20 Crazy Facts About Voldermort's Daughter That Even True Potterheads Might Have No Idea About

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child revealed details about our favorite characters after their final year at Hogwarts, as we only saw a brief glimpse of their future in the final scene. Voldemort and Bellatrix somehow managed to have a child together, which we assume happened somewhere between Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows but before the Battle of Hogwarts.

This is one of the most scandalous things about the new story. Their daughter, Delphini, appears as an antagonist in the plot that focuses on Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. However, people who have not seen the play or read the original script do not know much about this new enemy. Here are the top 20 facts you should know about Delphini.

20. Malfoy Manor is her birthplace

We got to see the house of the Malfoys in the final book as it was used by Voldemort and his Death Eaters as their center of operations. We now know that Lucius and his wife were not really happy about this, but Bellatrix insisted that having the Dark Lord in the mansion was an honor, and Delphini was born there. We wonder if other people knew about her.

19. An allowed affair

It is hard to imagine a pregnant Bellatrix, but the weirdest thing is that she was married to Rodolphus Lestrange all this time. Rodolphus must have been a loyal Death Eater to show no concern about the affair or, and we think this is more likely, he was happy that his wife was going to carry Voldemort’s child.

18. Delphini has no parents

Just like Teddy Lupin and Harry Potter, Delphini had to grow without parents because they were both killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. She also grew up without any kind of family to show her love. Rodolphus did not die but spent a long time in Azkaban, and Delphini was left with Euphemia Rowle, who was not the kindest woman.

17. She did not attend school

Years after the series ended, the author revealed that there were several wizarding school around the world. However, Delphini did not attend Hogwarts despite growing up in Great Britain, so she never had any friends beside an imaginary one, and this led her to be more isolated from the world which steered her to become an antagonist.

16. She is talented at magic

Even though she never attended school, her powers were unquestionable because of her heritage. There are many wizards that did not go to school, or never finished like Harry, and they still go out to become amazing. The events of The Cursed Child prove that she was definitely Voldemort’ daughter.

15. She does not need a wand

We all dreamed of going to Diagon Alley to buy a wand, but apparently, they are not necessary to perform magic. Some wizards outside Europe don’t even use them as it meant to channel the wizards’ abilities. Delphini has mastered using magic without the instrument, and that is also evidence of her considerable skill.

14. She did not know about her parents

Similarly to Harry who grew up not knowing much about his parents or his self, Delphini did not know who her parents were, but she did know about magic. She finds out about them when Rodolphus leaves Azkaban to tell her the truth, so Delphini decides to bring back her father. We wonder if she just longed for a family.

13. She acted like Cedric’s cousin

Her real last name was never uttered in the story, but we got to know her as Delphini Diggory when she was planning to bring back her parents. She used the Confundus Charm on Amos Diggory, Cedric’s father, to support her new identity. Amos requests to use the Time-Turner to save his son from dying in the Triwizard Tournament, but when Harry says no, the kids and Delphini steal it.

12. She has ink

Tattoos have a terrible reputation in Harry Potter, especially the Dark Mark which represented Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Of course, Delphini is not a Death Eater, but there is a tattoo in the back of her neck, which Albus and Scorpius see at one point. They later figured out that it’s a symbol of an alternate universe where Voldemort won the Battle of Hogwarts.

11. Her motivation is lonesomeness

Delphini was different from other supporters of the Dark Lord because their motives were basically greed or fear. However, this girl simply wanted to have a family, someone to love. Sadly, her heartwarming reasons are no excuse for what she tried to accomplish, and Harry understands that motivation when she confesses.

10. She is cruel

There is something to say about nature versus nurture because it was weird that Delphini seemed like her parents despite not meeting them ever. She uses the Unforgivable Curses without a second thought, and we are sure that her childhood made her even worse. However, we know that even if your parents are bad, that is no excuse to turn evil yourself.

9. Cedric attacks her

Albus, Scorpius, and Delphini go back in time to stop Cedric from winning the Triwizard Tournament and using the cup as portkey. They have to try several times, and in one of their trips, Cedric faces Delphini and attacks her. Albus and Scorpius figure out who she is, but she kidnaps them back in time and Cedric saves them because he thought it was part of the tournament.

8. Harry pretends to be Voldemort

Delphini tries to save her father one last time and travels to October 30th, 1981, before Voldemort attacked baby Harry. However, the whole gang goes back in time with her, and Harry transfigured himself to draw Delphini in. He managed to trick her, despite his transfiguration failing a bit at the end.

7. She almost killed Harry

Harry survived many brushes with death in the original story, but Delphini traps him in St. Jerome’s Church in Godric’s Hollow with the plan to kill him. Harry hides beneath a church pew but has no wand, and the others are outside. Luckily, Albus comes in, gives him a wand, and helps stop the girl’s plans.

6. She wanted to be obliviated

When she was defeated, she asked Harry to kill or erase her memories of everything that happened. Albus thought it was a good idea, especially because she killed Craig Bowker Jr. However, Harry refused as he understood where Delphini was coming from and the desire to join a family. She had to learn to be an orphan.

5. She was sent to prison

Of course, Delphini is sent to Azkaban at the end, after Harry hands her over to the authorities. At least, she followed her mother and stepfather’s footsteps. It was not specified how long she stayed in there, but we think it was a long time. We also discovered that the prison was once owned by Ekrizdis, who once lured Muggles to the island to torture them.

4. She thinks she knows Harry

When Harry’s transfiguration began to fade, Delphini noticed right away because, allegedly, she had studied Potter for a time. She says that she knows him more than her father ever did, and it makes sense because if you are obsessed with Voldemort, then it’s impossible not to know about Harry.

3. She can speak Parseltongue

It was not surprising that Delphini was able to talk to snakes because that is a trait that is inherited and generally associated with Salazar Slytherin. She used the language to hide her room, similarly to how the Chamber of Secrets was opened. We wonder if any heir of Slytherin did not love the dark arts.

2. She can fly

Most wizards need a broom or a flying object actually to travel through the skies. They can also turn themselves into flying animal, so it was surprising to most when Voldemort was flying on his own in The Order of Phoenix. It was also revealed that Snape could do it too. Delphini has this skill as well, though we don’t think that it’s like Parseltongue.

1. She is like Voldemort’s Horcruxes

In the final book. We saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione searching for Voldemort’s Horcruxes and destroying them. Harry referred to Delphini as “The Ultimate Horcrux”, though she is not truly one. However, we know that having offspring is the only way to keeping living, and Delphini proved through her actions that she was Voldemort’s blood.

What did you think of these facts about Delphini? Did you enjoy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? We cannot get enough of this amazing world. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends if they liked the play too.

Sources used: Screen Rant

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