Thanos In Asgard To Steal The Infinity Stones? We Look For The Answers

We cannot imagine that getting in Asgard has ever been easy, what with Odin and his warriors ready to protect their land and the fact that you have to use the Bifrost which was controlled by Heimdall. However, it’s possible that the Mad Titan was obsessed enough with his quest to try to infiltrate Asgard and look for the Infinity Stones that where supposedly in Odin’s vault. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this theory.


The paradisiac land of the Gods was once a fantastic place filled with treasures, golden buildings, and even some magic. However, no one was able to get in and out without permission unless they possessed incredible powers and strength. We also know that Asgardians are ten times stronger than normal humans, and their soldiers are weapons in and of themselves.

The most common way to get into Asgard was through the Bifrost Bridge that connected the Nine Realms, but you could not get past Heimdall easily. However, the biggest impediment of all was the mighty Odin, who might look like an old grandfather, but his talent goes beyond anything we can think of, and he is one of the most dominant figures in the universe.

We initially knew Odin as a peacekeeping leader, but in Thor: Ragnarok, his daughter Hela was introduced, and she revealed that she and Odin conquered the Nine Realms to obtain ultimate power, but when her thirst for more got to be too much, her father imprisoned her in Hel with a lock made out of his own living force.

The leader had learned over time, and with experience, that getting more power and more control over other beings was not the way to live, so Hela could not be allowed to continue her greedy vengeance as she was also quite powerful just like her father. However, what does all this have to do with the Infinity Stones and Thanos?


Some fans believe at the time when Hela was banished from Asgard, or even before, Odin had managed to get all six Infinity Stones, and Thanos could have looked for them in that land before searching the entire universe. You might remember the scene in Ragnarok, in which Hela gets into Odin’s vault and finds an Infinity Gauntlet.

She revealed that the artifact was fake and throws it away. What was the purpose of saving a fake Infinity Gauntlet in his vault? This theory proposes that the real one was once kept in there, but at some point, it was replaced and sent somewhere else. At this point, only the Gauntlet is powerful enough to wield all the stones at the same time.

In Infinity War, we saw that Thanos threatened the dwarf giant, Eitri, into producing the magical artifact, and then, he smashed his hands to stop him from creating anything else. The Mad Titan also killed many of Eitri’s loves ones, so we know that he would have done any number of crazy things to accomplish his final goal.

Therefore, if Thanos knew or suspected that Odin owned an Infinity Gauntlet already and perhaps, some of the stones, then it’s pretty clear that he would have ventured into Asgard to steal it. It would make sense that the God of Asgard owned, at least, one of those precious gems. In Captain America: The First Avenger, we saw Red Skull searching for the Tesseract.

This object contained the Space Stone, and the villain said that it once belonged to Odin, but somehow it turned up on Earth. This is weird because Asgard was definitely the best place to keep such a powerful jewel, so it’s possible that Odin might have been tempted by it and decided to send it to Earth to avoid falling into his possessive, greedy ways.

Logically, this means that he also could have owned all the stones and dispersed them around the universe, hoping that no one would try to get them again. However, we should also consider the fact that perhaps Odin knew that someone was looking for the gems, like Thanos or another villain, and dividing them in the galaxy was the best plan he could think of at the time.

Thanos' plan to get into Asgard

We know for a fact that Odin had the Space Stone at some point, which is reason enough for Thanos to invade Asgard, but there is also speculation that the God of War could have known where the other gems were located or an estimation. We saw Odin die in Thor: Ragnarok and his daughter Hela was immediately released from her prison.

She wreaked havoc on her father’s peaceful land, sending Thor and Loki to Sakaar, leaving Asgard in a vulnerable state. But there was another time when the godly land was also in similar peril when Odin was still in charge. Asgard is powered by an energy known as Odin Force, which Odin maintains himself, but doing so takes a lot of him.

Therefore, there are certain times when he falls into Odin Sleep. During this time, Asgard and he are completely vulnerable to attacks, and we know that Loki has gotten into his mischief during this time before. There is also the fact that the God of Trickery worked for Thanos as we saw in Avengers, so it’s not that farfetched to speculate that he could have let Thanos invade Asgard then.

Fans speculate that this could have happened during the god’ sleep in Thor. If we know anything about Loki is that he cannot be trusted, and after looking at their interaction in Infinity War, Thanos knew this perfectly, which means that the Mad Titan would have wanted to take a look at Odin’s vault himself, instead of having Loki bring him the gauntlet.

There is also talk about Thanos trying to invade Asgard even before this time. If Odin was looking for the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet, maybe the Mad Titan found out about it and targeted the land. Furthermore, if Thanos faced Odin in the past, we can assume he lost against the god and knew that the only way to get to Asgard was using deception.

Do you think that the Mad Titan tried getting into Asgard but failed? Maybe he discovered the fake object just like Hela. We can agree that if Odin had one or more Infinity Stones, it was probably smart to send them scattering around the universe. However, we know that his plan to stop any more bad guys from getting the gems failed.

What did you think of this theory? Is it plausible that Odin and Thanos battled in the past? We would love to see a flashback scene of that moment if it happened. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing the possible ways of invading Asgard before it was destroyed. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/CBR

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