Size Comparison That May Completely Change The Way Fans See The Universe

There are still many things we do not understand about the universe we inhabit because it is so big, and we cannot explore it yet. Movies, comic books, TV shows, and anime have created characters that go beyond anything we can possibly prove, and this article will talk about the biggest beings featured in the stories we all love.

The Smallest

We can’t start this list without including the tiniest living things in existence, the fundamental particles which are measured at 1.6E-34 meters. This is followed by the smallest virus which can be measured at 3.2 nanobytes, and a little bigger than that we find our first character, Ray Palmer aka The Atom, who can become as small as 8 micrometers.

We have to follow those examples with other favorite characters in order to compare. Therefore, we find Hank Pym at 0.01 meters, Tiny Giant Micro man at 0.08 meters, and then we have R2D2 at 0.98 meters. He is followed by Optimus Prime who measures 9 meters, then Anti Monitor who measures 37 meters, Ultraman at 40 meters, and Giganta with 100 meters in height.

She is followed by Godzilla who is equally tall, Apocalypse Beast at 4,828 meters, and, just so you get an idea of how colossal we are going to get, Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high. The Death Star is 900,000 meters in height, and then there is Ego, The Living Planet, who measures 3 million meters. Now, we can start our top ten of the biggest creations in sci-fi and fiction.

10. Wyzen (25 million meters)

This massive creation is one of Eight Guardian Generals of Azura’s Wrath and the stronger of The Seven Deities because he is the tallest of them. His clothes consist of red and yellow pants with a purple sash. Wyzen is known as egotistical but loyal to a fault, which can be a hindrance when it comes to a fight. For example, when he teased Azura, showing off his powers, he became overconfident.

He loves flaunting his power and his big girth is appropriate for a creature of his size, striking poses so that everyone could see how amazing he is. Most of the time, it seems like this being does not have much common sense or brains because he misused a bunch of the mantra the Seven Deities had gathered for the Great Rebirth when they were trying to defeat Azura.

9. Midgard Serpent (38 million meters)

This creature is also known as Jormungand, and he is seen in Marvel Comics based on the legend from Norse mythology. Asgard’s seer Volla foresaw that Thor would fight against this giant snake at the time of Ragnarok when it comes out of hiding in the ocean, and the mighty God of Thunder will defeat the serpent but will die from the injuries and the poison in his system.

Utgard-Loki tried to trick Thor into lifting a “cat”, which was actually the serpent, and Thor manages to raise it almost entirely, with only a little remaining on the ground, much to the God of Mischief’s horror. Another encounter with this being was when Thor wanted to stop the prophecy and went to kill the snake. He took the giant Hymir with him on a boat, but they were unable to destroy the creature in the end.

8. Unicron (90 million meters)

This character belongs in the world of Transformers, and according to legend, he was created by the being known as The One, which consisted of Order and Chaos. He wanted to explore the cosmos, so Unicron was his solution, and then he made a subdivision of him as his twin Primus. The difference between them is that Unicron can jump from universe to universe while Primus lives in all of them at the same time.

7. Beyonder (102 million meters)

This creature from Marvel comics is the sum of the multiverse, often referred to as Beyond-Realm or just Beyond, so that is why he is known as Beyonder. It was believed that lab tech Owen Reece once entered this unique dimension and part of its energy went into him, making him Molecule Man, a supervillain in this story. Beyonder created the planet Battleworld out of pieces of the rest of the universe, like Denver, Colorado.

6. Living Tribunal (114 million meters)

This entity in Marvel Comics is responsible for keeping the balance of the multiverse as the judge of all realities. Dr. Strange had to face this being because it wanted to destroy our world as there was too much evil going on. Luckily, Stephen convinces it that there is a lot of good in us, so the Earth is spared.

The Living Tribunal showed itself to the Silver Surfer once with its three faces that embody Equity, Vengeance, and Necessity. This being also saw the actions of Quasar as he saved the universe from Maelstrom, who was ordered by Oblivion. There is no limit to this entity’s power, and it serves a higher being called The One Above All.

5. Spectre (127 million meters)

This creature has all the skills of a god, like manipulating time and space, controlling matter, immunity from most things, and unparalleled strength. He can do anything to anyone he chooses, but Spectre has a weakness, which consists of needing a human host to remain an impartial judge because he was fooled by Psycho-Pirate and Eclipso once.

4. Galactus (approx. 395 million meters)

He was the galaxy explorer Galan of Taa. It is said that an event in the cosmos started killing off living things, but the remaining people of Taa were in a spacecraft which was swallowed by the Big Crunch. Galan was the only survivor because he mixed with the sentience of the universe and remained in an egg for years and years. He was reborn as Galactus, a being that needs to feed on planets and their energies.

3. Getter Emperor (12 trillion meters)

This is the final evolution of Getter, a godlike creature with such power, it can absorb universes. However, he is not good or bad, but a massive part of the Shin Getter Robo manga. It has been speculated that this entity is just another version of Getter Robo G after Benkei buried it. It evolved for years in a cocoon state, or it could be said that it is the result of Shin Getter Robo absorbing Mars.

2. Super Shenron (approx. 38 septillion meters)

This unbelievable creature is the Dragon of the Gods, created when Zalama, The Dragon God, made the Super Dragon Balls. To call this being, you just have to say, “Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!” However, you have to use the Divine Language, and the person needs to say their wish in that tongue as well.

1. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (approx. octillion meters)

This god-like being was created after the final battle between the Anti-Spirals in the second film from The Lights in the Sky are Stars series. He was destroyed by Granzeboma, and the team Dai-Gurren separated to make their own Tenge Toppa Gunmen, while the leader of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann became Tengen Toppa Lagann.

What did you think of this list of the most colossal creatures ever made in manga, movies, and shows? We cannot imagine their size at all, and it truly makes you wonder about the universe in general. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below, and share this article with all your friends who enjoy fun trivia like this one.

Sources used: YouTube/SL Made

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