Top 10 Oldest Characters In The Universe That Even Biggest Fans Might Not Have Idea About

There are so many amazing creatures that we don't know much about, and it's always fantastic when you find out something new about the world around you. We thought it would be fascinating to take a look at some of the oldest living creatures in the universe today. 

Today, we decided to focus on the fictional universe, and we search into the world of cinema where the movie characters have extraordinary ages, but Vandal Savage and Beerus won't be included on this list. Nor will Galactus from Fantastic 4, and Maiar's from LOR. We've decided to focus on those who possess a physical embodiment. So, let us delve straight into the out-of-this-world list. 

Before focussing on the top 10, let's have a look at these notable characters

That feminine power can only be displayed by one of the awesome superheroes, Wonder Woman, and she is 800 years old. Thanos and Dr. Who are up next with the steady span of 1,500. Then, we have Apocalypse and Methos next at the age of 5,000! They certainly are looking good for their years and we definitely need their secret!

The two brothers, but not in blood-relation, are none other than the hammer-wielding Thor and his trickster sibling, Loki. They are 1,500 years of age but make a handsome pair indeed. Hela is over the age of 2,000 and Steppenwolf is a staggering 245,000 years. Last but not least, is Surtur, who is at least 500,000 years old. Can you imagine living for those decades?  Now it's time to dive into the top ten. 

10. Odin 

Odin is the all-father of the Norse gods and the former ruler of Asgard. We cannot specify his exact age, but his oldest recorded fight was said to be with Surtur, which was half a million years ago. Just imagine having a dad with this power and temperament. We feel sorry for the boys who'd want to date his daughter. 

9. Malekith and his dark elves

Malekith was born in a realm of complete darkness and is said to be older than Odin. This race of beings are more ancient than the universe itself, so this makes him at least half a million years old. We certainly wouldn't want this wicked creature near us because they look incredibly sinister, not to mention ravenous! 

8. Godzilla

One of the ancient beings on earth is known as Godzilla Soros who, by some miracle, survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. He is apparently at least 1 million years old. Just imagine having this enormous, raging monster crashing through your neighborhood! 

7. Ego

Ego is regarded as a primordial and mighty celestial being. His origin was unknown by Nature even though he remembered being born as a cosmic entity millions ago. So this would make it hard to give him an exact age, but he is over 1 million years old. It sure would be awesome to shapeshift into anyone you wanted to impersonate.

6. Optimus Prime

Would you have expected to see a Transformer on this list? Optimus is the leader of the Autobots, and he is known to be a noble robot that firmly believes that all sentient being has the right to freedom. His age is not specified, but it is said that he was upgraded to the state of Optimus Prime when he was known as Orion Pax. So that would make him around 9 million years old. 

5. Guardians of the Universe

This race of immortals are immensely powerful and live on the planet OA. They claim to be the first sign of intelligent life in the DC Universe. Since they were born when the universe was created, they are said to be at least over thirteen billion years old. They certainly look good for their age. 

4 .Lucifer

This is said to be one of the most powerful beings in existence. He governed Hell for more than ten billion years and was created by a presence at the beginning of the universe. There is no set period for him either, but he is definitely over thirteen billion years old. 

3. Jade Emperor

Jade is also known as the God of Gods and Sakura Devanam. He is the ruler of Heaven and Monkey King universe. He is a powerful immortal being who claims to be as old as the universe. That's about 13.8 billion years of age!

2. Grandmaster and the Collector

These beings are known as all-powerful and are extraterrestrials who are among the oldest sentients in the cosmos. Both of them are the survivors of their respective species which evolved just after Big Bang. Now that is a seriously long time! So, technically, this would make them about 13.9 billion years of age. 

1. God

We loved this one in Bruce Almighty, and he claims to be the first being in the universe. Apparently, he was responsible for creating the Big Bang and now befalls the creation of knowing the universe. He has no beginning and no end, so is eternal and timeless, making him immortal. So this officially makes him the oldest being in the universe. 

Bonus time! 

Here are some honorable mentions because we merely love including those other characters that we absolutely love! Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and Aang are all over 100 years of age. While Smaug is over 171 years old and that hairy Chewbacca that we adore has a lifespan of about 234 years! 

The handsome, yet beastly Wolverine is over 250 years old, and the Monkey King is not "monkeying around" with his shocking age of over 600 years of age. Ancient One is not looking bad for the span of more than 700 years! This certainly sounds ridiculous, but these are the estimations of their existence. 

What did you think about these immortal beings and were you as surprised as we were to find out how ancient they actually are? If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share it with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more exciting finds in the world of those immortal beings that we all love! 

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