25 Hilarious Tricks That Women Often Use To Their Advantage (But Fails Sometimes)

No one is immune to the normal or crazy happenings of life. One minute, a woman can be presented with a problem that needs an outside-the-box solution, and she needs to be prepared. Other times, even being on the lookout for anything and everything can prove challenging, and she just has to work with what's at hand. The following are some photos of women successfully conquering their problem.

1. In a plane, catching some z's can prove challenging especially if your window does not have a functioning drop down panel to keep the sun out. This woman used her own hair as an eye-cover mask, and it seems to be working for her.

2. Sometimes not having a cellphone stand can be maddening especially if you want to multitask while watching your favorite shows. In this case, Barbie came to the rescue with the little dilemma. What an ingenious cost-free solution!

3. The first thing they say about driving is that you cannot have anything taking your focus from your car and your way on the road, but sometimes, we have the need to optimize time. At this moment, we have a woman drinking her latte without taking her hands off the wheel.

4. When you fall asleep without paying attention to the time, you find yourself in the predicament of having to get ready very quickly to make your appointment. For this woman, her time was better used by ironing out her dress while wearing it. She won't be late!

5. Women change hairstyles a lot throughout their lives. Sometimes, we want to sport a different style or length of hair. For this woman, she invented her own kind of hair extensions, using her cut off hair and a ring. Who would have thought? She got the desired result.

6. Sometimes when you have an accident and lose your side mirror, it can prove challenging to drive without it. There are times that desperate measures call for drastic solutions and this one is such a moment, the employment of a brush with a mirror.

7. Boredom is one of the worst problems you can have in your day. You feel like doing nothing, but at the same time, you feel all that energy is wasted. However, these two women came up with the solution to their predicament; they found the task of standing all those coins.

8.  Who said that it was a rule to have a selfie stick to take your own picture? These two women have shown us that it is not necessary; you can just use your resources to get the same desired results. In this case, they used a unique shoe holder for the phone.

9. Women can be obsessed with shoes and having many pairs of them can be a challenge, for no other reason than there isn't enough space to store them all. If you find yourself in that predicament, just see the picture below to find out your solution. You only need crown molding.

10. When you find yourself hard-pressed for time, but you are asked to help around the house, you can come up with the most ingenious solutions. See the girl and her moms request to aid in her sister's feeding time. She uses her feet to finish the task.

11. Women tend to be self-conscious of acne problems on their skin, especially in their face. Many times we need to go out, but our problem can make us think twice. However, this woman below came up with a solution to cover them up, and it is not necessarily makeup.

12. Do you need to sneak in snacks and food into places where you need to buy them? Here you have the answer. All you need is a semicircular expanded polystyrene to make yourself look pregnant. All the while in the secret compartment, you hide your goodies.

13. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can control how well your morning is going to be or not. The meal of choice of many of us is cereal with milk; but if you dislike picking one, just get this container, and you can have at least three kinds in one go.

14. Peeling onions can be an annoying chore because of the crying effect you get from the chemical irritant it emanates. This woman came up with the solution to stop tearing and get the job done without delays.

15. We have all been guilty at some point of mending our favorite jean. The sentiment behind is that you want to keep on using it, maybe because they are your lucky ones or just don't have any other pairs. But this woman took fixing a rip to a whole different level.

16. Some of us are not capable of eating the hard crust ending of pizza, others really like it, and it's their favorite part. However, this woman came up with the solution of not having to pick it up from the plate and be able to enjoy her food how she liked it.

17. When a person does not study for a test, he or she would have to ways to go about it. One, just accept your fate and your failing grade or two, resort to cheating your way through the exam. Below, we have a clear example of option number two, but we find it impressive how she hid her cheat sheet.

18. The smartest solutions come from the simplest problems. And in this case, this woman had the dilemma of using her iPad without needing to hold it and the interference of the sun. She used her sun visor while she was in the car. The problem was solved!

19. Finding yourself in need to use public transportation can be a headache. Especially if you are a control freak, you need your own way to avoid someone else's germs, get a good grasp so you won't fall, and your own space. The solution is to take your plunger out.

20. After a long night of partying in high heels, you regret using them especially when you have to walk home in them. This woman took working with "your resources" at hand to the next level; she employed fast food paper bags as shoes. It must have worked!

21. Another way to solve the problem of not sleeping when there is so much light around. The reliability of your own hair is impressive. Of course, this only is a good solution for a woman with long hair. Having short hair can just hinder you at the moment.

22. Who has not had the problem of losing the end clasp of an earring? Every woman has had this moment where their favorite piece of jewelry is on the brink of not being able to be used again. However, the solution is to grab your vacuum and put a pantyhose over it.

23. Are you having problems with the zipper of your jeans? Well, just use a key ring to hold it up and never have to be embarrassed by having your fly down. You just have to follow the instructions below to forget about your predicament.

24. If you are too lazy to go to a store to try on clothing you want to buy, you just have to resort to photoshop to find out how good or not a piece of clothing can look on you. Just look at this girl, she is trying on dresses before she buys them online.

25. After all the work of putting on your makeup, have you ever had the need to take a shower? Well, this woman found the way around ruining her masterpiece; the solution is to put on water goggles, and just like that, your mascara and eyeliner are safe.

What do you think about these smart solutions to some problems we can affront every day? Would you have thought them up? Which one would you use at least once? Please leave a comment in the section below and share it with your girlfriends that could need these.

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