20+ People Whose Day Suddenly Turned Out More Dramatic Than Many TV Shows

"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players," said the great William Shakespeare once, and we couldn't agree more with him. Don't you feel that your life sometimes turns into a really cheesy or bad Mexican telenovela with obstacles, intense emotions, and plot twists? 

Yes; we have all experienced the cunning plans that life sometimes has for us, particularly the people we have on our list today, and we have to confess that it sometimes sucks. Without further ado, let's reveal the pictures. We are sure you'll identify more than once. Take a look!

1. The little girl had been crying and begging for months so she could get a kitten as a pet. After shedding tons of tears, her father finally decided to please her, only to find out later on that she was allergic to cats. No more kitties for her!

2. For the person holding the ticket, it seemed as if luck was on his side. He got the first two numbers correct, and everything was going well; nothing feels better than the idea of winning. However, luck changed its mind at the last moment.

3. On the left, we have a beautiful Houttuynia cordata Chameleon plant that was on eBay. A girl decided to purchase one, but on the right, we have a picture of the "thing" she got. That can't even be called a plant, at least not alive.

4. A guy ordered a Seinfeld T-shirt from a manufacturer in China. Well, it is pretty evident the workers have seen neither Friends nor Seinfeld. And with that record, we wouldn't be surprised if that piece of clothing shrinks after the first wash.

5. What are the chances of this happening? Very low, we guess, but the person trying to make some omelet for dinner has the worst luck in the world. Not even hens like him. It is as if they were saying, "we won't give you any food."

6. There is nothing better than the feeling of finding a bill on the street, particularly those with large denominations. The guy who took the picture must have felt on top of the world, but then luck destroyed his dream. So mean!

7. Someone bought a costume online of the favorite antihero of all times, Deadpool, but the image on the right shows exactly what he got. Is the guy sure he did not select a clown instead of Deadpool? We can't stop laughing! 

8. A lot of questions come to our mind when we see this picture. First of all, how could that phone end up there if the window does not open? And now, what is the girl going to do to get it back? Worst part? The vibration wasn't off. A couple of calls and she' ll have some mashed "potatoes". 

9. Come rain or shine, girls who love fashion would do anything to get that stylish pair of Louis Vuitton boots they have always wanted, even if it means to go shopping in the middle of a flood. That's what we call bravery and drive!

10. There is nothing better than adding a touch of green to a concrete wall to decorate it and please the eyes of the passerby. Well, we are not sure exactly what happened here, but it seems as if someone got tired of being eco-friendly. 

11. That feeling of peeling off the plastic screen protector when you bought brand new equipment can be quite satisfying, but this one turned into a somewhat infuriating one; it was completely ruined! Here we have a furious customer. 

12. A wife got her husband to help her select a new color for their bathroom, and below, we can see the options. It is a hard choice, but we would go for the white one, and you? We bet that was one confused husband at a dead end.

13. This is the result of being such a good friend. The guy offered to be his buddy's guinea pig by letting him practice the haircuts he had been learning during his course. Well, we can now say someone needs more practice.

14. Oh, the childish things kids do! They run around the playground, play with toy cars and dolls, and go to a cafe to read the newspaper holding a cappuccino. We think he is a 60-year-old man trapped in the body of a 7-year-old!

15. And the prize for the strongest nut ever goes to... the one in the video! Is it the next weapon for Thor or Captain America? It would definitely work! As for the hole it made, just move the black mat and pretend nothing occurred. 

16. If you have ever had a thought like the guy who took the picture, that it'd be fun to sled down the deck steps when it is snowy outside, here we have the proof to tell you it is definitely not a good idea. It only happens in movies!

17. Here we have another case of really awful and bad quality products bought online. A dad wanted to surprise his kid with a really cool and scary mask for Halloween. Now, we don't know how he is going to explain that.

18. This pup used to be a cheerful one running around, fetching things, and enjoying his treat, until his owner told him they had to pay a visit to the veterinarian. Talking about traumatizing words, here we have an example. Just look at his face!

19. This young girl only wanted to have a good time feeding the fish, but things didn't end up well for her, or her phone, we should say. But the remaining question is: who on Earth would casually hold that device over open water? Not a good idea!

20. A lady wanted to prepare some delicious soup for her family, but after one hour, she could not understand why the water wasn't boiling. Here, we have the answer. The good thing is that at least it was not all burned out. 

21. Sometimes, problems are around the corner and come in different sizes and shapes. A guy was driving around safely like a good driver, minding his own business, and suddenly his vehicle got hit by a pumpkin. We have no idea how it ended up there. 

22. And talking about tricky marketing, there is no better example than the one below. Someone was bamboozled after buying that pomade! But honestly, we would sue the company that did that. It should be illegal to fool customers like that.

23. It is said that a tattoo design is as important as the artist who is going to make it. Well, it appears as if someone tried to save a few bucks going to a low-cost studio. Well, this is what he got, but we guess we can say it was "close enough".

24. We are not sure how this Monolopy works without real estate, but it is definitely dropping an obvious hint to the generation. Maybe, the game teaches you how to move to your parents' house to save a few bucks instead of buying your own place. 

25. Supermarkets come up with all types of promotions and discounts to attract more customers. This one is quite simple: purchase some cottage cheese, and you will get some meat for free. Isn't it just great? Where is this store located? 

26. People will never learn that buying online can be deceitful. What you see is not always what you get. A gal ordered the trendy nude cake on the left, and she got the one on the right. What was the worst part? She paid $135 for that sweet mess.

27. A guy had a bird called Enzo. It turns out that his boy laid an egg last morning. This is truly a milestone in the life of any feathered creature's owner. "Wait! Are you a girl?" the dude must have said. If you want to buy a bird, choose an unisex name, please. 

Can you identify with any of these situations? Is there any other you have experienced that you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section down below, and don't forget to share this with your fellow "stars" from the real-life telenovelas. 

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