10 Easy Rules That Wealthy People Follow On The Road To Success

Everyone needs a motto to live by, and there is a saying: "Fake it till you make it” that many follow. When building self-confidence, creating a positive mindset or mastering a diverse skill, these motto's are what get us through. It's a great thing to apply to your lifestyle, and who knows, perhaps some of you out there already use it! We take a look at some people who apply this rule to their routines and find out what happens. 

10. Less of the chit-chat and more of those listening skills

This is an important rule when having a conversation with someone you care about or are interested in socializing with. Listening to other people's needs is a crucial point in business and shows that you are a caring individual. As Steve Jobs once said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do, we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Many people focus on what they don't like and what they want to change, but what people need to learn is that communication is the key, and listening plays a big part in that role. 

9. Take a breather and smell the roses

We all have hectic daily routines, and the majority of us are faced with constant tasks that require us to be rooted in our office chair. It's very healthy to move around, even if for a brief moment. This allows the blood to circulate and avoids fatigue, otherwise you'd end up falling asleep at your desk. So, try to make a note that includes you talking to customers or staff members (without getting into trouble) or meeting with clients and experts. This is not only a great way to change your perspective, but will also expand your knowledge and networking abilities. 

8. Make the right choices when it comes to friendships

Making new acquaintances can be hard, but if you want to be successful, you really need to re-evaluate those friendships that you have. We all take a lot from those who are close to us, so this is a necessity when asking yourself: "Are my friends helping me to be the best I can be?" and if your answer is no, you have a few choices to make. The last thing you'd want is to be dragged down by someone tied to you. If you have goals to become successful or wealthy, you certainly need to re-evaluate your decisions. It can be hard, but it's the best option.

7. Don't over exert yourself

We all have goals and push ourselves to the limit. We work late nights, even bringing work home with us and for many, spend countless hours slaving without sleep. Unlike rich people who never need to experience the joys of the working-class, we appreciate the rewards but should focus on taking things slowly as well. If you want to prevent over-exhaustion or landing up in the hospital after a burnout, take those needed breaks and avoid any form of unnecessary stress. If you're happy, you're healthy, and keeping your home life separate from work is highly beneficial. 

6. Always educate your mind

We can never learn enough, and this life is definitely too short. The world we live in changes day by day, and we are always seeing new products, innovations, and technology appearing on every television commercial or social media updates. The secret to staying on top of things and becoming successful is to educate yourself about these things constantly. So take a book; go to a lecture; watch videos or podcasts and feed your mind with loads of new and exciting information. You certainly won't regret it, and you'll feel much better for being "in the know". 

5. Make sure to have an extra source of income

Ever wonder how those rich became wealthy in the first place? Their secret is not squandering money on designer clothing, expensive gadgets, jewelry or cars like many of us think they do. They certainly don't waste their funds, but make their cash work for them. They say you need to spend capital to make funds, and in this case, that is exactly what we all need to incorporate into our lives. Having additional wealth to invest in things that will bring you more revenue is a wise decision, and you'll reap the benefits in the future. 

4. Make the most of your free time

Ever think about all that free time you have that you've wasted scrolling on social media or binge-watching videos or adorable animals? Yes, we all have our guilty pleasures, but if you try cutting those online social activities and go out in the real world, you'll have a better time. If you love animals, for example, try volunteering at a shelter. You'll not only get to pet them and spend time with them all day, but you'll also learn a few things and meet new people who have the same interests as you. Make the most out of your time and be a go-getter! 

3. Educate yourself daily

According to Tom Corley’s research that he outlined in his book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals, prosperous people choose reading over television. That's right! In fact, 88% of wealthy people spend at least 30-minutes a day reading. They partake in any activity that involves self-improvement literature to news on how to help increase your knowledge, which is a great way to make you more open-minded and will help you at work. If you think about it, 30-minutes is not really a long time, and we can all participate.

2. Remember to put yourself first

Most of us find it hard to take care of our body and mind when we're too busy focusing on other things. Dedicating some time to yourself daily is very important. All you need to do is step out of your fixed routine and take a break to improve yourself or even treat yourself by lifting weights at the gym or playing tennis with your friends. More importantly, spending time with your loved ones or being alone and enjoying the peacefulness. Relaxing enables you to recharge, and this will prevent you from burning out. We aren't machines. 

1. Be organized in your daily routine

You don't need a fancy notebook or application on your phone. All you need to do is make a to-do list with a few short-term and long-term goals. We all did this in school, and it certainly helps when you're an adult who just doesn't have time to organize things. Include your dreams and desires in this list as well because it's a positive focal point that will give you that motivation to move forward and work for those goals. Making daily journals or jotting down your thoughts is also a great way to keep in tune with what you want and how you're performing. 

Do any of these apply to you? Do you know anyone who lives their lives with a positive motto? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear what fantastic tips you have! Share this with your friends and family to encourage them as well and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more motivational articles and handy hints! 

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