20 Unique Photos That Reveal The Other Side Of Everyday Things

Many things in life inspire us and give us a new perspective. But then, there are those things that can seem so strange that it blows our minds to another level. We found some fantastic pictures that may do both, and show some unusual creatures and creations in nature that we've never seen before. These are so rare that they may excite or disturb you. So, sit back and relax while we take you on this exciting adventure of unique findings.

1. This is absolutely beautiful! When you take a closer look, it seems like this is an artistically designed room, but in actual fact, it's the interior of a violin. 

2. Here is a cross-section of an apricot tree. When you look closer, it appears to have the pattern of a creepy little alien with an aura around it. 

3. We thought this was photoshopped at first, but it appears that this triggerfish actually has an oddly shaped mouth that resembles a human. This is rather unnerving. 

4. This is actually scary! We never knew that geese had a mouth like these before. Did you even know that the inside had so many teeth? Just look at that razor-edged tongue! 

5. Just when you thought the goose was frightening, take a look at this crested penguin's mouth. That beak is enough to put you off petting it, but those jagged teeth are nightmarish. 

6. Who said penguins are fun and loving? This fearless guy makes us think that Happy Feet was something we could only dream of. There is no chance of seeing a tap dance from this penguin any time soon.

7. Nothing can stand in the way of nature and her power. This golf ball was no match for these beautiful trees as it was encapsulated by them. It's a shame that the trees have been chopped down though. 

8. We hope you're not hungry because this little guy is creepy indeed! Here you can see a parasite sitting in place of the tongue inside this fish's mouth, waiting patiently for food. Lost your appetite yet? 

9. Butterflies are mesmerizing with their colorful, dainty wings. If you've always wondered what their eggs look like, here is a close-up shot of hatched butterfly eggs. They look like mini cacoons but without the facehuggers. 

10. Take a look at this little fish in action. We can be thankful we don't live at the bottom of the ocean. You never know what may be lurking beneath the sandy bed. 

11. When we hear the word "maggot", our skin literally crawls with disgust. Here is a maggot under an electron microscope. They look totally weird and disgusting, don't you agree? Just look at those fangs! 

12. Now, this is absolute perfection! Who would have thought that moth wings could look so beautiful under an electron microscopic view? They look like something that was carved by hand. 

13. There are so many creatures that go through their stages of metamorphosis, and we never have the pleasure of seeing it. Here you can see a cicada molting. This must be a lengthy process, but it's incredible to watch. 

14. Ok, this is not so nice, but also really amazing. Spiders may not be on your favorite creature-list, but they also go through a phase of molting. Take a look and see how these 8-legged freaks evolve. 

15. Finally, we get to stop looking at creepy, hairy things and move onto something more man-made. Did you ever know what the inside of a cluster bomb looks like? This is really amazing and super dangerous.

16. Our bodies are so intricate that we would rarely see the separate organs or get a chance to see something as unusual as a unique central part of the system. Here we have the nervous system on its own. That's amazing!

17. Ever wonder what the inside of an oyster looks like? Take a look at this fantastic creature and how it has turned those annoying grains of sand into something we all treasure. 

18. Forget about mutant creatures, take a look at this mutant apple that grew inside another apple! How often do you get to see this? We certainly never knew these strange things happened to fruit. 

19. Here you can see how active the underside of a live sand dollar is. It is actually a bit weird and creepy when you think about it? We definitely don't want to touch this little creature. 

20. Now for those sea turtles with their glorious mouths! this is the inside of a sea turtle's mouth. Just imagine getting a snap out of those. Those teeth seem to be endless and continue all the way down the throat! Scary indeed! 

Wow! Some of these were absolutely shocking, and others amazed us. What did you think about these pictures? Have you ever seen any of these strange and wonderful things before? If you have other weird things to share with us, let us know! Remember to show this to your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more fantastic photos that just blow your mind! 

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