New 'Lion King' Will Be Different: Comparing Things That Are Going To Change

For those Disney classic fans, you'll undoubtedly remember the African movie, The Lion King. It shared all the emotions that make storytelling successful and is loved to this very day. 1994 was a notable year because Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa, The Channel Tunnel between England and France opened after six years of construction, and, of course, Disney released The Lion King, which eventually became the highest-grossing animated film ever! On Thanksgiving, Disney fans seemed to lose their minds in excitement when the live-action version (but still active) remake premiered in trailer form during a Dallas Cowboys game.

The movie was announced back in 2016 after the premiere of the live-action film, The Jungle Book, which was also heavily animated before. As expected, folks were excited by any hint of info that came out, and Jungle Book director, Jon Favreau, was back with the voice-over cast of Donald Glover, Beyonce, and hilarious Seth Rogen, not to mention the iconic James Earl Jones back as Mufasa. It's no surprise that what was old is new once again. So, come and join us as we take a closer look when we compare these two memorable movies. 

Disney original in 1994

"Live-Action" Simba 2019

Here we get our first taste of what the live-action Simba, Rafiki, and many other animals will look like in comparison to the 1994 Disney version. At the very end of the trailer, we also get to see the adult version of Simba as he chats with his father in the clouds. Don't you just love how detailed the animation is in the new version? We sure can't wait to see it! 

Disney's iconic moments in 1994

Iconic moments recreated 2019

There were many iconic moments throughout The Lion King that we've all come to know and love. This time around, the expectation is higher, because we'll get to see it in live-action. So the animals will look lifelike and have fur, while still acting like the original animated characters in the classic. Even though some of it may not seem to fit, they definitely make it work with some moments, like when Simba stands in his father's footsteps.

Pride Rock in 1994 

Pride Rock 2019

Not only will the animals get a complete "make-over", but the scenic places also look rather majestic. If you compare the original Pride Rock to its revamped version, you'll agree how amazing it looks. This all leads up to Simba's reveal and is a subtle nod to the original film, although it may seem to have less motion than before. Who knows what to expect in the final scene, but the original movie followed Zazu flying up to the rock, and that was a memorable and well-executed part. We hope they do it again, but it's not in the trailer.

1994 Animation

Some slight differences in 2019

We're bound to see some familiar shots in the remake, but we can naturally expect to see slight differences in them when comparing it to the original. For example, when Rafiki breaks a coconut apart in the original film, then wipes the colorful juice on Simba's forehead and anointed him before presenting him to all of the animals. In the remake, we see some roots and red dust, which could be a representation of the land or something similar. It's a small change, but you do notice it because the idea of anointing with oil does not have that same effect.

Disney's heroic Simba in 1994

Simba all grown up in 2019 

While the rest of those moments are relatively similar to the original, and Simba certainly looks excellent throughout, he seems to display a different attitude, or mannerism to the original lion in the classic. You'll notice subtle changes in expressions and overall behavioral patterns, and we can expect this. It is a difficult task to duplicate the entire movie. For example, Simba seems rather uninterested and fatigued when he gets wide-eyed, then becomes sleepy, had wide-eyed again as he glances at his kingdom. 

Real versus animated in 1994

Real versus animated 2019

We know Disney for its specific bold colors of reds, blues, yellows, and earthy tones. Since these are meant to represent "real" animals, the bowing scene won't be created exactly how it was in the original. Instead, we see an array of realistic animals doing their best to fit into where the original film was heading. We can't blame them for trying to perfect every scene, but there are parts we have to accept that just won't be the same. It will, however, be super exciting to see the result!

The Circle Of Life in 1994

The evolved circle of life 2019 

On the whole, when we look at the trailer and see the potential, the visuals seem to be intact, and it positively screams The Lion King in some form. So they had their concepts in the right place. For those of you who have seen the trailer and had a few doubts at the start, thankfully, we didn't have to give up all hope because that soon changed when the "The Circle Of Life" started. That's where the fun begins, and the movie kicks in. It is such an iconic song at this point, particularly in the opening, and you'll immediately understand the film. 

Some complaints

There will always be haters and people who find the need to complain when a remake comes out. The whole "live-action" is undoubtedly a point of discussion in this case, mainly because this is a Disney classic remake and we have high expectations. Although it is completely revamped from the classic, you won't see a single human throughout the film, so this is why some people are rolling their eyes. Another complaint that seems to be valid is how the film takes away from those vibrant colors and techniques that Disney used in the original movie in order to opt for realism. This can be expected because nowadays, animation has taken on a new avenue but works. 

A side-by-side snippet 

No matter the comments or online chat, we'll have to be patient and wait until next summer to see how the film plays out when comparing it to the original, so until then, all we have it the trailer. Thanks to some folks online, we can watch the side-by-side version and compare the scenes as they happen. All in all, it actually fits together and is a good representation of what the audience knows about The Lion King. Now, all we need to do is watch the movie. 

Are you a fan of Disney's classics? What do you think about the live-action version and animation? We hope you're also as excited as we are to see the film when it's released. Let us know your thoughts and have a look at the side-by-side video. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more movie masterpieces that have yet to be released. 

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