16 celebrities who are the same age but it's almost impossible to believe

Growing up watching certain Hollywood stars can lead you to believe that they never get old. And sure, it may seem like they will be forever young, but of course, they won’t. However, it is true that in certain occasions fame and money allow them to pass through surgeries and this considerably delays their aging.

But on the other hand, some actors and singers look too old, probably more than their actual age. And it is even more surprising when you find out that these old-looking actors have the same age as those who seem younger. Let’s see which celebrities were born in the same year.

1. Jim Parsons, known for his role in The Big Bang Theory, and Andrew Lincoln known for his role in The Walking Dead, are both 45 years old.

2. Paul Rudd from Ant-Man, and Rory McCann from Game of Thrones, are 49 years old.

3. Jack McBrayer and Patrick Wilson are both talented artists and they have the same age as well: 45 years old.

4. Also, James Lipton and Cloris Leachman are 92 years old. We must admit that the first one looks way younger than he actually is. 

5. The comedian Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker are both 57 years old. Did you know that?

6. John Cho and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are 46 years old. We are sure that many thought that John Cho was younger.

7. And guess what? Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon also have the same age: 79 years old.

8. Michael J. Fox and George Clooney are 57 years old. Probably, Michael looks older due to his medical condition. 

9. The actor Seth Green and Ed Helms are also the same age, 44 years old.

10. Rob Lowe and the actor Russell Crowe are both 54 years old.

11. Halle Berry and Robin Wright are 52 years old. Everyone must recognize that Berry looks younger than her actual age.

12. Keanu Reeves may look younger than Nicolas Cage, but they are both 54 years old.

13. The singers Taylor Momsen and Ariana Grande are 25 years old. Probably Ariana looks younger due to her fresh look.

Which pair of celebrities shocked you the most? We also were amazed when we found out that some of them have the same age. We think that looking younger than your actual age is not only due to your physic but also for your personality and attitude. If you liked this article, you could share it with your friends; we are sure these facts will surprise them as well!

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