J.K. Rowling Left No Doubt About A Hermione Theory We've Long Expected To Be True

Although the famous and highly-acclaimed Harry Potter saga is over, there are still a lot of mind-blowing fan theories that keep on emerging. And it is because we cannot get over it, particularly now that we have the new movie of Fantastic Beasts. Well, if you still find yourself with doubts about H.P., then this article is for you.

We will be unveiling some of the most shocking theories surround the wizarding world, especially one related to the witty Hermione Granger. Harry Potter followers have been thinking about a new idea, and the very author of the books, J.K Rowling, confirmed it. You will not believe your eyes, but don't you want to take a look?

1. Ron Weasley

Since 2004, Harry Potter lovers have been theorizing that the red-headed is, in fact, a time-traveling Dumbledore, and there are many reasons to believe it might be true. It all started with that chess game we saw in the Philosopher's Stone because many think it is an allegory of the complete saga.

If you remember, Ron plays both the knight and the king, which is precisely the same that Dumbledore does in the much larger war. Moreover, people believe they are physically similar; the two character's descriptions say they are thin, tall, with a long nose, and with auburn hair. 

Dumbledore did have that hair color before it went all white. And if that is not enough, they also share similar interests and tastes like their love for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Is it a far-fetched idea? Maybe it is; however, it is not entirely implausible.

2. The Dursleys

Do you remember the Dursleys? Yes, the Muggle family and only living relatives of Harry Potter. Well, there is also an idea that says that these people are not merely evil but that the dark forces influenced them. How? Through a Horcrux, a Dark wizard's object with a hidden fragment of his or her soul. 

There was a time when Ron turned very horrible because he was left open to a Horcrux for only five minutes. Well, it turns out the Dursleys were exposed to Potter, who is a Horcrux, for ten years. Is that enough? Maybe! It is very likely the family was awful and mean because their proximity to Harry cursed them.

3. The Deathly Hallows 

There is a Tumblr theory that is acknowledged as one of the best insights of the whole saga which indicates that the Deathly Hallows is a symbol in all the books. Let's consider the final fight scene that Ron, Hermione, and Harry had in part two and the order it occurred in. 

First, an ugly giant tries to murder them with a large weapon, and they hide behind a bicycle, just like in the first book. After that, loads of spiders attack them, like the in the second book. Later, a werewolf shows up (the third book), and then the dementors come (the fourth book). That particular order cannot be a coincidence. 

And if that is not enough, we have the appearance of the Order of the Phoenix, as it occurs in the fifth book, and finally, Ron, Harry, and Hermione get to Snape, who is the half-blood prince. We don't know about you, but this is one of the best theories we have seen so far.

4. Horcruxes 

This one is courtesy of a Reddit user. The way Horcruxes are created has been one of the secrets that J.K. Rowling has kept from her fans. To the 20th century magical community, these are considered some of the darkest arts that cover a spell, a murder, and an atrocious act.

However, the Reddit user stated that Horcruxes entail way more than that, to the point of adding cannibalism to the equation. J.K never explained how Voldemort was able to split his soul into seven pieces and avoid death. Well, the theory says he managed to do it by eating his victims. 

5. Harry Potter

There is an Imgur user that goes over an alternate ending for the star of the saga; it is sad, but it might imply that Harry is now immortal. Let's dive deeper! The books say that "either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives."

This has been interpreted that one had to kill another, just as Potter did it with Voldemort in the last book. But what if it wasn't what the prophecy really meant? Perhaps, it could imply that the only way either of them could die would be at the hands of the other.

This, in turn, indicates that the one who didn't pass away (Harry) has no way of achieving death. By killing Voldemort, Harry ultimately sacrificed his own death, although it was the only way to be with his late relatives. Potter is now immortal, and he will never be with his family. Moreover, he will always be The Boy Who Lived.

6. J.K. Rowling

It is hard to imagine the very author as part of a theory, but we love the idea surrounding J.K. It turns out some people believe she is Rita Skeeter. Consider this: she was expelled from dwelling in the magical world when it was revealed that most of the work she wrote was fabricated, "embellished", and full of lies. 

Therefore, she went off to live with the muggles through hard times, and it was then she resorted to writing to make a living. But no one has so much imagination so it could mean Harry is 100% true. Moreover, it could be the only reason why the Ministry of Magic hasn't come down on her.  

7. Draco Malfoy

We have heard many things about this character, but never did we think that he could be a werewolf. Yes; some H.P. fans consider he has all the signs and symptoms of this magical creature. Along the Half-Blood Prince, we learned some insights about our Slytherin friend, not only about his physique but also his behavior.

First of all, he was absent at a Quidditch match against Gryffindor, something really odd considering Draco would never miss out an opportunity to beat his nemesis, Harry. Then, we have the fact that he did not hand in his transfiguration homework for two days in a row.

This is also so weird because he is a great student. And if that is not enough proof, we have his appearance. He has been described in the books as looking thin, pale, and kind of ill, very similar to Professor Lupin's description, who is a werewolf himself. Coincidence? We don't think so; in fact, it would explain many things. 

8. The Muggles

This theory about the non-magic people has some merit since a Reddit user believes they already battled against wizards and won. In the fourth book, we learned that the Minister of Magic told the Prime Minister that he was bringing dangerous magical creatures into the UK (a dragon). 

The question then is: why would such a rule exist? It doesn't seem like one that wizards would create but muggles would. Additionally, the name "ministry" sounds more like a government department and not the government itself, and the head is called the Minister of Magic. Why the distinction with the word "magic"? 

Finally, the third piece of evidence is that there are no powerful wizards nowadays, apart from Dumbledore. What happened to the rest? Therefore, the theory says that some time near the end of the middle ages, wizards fought muggles and the latter defeat the former. Muggles were also the ones who set up the Ministry of Magic. 

9. The Dark Arts teaching position

Don't you find it weird that the professors with that teaching position only last one year? They are dismissed under various circumstances, like abandoning the job or becoming incapacitated. Also, no matter what Snape did, Dumbledore always denied him that professorship and kept him as a potions teacher. 

The only reasonable explanation for a Reddit user is that, when Dumbledore refused Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort, the position, he cast a curse upon it so that anyone can have the job for more than a year. They are the only ones who know that, but it could explain why Prof. Albus didn't let Snape have it.

10. Arthur Weasley

Evidence says that there were many victims under the Imperius curse, and one of those could be Ron's dad. People under this jinx were under Voldemort's control, which could explain why Arthur did not have a higher position in the Ministry of Magic or his unwillingness to risk exposure to the allure of the Veela.

Even more, we have the Voldemort-related skeleton in the Weasley family's closet, Arthur's hatred of Lucius Malfoy, and the fact that Ron had a hard time shrugging off the Imperius Curse. Could it have been a family trait? Perhaps, and many more aspects could confirm this theory. 

11. Harry Potter golden trio

There is a logic behind Hermione, Ron, and Harry belonging to Gryffindor. According to a fan, they are representations of different houses: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin respectively. However, the trio was in Gryffindor only because they asked. 

The most defining feature of people from this house is bravery, and they all showed they had it when they requested Gryffindor. In fact, it is believed that everyone in that house could have been in different ones if only they had said something. 

12. Hermione Granger

We have to confess we saved the best for last, and it is because it is truly mesmerizing and long-awaited. Harry Potter fans had always suspected that the name of the feisty female wizard of the golden trio is not pronounced the way we all thought, and let's be honest; it is not a common moniker.

In fact, before 2000, one Twitter user even said that J.K. Rowling included a passage in the Goblet of Fire about the proper pronunciation to school us. Most people were uttering Hermione as Viktor Krum would say it: Her-My-Own until the very girl clarified it slowly and clearly: Her-My-Oh-Nee.

But since then, Potterheads started to believe the conversation had a double meaning about the wizard's correct name. Did J.K ever give the phonetic pronunciation? That portion of the text seemed to be the answer, and J.K Rowling later confirmed it. 

Of course, we know that this theory is not as unusual as the ones we already mentioned, but we cannot deny it is very popular, and it is fascinating the way J.K hinted it in the books: through Viktor's pronunciation lesson. Very clever! 

We know; it is a bit embarrassing that it took us almost four books to learn that. Moreover, once the first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001, The Philosopher's Stone, we got to hear Emma Watson's Hermione out loud on the big screen. Thanks, Emma, and thanks, J.K, for enlightening us. 

Which was your favorite theory? Do you believe they are all correct, or is there any that seems impossible to you? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below, but don't forget to share this fascinating article with all the Potterheads you know. 
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