11 GOT Mysteries That George Martin's New Book ‘Fire & Blood’ Can Solve

We have finally received good news about Game of Thrones, but no; it is not that the premiere date has been moved forward, nor is it not that we can enjoy The Winds of Winter, so stop thinking about it. George R.R. Martin is going to make us wait an actual long winter so we can get our hands on it. However, to quench our thirst, fall brought us a new book called Fire & Blood, a history of House Targaryen

This new piece is going to take us 300 years before Danny and Jon had that passional moment to that time when dragons flew the Westerosi skies. GOT fans also hope that this new masterpiece is able to clarify all those unanswered facts that the rest of the books have left. Perhaps, you are wondering what exactly we mean, but don't worry! We have all the biggest secrets covered in this article. Take a look! 

1. What occurred at Summerhall? 

Before Khaleesi started looking for an army, we know that there weren't many Targaryens in Westeros, and when GOT story unfolded, almost all the members of this family had been annihilated partly because of the Tragedy at Summerhall. We do know the catastrophe started with King Aegon V hatching some dragon eggs, and all ended up in a fatal fire, but that's all we know. We hope Fire & Blood tells us more about that fateful night.

2. How about Jenny of Oldstones?

This commoner girl keeps intriguing us! We know she was the reason why King Egg's son, Duncan, gave up his right to the throne. We also know that she was friends with an old woods witch known as the Ghost of High Heart with Children of the Forest vibes, and Jenny of Oldstone was very witchy herself. But do you think she was linked to the dragon summoning spell or the Children of the Forest? George, we hope this is covered in the book.

3. Brynden Rivers becoming the Three-Eyed Crow

Brynden was one of the Great Bastards of House Targaryen who did not follow the rules, joined the Night's Watch, and then disappeared beyond the wall, only to show up later as the Three-Eyed Crow. We all want to know how he went from a Targaryen to a tree wizard. Did something happen after he was gone? And if he was the Three-Eyed Crow back then, who held the title before him? We want these answers, R.R!

4. Any Blackfyre missing?

If you have read the books, you know that the Blackfyres was the bastard branch of House Targaryen that tried to steal the throne from the legitimate children. They led various failed rebellions until they were ultimately sent off to the Free Cities of Essos. There, they founded the Golden Company, a ring of mercenaries. Although it has been said that the male line is all dead, the possibility of some females could still be open in George's creative mind.

5. What happened to Shiera Seastar? 

It is impossible to miss out the fact that the author once mentioned there was one of the Great Bastards who was very hot; in fact, she was considered one of the most beautiful women of her generation. But the famous seductress was also into black magic and was maybe a sorceress. How couldn't George elaborate further such an intriguing character? Why would a woman like her never marry? We are dying to know more about her. 

6. And Nettles? 

After the Dance of the Dragons, we got a glimpse of some very gripping figures, for instance, Nettles. She was a bastard scion of House Targaryen, better known as one of the "dragonseeds". She became the dragon rider of Sheepstealer but was gone with her beast once the war was over, and they were never seen again. It is said she committed suicide, but could there be another living fire-throwing creature apart from The Unburnt's babies? 

7. Tyrion's fun uncle

We don't know much about Gerion Lannister apart from the fact that he was a fun uncle and got surprisingly along with his nephew, Tyrion. He then sailed off to Old Valyria and never came back. Although we know that Fire & Blood will focus on the Targaryens and not the Lannisters, we still hope it sheds some light on the ancestral home of the Dragons' House and why the Smoking Sea is now a dangerous no-go area. 

8. Daenerys' dragon eggs

This is one of the mysteries that have been driving GOT fans crazy. During Dany's nuptials to Khal Drogo of the Dothraki, Illyrio Mopatis gave her three petrified dragon eggs as a wedding gift. However, it is just too weird that the merchant-prince had three heirlooms lying around to give away. We mean; where did he get them from? He said that he had obtained them from far off Asshai, but perhaps they were Targaryen dragons; who knows?

9. Targaryens' heat resistant

We are still wondering how flammable the members of this house are. We know they are not entirely fire-proof; if not, many of them wouldn't have died in that grisly fire. However, we also know that The Mother of Dragons survived her immolation during her husband's funeral pyre when her dragon eggs hatched. Also, Jon Snow was faced with flames and was almost unhurt. This is a mystery that should be solved in the Targaryens' history. 

10. The Doom of Valyria

We are not pretty sure if we are getting some insight regarding this disaster, but dreaming for a while doesn't hurt anyone. However, the Targaryens were a house of Old Valyria, so perhaps the book starts with this point. We really want to understand the causes of the cataclysm that utterly destroyed the city. How can an entire civilization be annihilated? Was it due to a volcanic eruption? Sorcery? Or owing to the Long Night analogy? 

11. The connection between the White Walker and the dragons

It is evident that the name of the series, The Song of Ice and Fire, clearly refers to the Targaryens (in the fire side) and the Starks (in the ice side). However, is it possible that dragons and the White Walker could also be linked? They also represent fire and ice respectively. When Khaleesi's babies came to Westeros, they brought magic back, and if the White Walkers are connected to it, then there must be some type of nexus. 

Had you thought about these puzzles before reading this article? Or did we just open your understanding with these fascinating enigmas? We cannot wait to read George R.R. Martin's new work, but while we wait, why don't you share this article with all those GOT followers you know? We are sure they will also like it! Don't forget to let us know your opinion about it in the comment section below. Until next time! 

Source used: Bustle

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