7 Things That Restrict Kate Middleton's Beauty Freedom Making Her Look The Way She Is

Kate Middleton has been considered a royal trendsetter not only for her fashion style but also for the way she breaks traditions and protocols from time to time. However, there are specific beauty rules that the Duchess of Cambridge has not dared to break.

Members of the blue-blood family must look demure and elegant all the time, and the monarchy's style guide has helped the family look posh, avoiding any uncomfortable faux pas. Below, there are some royal beauty dos and don'ts. Take a look!

1. Lips

Have you ever wondered why we don't see females in the royal family wearing a bright red, purple or even more daring lipstick? It is just because it would be out of the protocol to wear any tone above nude or pink. The Queen has a signature pink color, while the rest can wear different shades as long as they are light. 

However, according to Telegraph, Elizabeth reportedly ordered Clarins to create a red lipstick to match her robes for her coronation back in 1952. If it occurred, it must have been the only time. Moreover, wearing shiny lip gloss breaks beauty rules. The good thing is that these ladies will never suffer the shame of having lipstick on their lips. 

2. Manicure

The Queen has a distaste for bright nail polish and long nails; thus, females in her family cannot wear them. The beauty code establishes that fingernails must be groomed, short, clean and with natural shades, implying that royal manicurists favor pale pinks and clear polishes. 

Actually, the Queen has been faithful to Essie since 1989 when the Queen's hairstylist ordered a bottle of polish in shade Ballet Slippers. Middleton has always followed suit with her manicure, and for her big day, she wore Essie's Allure, a similar color.

3. Makeup

Although we have seldom seen Kate wearing an extra lick of mascara or some smoky eyes, broadly speaking, she always keeps her makeup simple. That is, you’ll never get to see her with bright colors. Eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick, as we mentioned, must be kept natural and modest.

Moreover, that makeup needs to stay flawless throughout the entire day, despite all the activities they might be doing. For that, female royals need to make sure that they have good foundation and powder to avoid getting shiny, and a high-quality spray to keep everything in place.

4. Hair

Middleton likes switching things up when it comes to her hair, and that is the way it should be. Throughout the years, she has changed from long wavy hair to a shoulder-length mane with curls, a fringe or a deep side part. No matter her style, the Duchess makes sure her look is fresh. 

Ponytails or buns are not an invitation to have messy or unkempt hair. It must always be neat. Hats or fascinator are a must to all women. According to the royal etiquette, the accessories are required to all official events, and this tradition dates back to the 50s. 

Although it is not as strict as it used to be, the tradition is kept alive during formal daytime engagements such as weddings, christenings, or funerals. When the clock strikes 6 in the afternoon, it is time for tiaras. Married royals need to take off their fascinators and show off their jewels. 

The mother-of-three worn her first tiara, a Cartier halo piece from the Queen's collection, back in 2011 during her wedding day. And since that moment, she can don them as a married woman. According to Mental Floss, tiaras signify relationship status and signal the crowning of love and the loss of innocence. 

On the other side, do these ladies get old? Yes, they do, but they would never let age be shown. Although Middleton has been spotted with some pesky gray hair, it is never there for too long. Her hairdresser makes sure her brunette locks have a bright and fresh color. 

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5. Coats

Royal etiquette prohibits female members from removing their outermost layer in public, that is, any coat, blazer, or jacket they wear since it is considered "unladylike". For that reason, the Duchess never removes her coats in public, no matter if the temperature suddenly rises. 

6. Pantyhose

There is not a bylaw that indicates explicitly that pantyhose is mandatory. However, it's an understood precept that the Queen enforces in the ladies of her family when they attend public outings, and pantyhose tends to be nude. The newcomer Meghan Markle skipped nude stockings during a photo call, but Kate has never done so. 

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7. Denim 

Style code does not forbid it, but it is not preferred in any royal closet. If worn, it has to be kept for private life. For instance, if the Duchess is outside walking the dogs, jeans are okay. For casual outings, women tend to go for trousers, khaki pants or any other informal piece. 

8. Black attire

When packing up for a trip, females cannot miss out an all-black outfit, and this is a must. The rule makes sure they are always ready for any unfortunate event. Hence, when they come back to England, they can be photographed with the appropriate dress code. 

Perhaps, everything started after the Queen learned it from experience. When her father died in 1952, she was on an official tour in Kenya with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. After hearing about the King's death, she went back to Britain but without appropriate clothing.

She had to stay inside the plane until a black outfit was delivered to her. But surprisingly, apart from mourning or Remembrance Day, which is a memorial for those who have died in battle, black color is a major faux-pas, and that is why you would never see Katherine wearing it.

The British monarchy is riddled with protocols and rules, and indeed, style is not the exception. It is very likely that the Duchess of Cambridge will turn into a queen one day, so she has to look picture-perfect all the time. Following the royal beauty code has helped her become the fashion icon we all love and admire. Don't you want to let your friends know her secrets? Then share this article with them! 

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