14 Mismatches In 'Bohemian Rhapsody' That Could Have Ruined The Movie For Good

Perhaps, you are one of the many who loved the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, and we cannot blame you. It is a production that makes you cry, sing, and get nostalgic. However, we cannot overlook the fact that Freddie Mercury's real story was manipulated. There could be many reasons, though.

One could be to create narrative tension in a more mainstream movie format. Another one might be to present a more sanitized or easy-to-swallow personal life of the singer, or because of legal issues. Anyway, some altered facts cannot be denied, and to let you know which ones they are, we've created this eye-opening article for you. 

1. The vocalist's HIV diagnosis

In the movie, Mercury learns about the positive diagnosis for HIV before Queen's Live Aid performance in 1985. However, in real life, the singer found out about his sickness in 1987, two years after that concert, and the band had no idea about it until 1989. 

2. The break 

The new production centers the story around the Live Aid, and it is not a surprise because that presentation was more than remarkable. Then, we are taken in a comeback narrative, following years of hatred. Queen agreed to perform, but they were under a lot of pressure because of the time they hadn't played together. 

They ultimately managed to shock the world with their performance. However, the reality is that prior to Live Aid, Queen was only on an 8-week break after The Works tour in the spring of 1985. They practiced nonstop, giving more than 50 concerts, which was the reason behind the success of the show, not the weight of a reunion. 

3. The friendship between Freddie and Queen 

The movie shows a timid Mercury who impresses Brian May and Roger Taylor with his voice after Staffell bailed on them. So they decided to bring the mysterious guy on board. But the truth is that all Smile's members and Freddie were friends before the dissolution, and he lived with Taylor and May for a while before starting Queen.

4. Mercury's solo album 

There was a lot of drama in the production when the vocalist signed a $4 million solo contract with CBS. The rest of the members got frustrated and angry, what caused a brief split. But the reality is less dramatic; in fact, his buddies were not mad at all. Taylor and May even performed on Love Kills.

5. Ray Foster

In the film, after Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody in a barn, they played the song to EMI label head, Ray Foster, who assured them it'd never be a hit. Did you know that Foster doesn't exist? It is possible that he was based on Roy Featherstone, who thought the song wouldn't be a single due to its six-minute length.

6. Fat Bottomed Girls

The real discography of the band was seriously all over the place in the biopic. The movie says that Queen performed the song mentioned above in 1974 during its first US tour. But that single hadn't even been written by that time. Those lyrics flowed from Brian's pen in 1978. 

7. Mary Austin

In the film, Mercury got to know Austin the same night he met the band, and the rest is history. But the reality is entirely different because the rock star saw her at the boutique where she worked a year before joining Queen. After half a year, he dated Austin when she was casually dating Brian May, who gave them the blessing. 

8. John Deacon

When Queen had its first gig, bassist John Deacon was yet to be part of the band. In fact, the group went through three bass players before Deacon. So it is very inaccurate that he was part of that first concert in the movie. At least, May's guitar work and Taylor's songwriting were included, which are essential realities. 

9. Mary and Freddie's closeness 

The lovers were friends until the famous singer passed away. Mary even went on tours with the band during the 70s and worked with Freddie's management company in the 80s. But in the film, we can see Malek's Mercury pushing Austin away when fame captivated him, and since then, they weren't in each other's lives.

10. We Will Rock You 

As we said before, there is a real patchwork in the release dates of the songs, and the iconic stadium anthem couldn't get out. The cinematographic production states that the song was recorded in 1980, and they wanted something that involved fans. Although the last aspect is real, We Will Rock You was released in 1977. 

11. Another One Bites The Dust

Continuing with the songs, the movie also depicts the recording of the dance floor anthem during a heated argument that, with Deacon's bass, was turned into a hit song. It was then included in 1982's Hot Space album and was a success. Although the song did reach the top of USA charts, it was in 1980's album The Game.

12. The band's first gig

The movie shows an ill-fated first concert for the band with an off-tempo Mercury and a messy group. But the truth is that the initial performance went pretty well because Mercury had already toured and performed with his previous band, Ibex. 

13. First Album

There is a part in Bohemian Rhapsody in which the band members lament their broken van, but the musicians then decide to sell it to pay for their first album's recording. In reality, Queen got some free time to record at Trident studios in return for ownership of the output.

14. Jim Hutton 

Mercury met Jim Hutton, a waiter, in the second act of the movie and flirted with him. Although Jim first put him in his place, they then spent the rest of the night talking. But the truth is that Hutton was a hairdresser whom Freddie met at a club in 1983. They got together after two years and became inseparable until the singer's death in 1991. 

Who would have imagined that Bohemian Rhapsody had so many inaccuracies? As we said before, there might be a few reasons behind it, but those who are true Queen followers cannot let these things slide. What do you think about this cinematographic modifications? Do you agree with them? Speak your mind in the comment section, and don't forget to share this article with others. Until next time!  

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