Top 12 Powerful Female Characters In The Universe: Ranked

Movies, television shows, and comic books have given us inspiring female characters for years, and some were even ahead of their times, proving that girl power is real. The following list takes a look at the best female characters ever created, so let’s see who they are as you might be surprised.

12. Grail – DC Comics

This female villain is the daughter of Darkseid, and it was foreseen that she would bring darkness to the world ordered by the Anti-God. She even gave the Justice League a run for their money. Sometime later, she became the daughter of Anti-Life.

One of her best abilities is shooting special energy from her eyes and hands, which stem from a cosmic force called Omega Effects. This energy can bring living things that were once killed by its power. She also has superhuman strength, agility, and the skill to corrupt to Green Lantern Ring’s users.

11. Vados – Shueshia Inc.

A character from the favorite anime Dragon Ball Z, Vados is the martial arts teacher of the God of Destruction of Universe 6, Champa. Her father is the Grand Minister, and her youngest brother is Whis. She has a friendly personality and sometimes jokes with Champa about his weight.

Vados introduced Champa to Goku. Her character is very calm and full of wisdom, and she is the only Angel in the other universes that knows how powerful Goku is and how the world is indebted to him. What do you think of her?

10. Ms. Gsptlsnz – DC Comics

She is sometimes referred to as Gizpy and is generally linked with Superman. She first appeared in the comic books of Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen, specifically the issue #52 from April 1964. Just like Mister Mxyzptlk, she is an imp that comes from the fifth-dimensional plane.

At first, she was Mister Mxyzptlk’s girlfriend, but Gizpy fell in love with Olsen. They are different from humans and mortals, so they are not bound by the laws of the third dimension. Her power is changing shapes and clothes at the snap of her fingers.

9. Phoenix – Marvel

Jean Grey-Summer was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and she was introduced in The X-Men #1 from September 1963. She is a mutant with telepathy and telekinesis, whose powers first started showing after getting run over by a car when she was young.

Jean is loving and kind but has to deal with being an Omega mutant and having the cosmic Phoenix force manifesting in her body. She was once known as Marvel Girl, but after dying, her character was reborn as Phoenix in The Dark Phoenix Saga.

8. Despair and Delirium – DC Comics

Despair is a conscious entity that appeared when the universe started having living beings that could feel that emotion. She was one of the Endless, ideas and concepts personified in life. The character became Despair when the original one was killed. She has a sister named Desire.

Delirium was once known as Delight, but her name changed before the existence of humans. This character is flighty, forgets things easily, and her insights in certain matters are sometimes beside the point. She can think more clearly at certain times, but the effort is painful.

7. Death – DC Comics and Marvel

The character created by DC Comics was introduced in The Sandman Vol. 2 #8 from August 1989, and she represents the end of life and a psychopomp. Her job is to meet people who have died and guide them towards the realm of the dead, and she can visit people as they are born.

The one created by Marvel was also known as Mistress Death, who made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #26 from June 1973. She is the end of life and the opposite of Eternity, who embodies the universe. Thanos was in love with her and sought the Infinity Stones to impress her.

6. Rama Kushna – DC Comics

This dominant female is the Goddess of Karma who comes from the Himalayans and watches over the sacred city of Nanda Parbat. She is also the keeper of balance in the universe, who turned Boston Brand into Deadman.

She guided him on what do after the death of The Master and after Deadman murdered Devil Ray. Rama is also the DC Guan Yin, a powerful goddess in the Sun Wukong series, who might be connected to Thundermind because her powers stem from his.

5. Infinity – Marvel

The exceptional character was introduced in Quasar #24 as an entity that represents space unlike her brother Eternity, who is the embodiment of time. Both siblings together represent the space-time continuum and the force that drives life in the galaxy.

Their opposing entities are Death and Oblivion. She was first seen when Maelstrom wanted to destroy the universe at Oblivion’s order. Luckily, Quasar ends up defeating Maelstrom and the sentient beings, infinity, Death, Eternity, and Oblivion are known as the cosmos’ compass.

4. The Radiant – DC Comics

She is the sister of Spectre, the personification of God’s vengeance, and his exact opposite as the embodiment of God’s mercy. This awesome female character was originally a nun who was attacked by three men but never harbored anger towards them and died at a hospital in peace.

After dying, she was joined with The Radiant and sent to Earth to spread mercy. Her first appearance came when she saved Renee Montoya, also known as the Question, from Spectre. They battled due to Spectre’s resent towards God, but The Radiant had equal power.

3. Nemesis – Marvel

Her origin is not clear, as it stated that she was an entity that formed the Infinity Stones and might be older than the universe itself. It is said that the gems were created when she killed herself and turned into them. Each of them holds immense power.

The vampire Rune tried to turn the stones back into Nemesis, traveling the galaxy to gather them from the Infinity Watch. He was stopped by the Silver Surfer, who was sent by the Living Tribunal. The surfer destroyed the hand where Rune held five stones, and the Soul Stone was on his forehead.

2. Elaine Belloc – DC Comics

This tremendous female character was created by Mike Carey for the Lucifer series. She was a girl with the power of seeing the dead and the minds of other people. Her best friend, Mona Doyle, had died and decided to live inside Elaine.

She tried to find Mona’s murderer by summoning her grandmother who told her to bring forth a small demon. Elaine realized that the school principal was the killer but cannot end his life because Lucifer Morningstar tells her to stop as she would die as well, and he needs her alive.

1. M.O.M. – Image Comics

This being is also known as the Man of Miracle and Mother of Existence. She can change her gender at any time, so she appeared in front of The Hellspawn as a man to guide him when Armageddon was born. Her power is limitless; she is beyond God and Satan.

She has been responsible for most of the things that happened in the Spawn universe. It’s speculated that she disguised herself as Jesus Christ and walked among humans and the Disciples, who are the souls of the Twelve Apostles, follow her, not God.

What did you think of our choice for the most amazing female character in pop culture? If you liked this article, share it with your friends while debating if any other girl out there is much better. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/SL Made

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