We know that coincidences are not part of this story, so something is going on here.

Dragonglass was also thought of as a cure for Greyscale, and we know that the disease can be cured even if it’s fairly advanced thanks to one of the most disgusting scenes of the show. The conclusion being that the illness is almost the same magic that powers the White Walkers, but the Stone Men could be created from the living and not the dead. In any case, people should be worried that Night King could control the Stone Men too.

10. Jon becoming the Night King

Author George R.R. Martin says that the finale of the story is “bittersweet” which means that maybe the heroes win, but at a great sacrifice. Many theories stemmed from that comment, and a popular one states that Jon will sacrifice himself to defeat the Night King and save the country from their army, but that does not mean he will die.

As you know, Jon was brought back, which is somewhat similar to the White Walkers, but anyway, this could mean that he becomes a walker himself or even the new Night King, so he can send the army back to the Land of Always Winter. He could become a semi-walker like Benjen Stark, and it would be bittersweet because we have been rooting for him all along.

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What did you think of these GOT theories? Which one is more likely? It’s hard to know at this moment what will happen and since the final season only has six episodes, everything will need to be explained quickly, or we will have to wait for more on the prequels planned by HBO. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and remember that all men must die. See you next time!


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