20 Mistakes Made In 'Infinity War' That Would Completely Change Its Interpretation If Spotted

We know that all characters have their flaws, what with Captain America’s idealism and Iron Man’s arrogance, but they can do great things. This also applies to the people that create the films they star in. The makers of Infinity War made some mistakes during filming that were seen by eagle-eyed fans, so let’s take a look at all of them.

1. The family

The genealogy of the superheroes in the MCU can be complicated, but Peter Quill once said that Thanos was Gamora’s step-father, and he killed but could she come back?. Did he marry Gamora’s mother at some point? Maybe this is a twist we don’t know about yet. However, it’s most likely a mistake as Thanos is Gamora’s adoptive father, though kidnapper could work too.

2. Out of the bus

It’s was wonderful when Spider-Man started appearing in the MCU, but fans caught a continuity mistake in one of his shots. At the beginning of the film when Peter sees the doughnut-shaped spaceship of the Black Order, he jumps out of the school bus’ window, which is supposed to set off an alarm. We can forgive this one, though. Tom Holland can do many cool things as Spider-Man, but Venom might be more powerful.

3. Not the same Infinity Gauntlet

Just like Thanos, it seems that the fancy glove that could wield all six Infinity Stones changed. We saw it for the first time in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but in Infinity War, it was somewhat different. This could mean that the creators and their staff designed a prettier gauntlet that could attract more attention.

4. Bucky’s arm turned to dust

After Thanos’ snapped his fingers, we saw most of our heroes disappear into dust, but there was something strange about Bucky’s vanishing. If you remember correctly, his weapon drops to the ground, but his arm, which was made out of metal as well, turned to dust just like the rest of his body. Wouldn’t the arm have fallen as well?

5. The audio-visual system in the suits

One of the coolest parts of the film was seeing Spider-Man with a new outfit called Iron Spider Armor and earning his place as an Avenger. These iron suits come with a built-in communication system that works even when Peter was not using his helmet. How does this work? Because Spidey was talking to Tony that whole time. However, we love all the cool things that the iron suits can do

6. Heimdall’s death

The film started with the destruction of the Asgardian spaceship where Loki died, and Heimdall was wounded by Thanos and the Black Order, although we did not see exactly how. He was already on the ground, but there is an error here. At one point, there was a spear in his chest, and then, the next shot shows him with the spear in his stomach.

7. Spider-Man’s age

One of the funniest parts of the show was Peter telling Stark some pop culture references that really proved why adults don’t like millennials. Even Tony called him on it and ordered him to stop with the quoting. However, if Peter is in high school in 2018, then he is not a millennial. Really, Tony. You should have known that.

8. The gauntlet’s origin

We saw the glove in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which should mean that it was created before Thor: Ragnarok. In Infinity War, Eitri asked Thor why Asgard did not come to save them from Thanos, and Thor said that Asgard was destroyed by Surtur. However, this does not make sense at all in the timeline, but we know that these movies don’t exactly come out chronologically. We also saw the gauntlet destroyed at the end, but it could still work.

9. Green Screen

This is a tiny mistake that most people would have missed, but avid fans saw it. After Civil War, Steve and Tony had not spoken to each other for a while, but when the threat of Thanos becomes too much, Stark is forced to call the Captain on an old flip phone because he knew that they needed all the help they could get. In that scene, you can see a bit of the green screen in the background which is needed for CGI.

10. Thor’s twisted tongue

Norse names are definitely tricky, especially Mjolnir. There was a funny error at one point of the film when Thor was talking about going to Nidavellir to create a new weapon. Chris Hemsworth said “Nivadellir” instead of its correct name, but seriously, if the staff of the movie did not catch this, we bet most people did not either.

11. Mind Stone size

Every time Thanos got a new Infinity Stone, he became more dangerous and more unstoppable. The final gem in his quest was the Mind Stone, which he had to retrieve from Vision’s forehead. The weird thing is the jewel is much larger in this movie in comparison to what we saw in Age of Ultron. Can they grow? It was probably done to make it stand out.

12. Reviving the dead star in Nidavellir

We have seen Thor perform some fantastic stunts throughout the years, as the God of Thunder not only wielding a great weapon but also demonstrating his incredible strength. However, when he and Rocket are reviving the neutron star in Nidavellir, we can see a continuity error as he suddenly changed his hand placement. We can forgive him because Chris looked so good in that scene.

13. Dude, where’s the cop car?

When the Black Order attacks New York at the beginning of the film, we saw Ebony Maw trying to take the Time Stone from Dr. Strange, and Tony has to face off against the big guy, so there is a lot of destruction. A continuity error happened when Ebony was choking Steven with some cable cords, and he sent the hero towards a cop car, which disappears in the next shot.

14. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself

Throughout the years, the great villain driving most of the things that happened to our heroes was Thanos, who employed others to defeat the Avengers and according to theories, he might have done other things. In the post-credits scene of Age of Ultron, we saw him saying, “Fine. I’ll do it myself.” In the end, he really had to do everything himself, even though he had the Black Order. Minions are clearly not what they used to be.

15. Tony’s fancy eyewear

There have been all kinds of cool technology in these movies, especially those designed by Tony Stark. However, something happened to the sunglasses he used during the initial battle of the film. When he touched his chest, and the suit started wrapping around his body, he had his glasses in his right hand. When the suit reached his whole body, the eyewear is gone from his hand, and in the next shot its back. It could be taken as a blooper.

16. Peter’s hair

We know that it’s hard maintaining continuity in a movie because a whole scene might not be shot in one day. However, we saw evidence of this when Peter and Tony were in Ebony Maw’s donut ship. At one point, Parker is speaking with Stark while the camera cuts back and forth between them. We see Spider-Man hair go from slicked back to messy to slick again.

17. Stormbreaker moves

One of the best scenes in the film happens when Thor gets his new weapon, Stormbreaker. After Groot lends a bit of himself to create the handle, the ax falls to the ground with the hammer side on the left. However, in the next shot, Thor’s calls it and the weapon is on the other side. We can forgive them again for this because we loved this part. Check out other wrong things with Thor.

18. No hero shot for the Hulk

We did not get to see much of the Hulk in this film because he was apparently mad at Bruce Banner. However, Tony lends him a giant Iron suit so that he can help in the battle in Wakanda. There was a moment when our heroes were all together for the shot, and Bruce was not there. In the next shot, he suddenly appears near T’Challa.

19. Moving weapons

Apparently, Stormbreaker is not the only weapon that moves on its own. When the Black Order faces off against Captain America’s team in Scotland, Corvus Glaive lost his cosmic staff which lands next to him. Then, we see Proxima Midnight rushing towards him and picking up the staff which was much farther than where it fell previously.

20. No hoodie for you

We see Tony and Pepper Pots taking a walk in a park, and Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. was wearing a hoodie around his shoulders with the sleeves in a knot. Pepper unties those to reveal the chest arc reactor, and then the sweater is gone. However, when Iron Man goes to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum, the hoodie is back once again. Weird.

What did you think of these tiny mistakes found in Infinity War? Do they affect the experience? We never notice errors in movies, and we cannot imagine who combs through films to notice them. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing continuity in your favorite motion pictures. See you next time!

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Sources used: Screen Rant

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