10 Averted Changes That Could Have Saved Marvel Movies (and 10 That Could Have Destroyed Them)

A great movie always has a twist at the end that changes everything you think about the film, and it’s the perfect way to set up another installment. The MCU has added a bunch of these throughout their decade-long stories, but there are several decisions that they decided not to include because they would have ruined the whole thing. Other twists might have been excellent for specific plots, so let’s dive in.

1. Iron Monger lives – It could have saved that movie

One of the biggest faults of the MCU was the fact that they would kill off a villain in one movie, but now that Thanos and Vulture exist, we know that it might not be so bad. However, some nemesis should have lived, and Jeff Bridges revealed that Iron Monger was supposed to live and appear in the sequel. It would have helped the Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 greatly.

2. Captain America cameo in Hulk – Not a good idea

Director Louis Leterrier tried to add Spider-Man to The Incredible Hulk, but he also wished for a Captain America cameo. A deleted scene showed Bruce Banner going to the Arctic Circle to kill himself, but Hulk appears, and several things happen. A figure similar to Captain America seems to be nearby. We do not think this would have added anything to the franchise.

3. Dr. Maya Hansen as a villain – It would have been awesome

We saw this character in Iron Man 3 as a research scientist who had a thing with Tony Stark before her job with Aldrich Killian. She seeks out Iron Man when Killian’s work on the Extremis project goes too far, and she disappeared at some point. Initially, she was going to be the villain of the film according to director Shane Black, but he was told that female action figures would not be well received.

4. Tobey Maguire in The Incredible Hulk – We do not like this idea

Before the MCU, Spider-Man was the only superhero liked by the mainstream media, so it would have made sense that other movies would have tried to extend the universe and have him make a cameo. As we mentioned earlier, Louis Leterrier wanted Tobey in The Incredible Hulk. However, Sony did not allow even the mention of the character, but the studio has plans for the future

5. The appearance of Adam Warlock – They should have included it!

One of the many things missing in the big screen adaptation of Infinity War was Adam Warlock, one of the best superheroes in Marvel, and the only one who could have given Thanos a run for his money. Director James Gunn wanted to include him in Guardians 2, but since it already had a huge cast, we only got to see a very similar cocoon in the post-credits scene.

6. Captain Marvel in Age of Ultron – We don’t think this would have worked

Captain Marvel is the first female solo film in the MCU and is set to release next March, but Carol Danvers might have been seen a few years earlier. She was supposed to appear in Age of Ultron, and the studio was determined to include her. Luckily, Kevin Feige decided not to introduce a full character in such a team-up, and we will get her full origin story. 

7. Beta Ray Bill cameo – This would have saved the movie

Beta Ray Bill is an alien with the face of a horse, and the first non-Norse being that could lift Thor’s hammer. His powers are just like the God of Thunder’s, so he has his own weapon, Stormbreaker. We saw a tiny glimpse of him at the tower of Champions in Sakaar, but according to Kevin Feige, the character was supposed to appear, but he also said that a cameo would have been too little for him.

8. Howard Stark as a villain – Not a good idea

Tony and his father did not have the most comfortable relationship, but having him as a villain in Iron Man would have destroyed that movie. The character died years before Tony wore his first suit, but he has appeared in several flashbacks. It was initially planned to have Howard alive for the first Iron Man and the villain, but this would have also damaged Agent Carter.

9. Thor kills Malekith with lightning – Now that’s something we would have loved to see

Most people hated Thor: The Dark World and one of the main reasons was that Christopher Eccleston’s talent was wasted on a sad villain as Malekith. However, it would have been amazing if Thor had defeated the Dark Elf with lightning from the Nine Realms, but this idea was discarded to shine a light on the other characters in the film.

10. Armin Zola lives – Not the best idea

This character was simply wasteful in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He was the mastermind of HYDRA’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. Before he died, he uploaded his knowledge to a computer, which is then destroyed due to his own fault. However, initially, they thought it would have been better for this villain to survive the accident and face the Avengers.

11. Thanos destroys Xandar – Want this!

It would have been quite interesting to see Thanos destroying Xandar, and it would have worked due to all the team-up movies in the MCU. However, the creators did not feel this was important enough to add it in their films, but how the Mad Titan faced the Nova Corps without the Infinity Stones could be an exciting storyline for many fans.

12. Grandmaster goes to Earth – We do not like this idea

The post-credit scene of Thor: Ragnarok shows the Grandmaster in Sakaar facing a bunch of angry civilians, but it was originally thought that he would secretly be on the ship with Thor and Hulk, where he might have confronted Thanos and ended up on Earth. We definitely loved Jeff Goldblum as the character, but we do not know if this would have added to the story. This is a picture of a TV commercial, and in the meantime check out why the MCU pays no mind to Marvel series.

13. Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H. – This would have been awesome

This is a research study by Hank Pym and Bill Foster, which involves using the Pym Particles, which could play a significant role in Avengers 4 to make themselves bigger. This was seen in the MCU Civil War when Ant-Man turned into a giant. This project was mentioned way before in Iron Man 2, and there is a scene where Tony asks J.A.R.V.I.S. to see the files, but it was deleted.

14. Evil Hulk – We don’t like this one

We saw Bruce Banner finally learning to control the Hulk at the end of The Incredible Hulk, but initially, there was an idea to make an evil Hulk that would face off against the Avengers in the 2012 movie. He could have been under Loki’s control too, but making him a villain would have definitely destroyed the magic of the Avengers.

15. War Machine overthrows Whiplash – Good idea

Iron Man and War Machine worked together to overcome Whiplash, and then he died in battle. However, it was initially thought that the villain would kidnap Pepper Potts, distracting Tony. At this point, War Machine could have killed Ivan Vanko while Stark focused on getting the girl back. We have yet to see War Machine as more than a sidekick, so this would have made Iron Man 2 much better.

16. Referencing Jean Grey – It would not have worked

Despite how awesome Hugh Jackman is, his appearances as Wolverines were not so great until Logan, mostly because it is different from any other X-Men movie. However, they thought about referencing the character of Jean Grey, who was once Logan’s lover but dies due to him, but in the end, director James Mangold decided that it would detract from the story.

17. David Bowie’s appearance – Love this!

A music icon such as Bowie would have been the perfect addition to Guardians of the Galaxy, and director James Gunn talked to the musician about a cameo. Apparently, the singer was all for it, but tragically, this legend died on January 2016, a month before they started shooting for the film. The world never got to this moment.

18. Disturbing Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man – Not good

Dr. Curt Connors injects himself with a serum meant to help regrow limbs but ends up as a weird Lizard and a famous Marvel villain. In a deleted scene, the Lizard breaks into a high school through the girl’s bathroom and licks a female student’s face. Yuck! Then he goes on to wreak havoc. Luckily, this was not included in the final cut.

19. Cameos of the Defenders in Infinity War – YES!

As if the cast of Infinity War was not enough, the Russo brothers wanted to add some character from the MCU television series. It’s sad that the movies never mention anyone from the show, and a few cameos would have been a treat for fans. However, this would have been too much for such a big project. There is only one kind of cameo we like, and that is Stan Lee.

20. Howard the Duck’s appearance in Infinity War – We didn’t like this

He appeared in one of the worst movies of all time, so we never expected him to show up on the big screen again, but he was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy as part of the Collector’s items. He was seen in Vol. 2 at a party in Contraxia, and it was originally thought that he would cameo in Infinity War, but again this project was too big, so they scrapped this idea.

What did you think about the possible twists that would have changed some MCU movies? Making a film is a long process, so many things get lost or decisions change, but some of these would have been awesome. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while enjoying deleted scenes of your favorite films. See you next time!

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Sources used: Screen Rant

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