Top 10 Most Upsetting TV Character Exits That Struck Fans Out Of The Blue

Everyone needs a good cry while watching movies, and those Hallmark moments are known as real tear-jerkers. When sitcoms bring out those emotional moments, fans feel that they are a part of the show. Fans invest many years into watching these shows and getting to know the characters as they grow. We watch them in their darkest moments, and cheer them on their successes, laughing at them and with them. 

This is why it's difficult to say goodbye to your favorite star or show, and for some, it may feel like losing a family member. So, we have decided to compile a few of these heart-warming, yet unforgettable moments for you, and you'd better get that box of Kleenex ready. 

10. Scrubs - Jill Tracy

Scrubs was layered with emotional impact, and even though Jill was a recurring character, we found her slightly irritating, yet hilarious in her quirky ways. The majority of her best work either bounced off JD's enthusiasm or infuriated Dr. Cox; they thought that she was suicidal, and used her organs for transplants on other patients, but later they found out that she died of rabies. Cox, of course, was devastated but is reassured by JD.

Those patients who died desperately needed organs, so there was nothing they could have done. The dreaded part came where Cox's final patient who waited a month for a kidney dies as well. After the resuscitation fails, Cox has a major meltdown and slips away on an alcoholic binge. Jill's death played as the tear-jerker, and we saw a proud Cox crumble into nothingness. 

9. BoJack Horseman - Wanda Pierce

BoJack Horseman was exceptionally well-written from season two onwards, and those jokes certainly gave the characters personality. Wanda's departure was mainly because she was suffering under pressure because of Diane living in BoJack's household, and he was under depression and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. He then delivers a perfect commentary on the situation. 

"You didn't know me. Then you fell in love with me. And now you know me." This pretty much sums up the dating world, and BoJack sees himself as not only a damaged being but a worthless one as well. When Wanda leaves him, she says the following line: "When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags."

8. Community - Troy Barnes

The cult sitcom did not attempt to hide Troy's departure as his last episode is a game of "the floor is lava". The school had been shut down numerous times before for huge paintball battles based on Star Wars and Mad Max. There was, however, something lurking under the exterior. In fact, Abed had fairly severe Aspergers, while Troy was a foolish jock who willfully injured himself because he knew he didn't have what it took to go pro.

The two clearly needed each other. As the game continued, Abed grew more competitive and less stable. Eventually, it was exposed that Abed had convinced himself that the floor really was lava. He was so frantic for Troy to stay that his mental health was threatened because he was losing his only friend, and was determined to keep playing forever. Troy was able to talk him around, and the pair shared a heart-warming goodbye as Troy walked off into the distance.

7. Lost - Sun-Hwa Kwon & Jin-Soo Kwon

Fans didn't really know what to think about Sun and Jin at first, because nothing was ever as it seemed in Lost. This Korean married couple only showed Sun's personality while Jin's lack of English left him lingering in the background. Because of this roadblock, he seemed to build a bond with that ever-loving, cocky character, Sawyer. 

Jin was nicknamed "Chewie" because of his silence and Sawyer seemed to find great joy in being Han Solo. One thing we never doubted was the love that Sun and Jin shared, and that's what made their exit all the more tragic. When they were trapped in a room filling with water, Sun begged Jin to leave and save himself instead. He promised to rescue her, and the pair kiss as the water rose where we see the shot of their lifeless hands drifting apart. 

6. The X-Files - Fox Mulder

In the Season 7 finale, the ending was meant to be soft in case the show was not renewed. Thankfully, it returned for another two exciting seasons, but Mulder only appeared occasionally. This was initially written for his farewell and was indeed a most fitting departure. We certainly loved the duo working side-by-side and taking on extravagant, dangerous missions.

Having built up such a strong bond with partner Scully, Mulder is definitely a character we are all fond of. In this exit, we saw him willingly step into the beam of a UFO to be carried off into the universe. Despite the reality of it all, this scene had a happy-sad feel to it and left the viewer with the notion that he would still be somewhere out there. 

5. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - Lou

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was no doubt fantastic and hilarious. This six-year-runner was undoubtedly popular because Will Smith stepped up to the plate and grew as an actor. Lou was Will's deadbeat dad, and we were definitely sorry to see him go. Will walks in while his dad is ready to take the "high road" and never be seen again. 

Now, this is where that emotional nudge steps in. Once Lou has left, Will puts on the performance of his life, being cocky and sensitive, as expected. As the tension builds, Will and his uncle, Phil, end in an emotional hug while the audience is left in tears where Will says, "How come he don’t want me, man?" and this pushed us over the brink. It's something we can all relate to. 

4. The Simpsons - Mona Simpson

The Simpsons always had some emotional sprinkles topped with comedy, but Mona's exit was one of the most depressing moments after her 30-season run. She did return for those flashback moments, and poor Homer opens up to Marge, saying that he felt the reason why she left was that he was "a horrible son and no mother would want him." 

It turned out that Mona had actually been on the run from the law and had never forgotten Homer for a second, but he didn't know that. Mona tells Homer, "you'll always be a part of me" before stepping on the bus with a trademark Simpson 'Do'h!'. Then we see Homer sitting as he watches the sunset and the stars come out as his mother drives away.

3. Game Of Thrones - Hodor 

For a show so focussed with death in every episode, this one definitely hit fans the hardest. The intensity and emotion just seemed to build up for weeks on end. While Hodor was not as big a star as Jon or Daenerys, most of the fans fell in love with this gentle giant. What we didn't realize was that he was Bran's protection all along and that Hodor's mindless mantra was never just a mad raving. 

Like all noble deaths, Hodor sacrificed himself to save the lives of others, including Bran and Meera, enabling their escaping. The toughest thing was the knowledge that deep down, Hodor always knew it was going to end this way and carried on regardless, putting his friends first. Along with Hodor, Bran's dog Summer perished holding the door too, implying that finally, winter was coming. How depressing! 

2. The Office - Michael Scott

Michael Scott was the embodiment of what elevated the American version of The Office above the British one is. While Ricky Gervais played an excellent part as David Brent, the whole show was that he was an awful boss. Though Michael may not have been the World's Best Boss as stated on his coffee cup, he truly loved his employees and sometimes tried a little too hard to get love in return.

It wasn't just his exit that pulled at our heartstrings; his sprinkler-soaked proposal to Holly was terribly goofy, and it was somewhat fitting for them as a couple. After Pam's art show, she's devastated. As she gravely packed her things, Michael rushed in giving her heaps of praise. Then, in a subtle tribute to Lost In Translation, we see them exchange a few words, but as Michael has already taken off his mic, we never hear what he says to her.

1. Doctor Who - The Tenth

We all have our favorites, but David Tennant's role as The Tenth Doctor was universally recognized as one of the best. It was not surprising when fans were so sad to see him go. By then, he had already delivered an emotional wallop when he left Rose on that beach, but his own exit surpassed that by far. The final few episodes show him in a darker light when he goes rogue, meddling with the timeline in ways he should not. 

He certainly was entitled to his wishes. He'd beaten the Master, and now, it was all over. Bernard Cribbins' loveable granddad even told The Doctor to leave but what kind of doctor deserts a dying man without helping him? In saving Wilf, he doomed himself and staggered towards his TARDIS as an operatic score sounded. Then, he left us with this haunting line: "I don't want to go."

Which one of these television characters made you cry? They certainly had some Kleenex moments. Let us know because we love hearing your thoughts. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more Hallmark moments that we just adore! 

Source used: WhatCulture

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