Weird Things Happen All The Time

Oh, public transportation! More than means to move from one area to another, they are the ideal place to meet celebs, superheroes, and magical creatures, all in one place. You can really find strange things and people there, and we have some pictures to prove our point. Get ready to be shocked an amused at the same time!  

1. You don't need to go to the movies to get a crossover between DC's Batman and Star Wars' Darth Vader. It is enough to get on a bus or subway, and you'll see it in real time. Isn't it cool?

2. If you were looking for reasons not to get on public transportation at night, you might find it here. Can you imagine seeing that creature alone at 11:00 pm? We don't know if we'd pass out or run away.

3. Who would have thought that you don't have to go to Hollywood to see celebrities? Here we have a relaxed Bruce Willis on his way to shoot a movie. If that guy is not the star, we have found his double.

4. Animals can definitely teach us a lot. Just look at this hamster; he is going to work early in the morning and is not complaining. Stop being human; be like him. Or perhaps, he is going to a Halloween party...

5. Working overtime is not an excuse to overlook your responsibilities at home. Here we have a dedicated housewife and employee killing two birds with one stone. But we wonder if people around like the smell.

6. Who said that a subway is only a way to move? For some folks, it also works as underground parking, and we bet it is way cheaper than a regular one. Who wants to try this with us?

7. And continuing with our stars streak, here we have another one. Ladies and gentlemen, please find below Logan during a casual ride home after retirement. However, he doesn't look that happy, but why?

8. Can you imagine a villain inside that train? He would be beaten up in the blink of an eye with those superheroes. We bet the people traveling in that vehicle never felt safer.

9. England can be a bizarre place; just look at what we found on London's subway: two life-sized Victorian style dolls. Aren't they creepy? And we think the two guys next to them agree with us. 

10. We don't know exactly what that thing is, but it seems as if it came straight from a swamp. Is it a new Marvel or DC supervillain we don't know about? Or perhaps, it is the eco-friendly version of Cousin Itt.

11. Surprisingly, we are not seeing a double or a wannabe. The guy in the photo is the very Keanu Reeves from The Matrix, commuting to work and reading the newspaper. He is one of the few stars that does this!

12.  We are not quite sure of what exactly this is, but it appears that the guy has a screw loose, or more than one. If not, we only hope he is a good dad helping his kid with his recycling project for school.

13. In the photograph below, we get to see a not-so-happy Leprechaun on his way to deliver a pot of gold. It must be hard to make everyone else's dream come true but not to be able to buy a car for yourself.

14. This is the smartest idea ever. A bus is the best place to hide the Dead Man's Chest. We are pretty sure Davy Jones wouldn't look for his heart there. Sparrow is so confident that he's even taking a nap.

15. A friend's mom used to say that her son would turn into a walking computer for using it too much. Well, we guess her prophecy has just become a reality. Just look at that girl!

16. This guy stared at the photographer for more than 10 minutes and kept that pose. If he is not a good army man, then we don't know who would be. We are so glad our childhood dream became a reality!

17. Some people just get tired of using the same thing over and over again. Well, it seems that it happened to Princess Leia Organa. She decided to go by train instead of her spaceship. She is one of us!

18. When thinking of exotic pets on a bus, we'd never imagine a bear, but the picture must have been taken somewhere in Russia. If you want to do the same, remember to carry a stick to control your beast.

19. Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, and you have to set aside some time to enjoy it regardless of where you are. To prove it, look at this guy; he is about to devour his Asian food!

20. What surprises us is that no one is looking at that animal; everyone seems to feel pretty comfortable around it as if it was something usual. For goodness' sake, people, we are talking about a peacock! 

21. We guess that girl is using that sort of fish-tank thing to avoid breathing the same air ordinary riders inhale, or maybe she wants people to stay out of her head space. Anyway, it is pretty weird!

22. When you live in a cave where access is very limited, the fastest means of transportation is the subway, for sure. The Yeti just went to town to buy some groceries, and now he is on his way back home.

23. You don't have to be a genius to understand that sometimes you just don't fit in. Maybe, this guy knows he isn't from the same species as those birds, but his happy face says he's ignoring that fact.

24. Here we have a very grumpy rhino. Maybe, he is not happy about being on that train and not in his beloved Africa. We totally get you, Mr. Rhino; we have all been in your shoes.

25. Is this a bus or a time machine back to the past? It looks like the Russians have already invented it, and it is as if their looks were saying, "the next stop is the 80s, people!" Isn't it just cool? 

26. Even geniuses with a lot of money get sad from time to time. If not, ask Tony Stark. We are sure this picture was taken after he was almost beaten up by Thor. We'd also have that face if that happened to us.

27. We would not like to learn how to knit with the course that girl took. They teach weird stuff there! That thing looks like an Alien, and it is about to eat her head. Yikes! 

28. This one is actually not creepy but cute. Here we have an adorable pup saying hello from NY subway. His head looks weird, though, but if the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland can do it, what can't he?

29. We thought that Pikachu was a gentle, cute, and docile creature, but there is more than meets the eye. Here we have a proof that he is a cannibal and he just swallowed a human being! 

30. This is a cuteness overload in one picture. Who wouldn't like to be on that bus? The photographer must have been thrilled, but we are also pretty sure he was indeed the weirdest species in there. 

Have you ever seen bizarre things like the ones we have just shown you on this list? We had never thought that public transport could have such intriguing and entertaining stuff, and you? Let us know your opinion in the comment section, and share this funny article with your buddies to give them some laughing time. Until next time! 

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